WordPress Infusionsoft Integration – Easy Method!

Are you looking for a way to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress? If yes, here is how to do it—and a better way at that.

When you try to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress , you should consider a few things in mind.

First, whether to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress as payment processor or to integrate Infusionsoft with WordPress as Autoresponder.

WordPress infusionsoft Integration

Infusionsoft Ecommerce or Infusionsoft AutoResponder

Should you choose today a WordPress-Infusionsoft Integration plugin (which simply does either Payment Gateway or Autoresponder), then in the future, you will have to do more work when you need both Payment and Autoresponder.  This means you will have to remove the WordPress Infusionsoft integration plugin that you are currently using and switch over all the settings to a new WordPress Infusionsoft integration plugin.

So keep in mind that you should consider a plugin that seamlessly does both things—integrating the Infusionsoft Ecommerce (Payment Gateway) with WordPress and the Infusionsoft Email Marketing (Autoresponder follow up services) with WordPress.

Seamless Full Integration not Simple Integration

If you are a tech, then you will expect this “Full integration” feature in any plugin, which integrates different software. There is an important thing to be considered when you integrate Infusionsoft and WordPress: that is, whether it is a simple integration or Full integration.

If it is a simple integration, what will happen is, when a customer pays off or signs up for email list, he will be added as a member in the WordPress dashboard. But if he cancels the payment or unsubscribe from email list, then he will not be removed from the “active” status inside the WordPress. You will have to remove the member manually through the WordPress dashboard.

So you should look for a plugin that integrates in full so that you can get the fully automated integration.

If you are like me, you will want to see video proof on how to integrate WordPress with Infusionsoft using WishList Member plugin.

WordPress-Infusionsoft Integration through API key – By hiring a coder??

If you are thinking of Infusion API key to integrate with WordPress, then you should juggle around with that idea again.  Because if you are looking to hire a coder to code for integrating WordPress with Infusionsoft, then you will meet two issues.  One is the cost to hire an experienced programmer and the second would be whether you will get the simple or full integration. These two issues are going to be serious issues in your business.

If you go with this best WordPress-Infusionsoft Integration plugin, then you get to solve both issues. Full integration + No extra cost for this feature. All that cost to you is just $97.

WordPress Infusionsoft Integration plugin

A plugin called Wishlist Member is the best WordPress Membership Site plugin in the market. It is used to create Membership site with WordPress and includes creating unlimited number of member roles in WordPress (Member roles called “Membership Levels” in Wishlist), protecting the whole WordPress site or certain parts of the site, grant access to different sets of content to different member roles, seamless integration with Industry leading Autoresponders such as Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, Autoresponse Plus, etc., and Payment gateways like Paypal, Clickbank, Infusionsoft, etc.

Wishlist Member is a plugin so installing it in your existing WordPress site/blog won’t affect site’s theme, functionality, etc. We can activate the features we want and deactivate the features we don’t need.

For example, if you just need to integrate the Infusionsoft as an Autoresponder, then you can do that alone.

Watch the tutorial here to see how easy it is to integrate your WordPress site with Infusionsoft.

I have just updated the Wishlist Member Special code page.  Avail yourself of that get a Wishlist Member plugin discount.  If you wonder which Wishlist Member you should get, go over to Wishlist Member License Comparison page to be guided accordingly.

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