WP Robot Discount Code & Special Warrior Coupon Code

I have been using WP Robot for two years in many of my websites and I have set up the WP Robot in many of my client websites. WP Robot is currently the one and only powerful WordPress Autoposting Plugin in the autoblogging market.

There are no plugins close to WP Robot’s full set of content and money-making module features and great functionality even after the Google’s critical Panda update based on their new idea of finding high-quality sites. If any of your sites was affected due to the Panda, here is the WordTracker’s Google Panda Update Survival Guide.

Update: After Panda update, my auto blog sites traffic went low. I lost 50% of traffic in all my sites. But few sites went through good times. This gave me some idea about what should have to do in auto blogs. I took some serious actions and now all of my WP Robot sites make cool money even after the Google’s Panda Second update. So Feel Gooder to get the WP Robot plugin!

WP Robot Discount Code:

I found  WP robot discount code. Good news to you! As you read this post, there is live WP Robot discount code available.

WP Robot Discount Code:SPROBOT

This is the maximum discount value WP Robot coupon code available as of now. Currently WP Robot Full Elite Version costs $220. By default, WP Robot team offers $51 WP Robot discount. Without applying any WP Robot discount code, automatically your WP Robot shopping cart reduces the price to $169.

If you apply the “SPROBOT” coupon code, the WP Robot further reduces $40 in your existing price. So your cost to get this awesome plugin drops to $129 only.

See the image screenshot below to see how the WP robot shopping cart after applying the WP Robot discount code:

Another WP Robot Discount Code:

I know that even though you already have the above-mentioned WP Robot discount code in your hands now, you will want to make sure that is there are other WP Robot discount codes available online. So here I come with the available discount codes for WP robot.

WP Robot Warrior Forum Coupon Code:WarriorRobot

This WProbot discount promo code was released to encourage specifically the Warrior Forum members to put their hands quickly on this autoblogging plugin.

How much money you’ll save using this WProbot coupon code?

The WarriorRobot discount code lowers its price to $129 — same as the “SPROBOT” coupon code.

So using this discount code is also going to make the same effect.

To be frank, you can’t go lower than $129 for now. But if you ask me, I will say for sure that the WP Robot has been priced very much low. Even if they price the WP Robot full elite (unlimited sites) version to $297, it is going to sell often.

As an affiliate to some of the premium products, I know how often the high cost developer licenses are sold because of the quality and huge set of features they offer.

So feel worthy to get started with the WP Robot Full (Elite) Version now!

How does WP Robot licenses work?

WP Robot does not sell any single site license. Because they know so clear about their clients that everyone wants to run so many autoblogs, they want to increase their earning potential. So WP robot lists the license something differently.

How? Their popular license version of WP Robot Full (elite) version allows us to run unlimited number of campaigns on unlimited number of our own sites. This license costs $220. But after applying the above-mentioned WP robot special discount code or Warrior Forum coupon code, the Full elite version costs only $129.

WP Robot Developer Version:

Full elite version owners can run the WP robot in their own sites but not allowed to sell the sites with WP robot installation. WP Robot developer version allows you to sell the WP robot installed websites to others. Besides that, all other features are same as the full elite version.

I hope you know that the developer version costs $600. WP Robot’s current promotion price is only $549 as by default a $51 discount code applies. Further, if you use the above-mentioned WP Robot discount code WARRIORROBOT, you save another $40.

So your final cost to get the plugin is only $509, which is very low compared to the potential website selling costs.  Just check the FlippaSitePoint and website brokerage websites. Every now and then there many auto-blogging websites that are sold out for thousands of dollars.

The great feature of the developer version is that you can sub license the WP robot to your website buyers so that there will be no work for you in future in getting support and updates for the plugin.

Custom WP Robot License:

Apart from this Full elite version and Developer version, they offer custom license version. In this Custom license version, you can pick and purchase only the modules you want. Hope you already know that WP robot has different content modules and money making modules. Check this modules page to learn more about each module and you have the add-to-cart button to buy individual modules there.

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