WordPress Backup and Restore-Folders and Database-Video Tutorials

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As my blog grown fast and well, I was getting worry about safety of the blog. I had been doing many security techniques but at last I found that there is no best method to protect my blog other than taking backups. Yes. What ever you could do to protect your site, hackers able to broke your techniques. So having a backup is bright idea always. Fortunately the process of taking backup was easy. But still I was not feeling safe as I doubted about my backups. What if my backup not able to restore my blog, while blog lost or hacked? So what I did is, took backup and deleted the blog codes then tried to restore from my backup. Yeah. Now I felt safe as my backup was enough to restore my blog completely. I did all these tests in my small blogs and fortunately I did screencast of these tests. Hope it helps you now.


Know Your WordPress Before Backup or Get Hacked:

The backup and restore processes are easy. But it might be easier if you know your wordpress fully. When it comes to backup process, you can understand your wordpress as two parts. One is your wordpress folders and files which can be accessed through FTP client or Shell. Another one is your wordpress database.

First part (WordPress folders and files) contains

WordPress core files.
Java scripts, other scripts etc

Second Part (WordPress database) contains

WordPress posts
Wordpress comments
Wordpress user’s datas etc.

Most of the hosting providers offer full backup of the server contents (which includes wordpress folders, databases, and other files if any). But what I observed is, none of them can be restored easily. This full back up process is useful only, when you decide to move your blog contents from one server to another server. So what is the best method to take backup of wordpress blog? The answer is you have to take backup of wordpress folders and database separately. So I am here explaining these methods. Having backup of any one of them is not enough. Always make sure you have both (wordpress folders & databases) backups.

Backup WordPress Blog Folders and Files

I show you two methods.

1. FTP Backup method.
2. Automated (Scheduled) backup method.

Method 1 FTP backup method

This process involves the following steps.

1. Locate the wordpress folder which was installed in your server.

• If you have installed the wordpress directly in your domain and if you have only that wordpress blog in your server, then you have to take backup of your Public_html directly.

• But in my case, I have installed the blog directly in my main domain www.Puipil.Com but that was not the only one blog in my hosting account. I have several blogs in my hosting account. So when I needed to backup puipil.com, I should have done backup of Public_html->Puipil.com.

• If you have installed your blog in your sub-folder of the domain like www.yourblog.com/blog, then you should backup your corresponding folder.

2. Download the folder contents to your desktop. This is just like copy and paste.

If you know how to use any FTP client like Filezilla, FireFTP, then you know what I am telling. But don’t worry even if you don’t know how to use it. Because you can easily follow my video tutorial on how to take backup through FTP. In this video I am using FireFTP which is FTP client add-on for firefox browser.

Method 2 Schedule Your WordPress Backup Process

I found one software called Syncbackse from wordpress.org page which helps us to backup our blogs. What made me to show you this software is, Syncbackse was easy to save ftp login profiles and I can do backup & restore at same profile and also I can schedule my backup process. I am not going to explain the process with text and image here as the whole process was same as installing and running the normal software files. So I did screencast for this process. Check out the video for taking backup and how to schedule it.

Backup WordPress Database:

Method 1 WordPress Database Backup Using Plugin

WordPress bloggers are very much capable of handling plugins. Isn’t it? At least you and myself. So I explain this method as first method. I tested this method fully and it was fine. I used Wp-db-backup plugin which is available for free in wordpress plugin library.

In this video I show you the following backup process:

• I am taking backup through plugin settings.
• I just deleting my database via phpmyadmin (You no need to do this step. I am just trying to make sure my backup enough to restore full database).
• I restore the database through PhpMyAdmin.

For more assistance, watch the video on how to take wordpress database backup.

Method 2 Take WordPress Backup & Restore it Through PhpMyAdmin

Do you know PhpMyAdmin at least where it is? It is available in your hosting control panel under databases section. If you can’t locate it, just use your hosting support. To brief, PhpMyAdmin makes easy of the handling databases. I am accessing my MySQL databases through PhpMyAdmin. I don’t want to bore you much. I explain how to do the backup (export mysql) and restore (import mysql) in this video.

