WordPress ClickBank Plugin with Membership Integration Features

Almost two years ago, I launched my first membership site where I integrated ClickBank with WordPress. Since then,  I am so happy that I did the WordPress ClickBank integration through the Wishlist Member plugin.

Wishlist Member plugin is not just a WordPress ClickBank integration plugin. It is the best WordPress Membership plugin in the market as of now.  ClickBank integration with WordPress is one of the great features that you can activate via the WordPress dashboard once you installed the Wishlist Member plugin.

The WL (Wishlist) Member plugin is best to create a members-only site with WordPress but if you don’t want to use its whole features, then you can just enable the options you need.

For example, let us see how to set up the Wishlist Member plugin if we only want to do the ClickBank WordPress integration.

Watch this video tutorial on Clickbank Integration to just skip the following reading.

I hope you have already installed your WordPress. If not, no worries.  Follow this tutorial to install the WordPress in your server.

Assume you have the WordPress installed.

  1. Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and install your Wishlist Member plugin as you normally do any WP plugin installation.  Activate the plugin through entering Wishlist Member license key.
  2. Once you successfully activated the WL Member plugin, look for the “WL Plugins” option on the bottom left of the WordPress admin dashboard.  Click on that option. It will show the Wishlist dashboard inside your WP admin dashboard.
  3. Look for the option “Integration” on Wishlist dashboard.  Click on that option. It will show two options:
    • Shopping Cart
    • AutoResponders
  4. Click on the “Shopping Cart” option.  It will then show a dropdown.  Select “ClickBank”.
  5. You will then see the steps required to complete the WordPress (WP) ClickBank integration. You are now only three steps away from completing the process.
  6. You will be provided a thank you page URL. It will look like this: http://www.yourdomain.com/members/index.php/register/KLMbc9

You will have to copy the URL and paste it on your ClickBank account where you will be asked to enter this when you set up the product.

  1. You will be provided a secret keyword.  Copy this and enter into your ClickBank account.
  2. You will be shown a unique ClickBank purchase link.  For the final step, place the ClickBank purchase link on your sales page.  The link shown on the Wishlist dashboard will look like this: http://ITEM.PUBLISHER.pay.clickbank.net?sku=1275680701

That’s all.  If you were to try a test sale in ClickBank, your data will be automatically passed to Wishlist Plugin and you will be added as a member. Then you can manage the member data easily through the Wishlist dashboard options.

ClickBank integration with WordPress seems very easy to do that it almost looks “too good to be true,” isn’t it?  If you think so,  then you need not get the Wishlist Member plugin just for the sake of my advice.

Read on to know more how this best WordPress Membership site plugin could suit all your needs.

The integration of WordPress and ClickBank can be done easily as per the above procedure. But how about integrating any AutoResponder with WordPress using Wishlist Member?  Here are the Wishlist Member tutorials and videos.

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You can also integrate multiple payments simultaneously. Check out the Wishlist Member-shopping cart integration tutorials and videos.

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If you want to learn how to create a WordPress membership site using the Wishlist Member plugin, then read the instructional post where I documented the whole procedure to set up the complete membership site with WordPress.

If you want to see a real example with this combination “WordPress-ClickBank-Aweber-Membership site”, read my Membership site in WordPress blog Part 2.

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