WordPress Aweber Integration Plugin

Do you want to integrate WordPress and Aweber?  Yes, you can do that.  You can do it better than you expect, too. Let me tell you how to do the WordPress Aweber integration using a plugin. This plugin can auto update the WordPress registration to Aweber in real time.

In top of that, I let you know how this plugin can be used to deliver better experience for your subscribers. If you ever before wanted to build authority in your niche and to grow your email list super-fast, then you can achieve that using this plugin’s settings.

Think of it this way – You prepare one page of unique content or PDF/eBook or a  case study or monthly newsletter or something like that whatever you feel worth for your website readers. Instead posting it publicly, you protect that one WordPress page from public and grant access only to your email subscribers. In result of that, your email subscribers are more likely going to read that content as they feel it as their premium exclusive content and also your authority grows in your subscribers’ eyes.

WordPress Aweber Integration

Aweber WordPress Registration

What I am going to show is, how a plugin makes the WP Aweber integration process so easy and how the same plugin can be used to put different forms to capture readers into different email lists and also how to put those different email list users automatically into different membership levels at your WordPress dashboard.

Aside from that, there is also a way to grant access to different set of members-only content to different member levels. Content protection and granting access to the content are all going to be one of the jobs of this amazing plugin.

Premium WordPress Aweber Integration plugin

I am not going to push you getting a Premium plugin. Is it really necessary to have a Premium WordPress Aweber Integration Plugin instead of using the any other solutions?  Here is how to see it.

Below are few different integration methods to automate the Aweber WordPress registration other than using a Premium plugin.

1. WordPress Aweber API Key Integration  Method

The beauty of this method is, you may quickly hire someone to do this and also you can get it done in just one or two days. Elance and Odesk are the best places to find a qualified programmer.  Downsides of doing this way the Aweber WordPress registration are:

  • You need to spend more bucks to hire a programmer to do the WordPress-Aweber API key integration.
  • You should update the code whenever Aweber updates its API key.
  • If you need some extra functionalities/features you have to ask your programmer to work on the code again.
  • Most programmers will be able to do only “Simple integration” not the full integration. (I explain later in this post what it is “full integration” )

2. Using a Free WordPress Aweber Integration plugin:

There are no good enough free plugins to do the WordPress Aweber Integration.  Even if one exists, your concern should be whether there is an easy way to manage the details of your email lists subscriber in your WordPress dashboard itself. A premium plugin does it precisely.

Premium plugin does full integration too instead of a simple integration which is what being done by a free plugin even if such an integration plugin exists.

In simple integration

You can add member in WordPress dashboard. Member will be added to Aweber email list automatically. But when you cancel/remove the member from WordPress dashboard, member will not be removed from the email list automatically.

In full integration

You can add or remove members in WordPress dashboard and both changes will happen in Aweber email list automaticaly.

3. Custom WordPress Aweber Integration Plugin

If you are thinking about creating a Custom plugin for your needs, make sure that you read below. Here below I am going to show you how much easy it is to use a plugin called “Wishlist Member“. Basically it is a membership plugin which can convert WordPress into Membership site.

4. WordPress Aweber Integration in Wishlist Member

If you install the Wishlist Member plugin in your existing WordPress site, your site will not be affected by anyway.  Everything will be as it is.  You will see an options panel named “WL Plugins“ in your admin dashboard. There you can find all the settings available for the Wishlist Member. There you can turn on the features you need.

Watch the Video on how to do WordPress Aweber Integration in just clicks

  1. First, click on the “Members” option in Wishlist dashboard in WordPress dashboard and create the membership levels you want to have.  For example, if you have two different groups of readers who are interested in two different types of contents/products, then you can create two different membership levels called Group1, Group2. You can name the membership levels as you wish like free, gold, silver, etc.
  2. Next, navigate on the “Integration” panel of the Wishlist Dashboard.  Click on the Autoresponder. Then select “Aweber”.  You will then see below few text boxes where you should enter the listname@aweber.com.  That means if your list name in the Aweber is “group1”, then you should write: group1@aweber.com.  In the next box, you should write the unsubscribe email which you used in the Aweber account for the corresponding list.  Then just click “Save”.
  3. Now we have to do one more thing in Aweber end to complete the WordPress Aweber integration. Here is how to do that.  Log in to your Aweber account and select the list name you want to integrate with WordPress.  Then, navigate to Settings–>Email Parsers.  You will see there “Wishlist Member”.  Click the check box in that “Wishlist Member” option.

That’s all.  Now you have completed the WordPress-Aweber Integration.

Test the WordPress Aweber Integration:

Once you have completed the integration procedure, go to the “Custom forms” option in the Wishlist Dashboard and create a signup (option) form for the corresponding membership level and place the form code anywhere on your site.

Just try a test sign up through the registration form. You will be added to the corresponding Membership level inside the Wishlist Dashboard and simultaneously, you will be added to the Aweber list, too.

So, you have completed the WordPress Aweber Integration successfully.  But this integration is just one minor feature out of the so many cool features of the Wishlist Member plugin.  Check out the other features of Wishlist Member.

Here is one example out of tons of feature you can achieve:

If you have two different member levels inside your WordPress Wishlist dashboard, you can move a member from one level to another (when you do this, the member will be automatically added to the target member level’s email list and cancelled from the origin email list). You can also add a member to another level (so he will be accessing two set of contents and he will be automatically added to two email lists, too).

More than just WordPress Aweber Integration

Once the member joined (and added automatically to the Aweber list), you can manage those members through the Wishlist Dashboard.  You can see who belongs to which membership level, protect specific posts from public readers of your blog, and grant access to the protected content to specific member levels.

If you want to learn the Wishlist member content protection, Wishlist Member custom form setup, etc., we are preparing the text and video tutorials to guide you.  You can find the links here once updated:

Are you ready to get started with the Wishlist Member plugin?

If yes, get started instantly from downloading the plugin here. And if you are thinking about using the plugin in Multiple sites, here are the various kinds of Wishlist Member Plugin licenses.

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