In this video I show the following process

1. I show you what is inside of PhpMyAdmin (Where are your posts and comments)
2. I export (backup) the database.
3. Deleting my database (you no need to do this step. Just I am doing to make sure my backup will be enough to restore my wordpress blog database in my bad times).
4. I import (restore) the database.

Hi!, As you have seen in videos, all the above methods are tested and i am satisfied with them. Anyway i recommend you to try these methods.

Hope you guys tried these methods in your blog or at least you know how to do. If you really like this tutorial, bookmark it in your delicious or stumbleupon so that it will be easy to access this tutorial when you need this in urgently.

I have tried some other methods also but they were not easy. So just omitted them from mentioning here. If you have any tutorials for backup process, just leave the link in comment or if you have video tutorial, submit it as video response in the above videos.

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  • Mr.toi@blogtinhoc.info February 26, 2010, 9:24 PM

    Hii Friend. I using thesis, and I using bloggusion template for thesis too. I want every my posts are auto create thumbnail and display it into front page. I have readed TimThumb, but when I paste code to function.php, It has error. Can you help me integrate it to thesis?, my blog: http://blogtinhoc.info. Thank you very much, Looking forward of you

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      To add thumbnail image in homepage visit this tutorial.. how to add thumbnail image in teaser

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        • Pascal February 27, 2010, 6:56 PM

          Keep on read our blog or watch our you tube channel . we will post more tutorials.

          • aviationMY March 14, 2010, 2:45 PM

            OK..from what i can conclude here..database and core file are essential in wordpress..

            mu questions:

            does wordpress have something similar like SyncbackSE automatic schedule back-up??

            or may be you can throw a few of your suggestion here!

            because manual ftp backup, i think got some drawback like if we late, darn! our wordpress been hijacked and no recent backup made.

            im looking for a plug-in date can back-up after a recent post has been made or every last comment made.

            thank you…

            • Pascal March 14, 2010, 6:31 PM

              Hi, in wp-db-backup plugin mentioned in this post can backup automatically every hour(if you chose to). So your comments & Posts will be safe. If you want to backup your wordpress core files, you can set different scheduled backup in syncbackSE.

  • Spewf January 11, 2011, 6:10 PM

    I used a server restore on my buddy’s website because it got hacked. I now have it loading minus the images and theme. If you right click the image and select open image in new tab then it works just fine but none of the images will load on the page. I have turned off all plugins. I even moved the theme to my server and it worked.

    The previews for the themes do not work either.

    Any ideas?

  • Prashant February 21, 2011, 4:37 PM

    i restored my database as per your video…
    but i got only my post where is my theme and images of the post??????

    help me out man….

    • admin February 21, 2011, 10:43 PM

      I have mentioned database and other theme, images backup in this post. Read the full post. Thanks.

    • Prashant February 22, 2011, 12:27 PM

      But i have not taken the backup of FTP Images folder…
      what should i do now…is there any other possibility of getting images back in the post..

      Thanks by the way…

  • Maxx Kremer August 8, 2011, 1:26 PM

    To simplify the process WP Dolly provides an automatic back and restore feature. Very simple to use and fast.

  • Martina Iring September 3, 2011, 12:06 AM

    Thanks so much for this info! A site of mine recently got hacked and this post was a big help.

    • FourBlogger September 3, 2011, 6:17 PM

      Glad this post helpful. Thanks for reading..

  • tarek September 5, 2011, 9:21 AM

    hi thanks for the tutorials.

    Can you recover a blog just with donwloding the entire site via FTP, without doing the back up of the database, if yes how can you doit.

    I have the full blog folthers but didnt make any back ups of database , and now I cannot restore it. any help would be grate thanks in advance.

    • FourBlogger September 6, 2011, 10:26 AM

      Without database, you can’t restore your original site. Must need database.

  • postbd March 12, 2012, 11:34 AM

    Helpful article for how to get backup wordpress database by using PhpMyadmin.

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