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A WordPress Popup plugin to build email list easily with WP Subscribers, recommended for bloggers and Internet marketers.

WP Subscribers is a WordPress PopUp Plugin that works with WordPress website. It has more cool features and you have the options to use it in many ways. Before I share my WP subscribers review, I will tell the truth behind building an email list.

Eight months ago, building an email list was a tedious task for me until I find this plugin. To build an email list I have used many ways to increase my email list.  Here I will walk you through the tactics  I used in the past to build an email list.

Offer an eBook

To build an email list, first step I used was I offered a FREE eBook to my valuable readers. When visitors visit my site they opted their emails to collect the book. This worked for me for few days but my list did not build effectively as I expected.

My list increased tremendously.

After a while, I heard this WP Subscribers plugin, and used it on my site. I used this PopUp instead of placing my optin form on sidebar. My list increased by 75% from only PopUp.

Here see the word only PopUp, because this WP Subscribers plugin helped me in more ways.

Few more methods which I used was I placed the small checkbox after the submit button. This also helped me increase my list.

How does WP Subscribers Work?

To use this PopUp plugin to your site, you should have any one of the email marketing service like Aweber, MailChimp (free up to 1000 subscribers), Getresponse , Icontact, etc.

It is very easy to integrate with your WordPress site. All you have to do is first, create a simple form and paste in the WP Subscriber and create your first form.

Read my previous post about this WP Subscribers Plugin:

WP Subscribers PopUp plugin comes with built-in 12 templates.

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Subscribe to checkbox


You can create more than one  exit popup on your landing page

Check this to build email list using Facebook connect.

Facebook wall

After comment redirect to any page as you wish.

More cool features:

Subscribe on registration: When a user registers to your site, you can easily add to your email list.

Different Optin form on different post: You can easily place different optin form on different post.

options to place the opt in on header or footer.

Display Hidden Content: Show your content only after they opt-in the forms.

New features in WP Subscribers:

  • Referral system, so while referring a friend the subscribers can earn points.
  • HTML is now supported in exit PopUp so you can use videos and images, too.

WP Subscribers plugin worked very well for me. I easily captured my email list separately for individual niche like Thesis Theme, Video Sitemap, Multisite etc. and more in features. Using the Thesis Theme list also led me to create Thesis Skins and Premium Thesis Designer Guide.

So, I recommend try WP Subscribers for your site. Offer a gift or high valuable eBook to build email list regarding your niche.

Have you tried WP Subscribers?

Share your opinion in comment section. I would like to hear from you.

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