WordPress AutoResponse Plus Integration

AutoResponse Plus and WordPress can be integrated in a way you would like to get it done.  Yes, you can easily complete the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration through the following procedures:

First, let us see some of the ways we can achieve the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration before you choose the best one for you.

  1. Using AutoResponse Plus API key.
  2. Free WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration plugin
  3. Creating a custom WordPress plugin to do the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration.
  4. Premium WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration plugin

Let us see the pros and cons of each of the above ways:

Using AutoResponse Plus API key

You can hire a programmer to do the WordPress and AutoResponse Plus integration.  Freelancing places like Elance, oDesk, Freelancer, etc. have so many excellent and experienced programmers.  When you hire them, prepare a thorough job description, which includes all your requirements. Otherwise, you would be disappointed. Determine some factors given below before considering this method:

  1. How long are you going to use the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration?

If you are going to use the integration for a very short period, this API key coding integration method is enough for you. But if you are going to use this for long time, then remember that whenever “AutoResponse Plus” updates their API key, you will have to re-hire your programmer to do the necessary changes.

  1. Full integration

If you want me to say what it is in simple words, here it is: Full integration means two-way communication.

When someone signs up in WordPress as a member, your AutoResponse Plus account gets the data from Wishlist and adds the member as a subscriber in email list.

If you do the cancellation of the membership through the Wishlist dashboard in WordPress admin, then the member would be cancelled automatically from the AutoResponse Plus email list, too.  This is what full integration is.

In most cases, a programmer or a free plugin doesn’t do this.  Only simple integration is being done because the full integration setup process is a complicated procedure.

Free WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration plugin

I didn’t find any good-enough free plugin in the WordPress plugin official site.  If you find any of such plugin anywhere, do check whether it provides “full integration” or not.

And once you install the plugin, do check whether any new options are showing inside the WordPress dashboard.  If you don’t see any useful options to manage subscribers in the WordPress itself, then what is the real benefit of using such a plugin?

Create custom WordPress Autoresponse Plus integration plugin

Once again, remember the points I discussed above about hiring a programmer to do the API key programming.  Because you will have to hire an experienced programmer, send him the detailed custom plugin requirements and make sure to ask him to do the full integration between WordPress and AutoResponse Plus.

Premium WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration plugin

This is the real solution to our WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration requirement. See how it does not only the integration but also, check out whether it does more than just integration.

The plugin is called “Wishlist Member”, which is basically a premium WordPress membership plugin.  But if you want to use it just for doing the WordPress Autoresponse Plus integration, then you can turn-on the corresponding option on the plugin settings to do that work only.

Wishlist Member is just a plugin, not a theme, so it doesn’t affect your site’s look nor does it change any existing functionality of your WordPress.

So, enabling the Wishlist Member plugin’s options will give you cool features you need to manage your subscribers/members.  Before that, let us first see how easy it is to set up the WordPress and AutoResponse Plus:

Easy Installation Procedure:

1.  Install the Wishlist Member plugin as you normally install any plugin and enter the Wishlist Member license key.

2.  Once the plugin is installed, you will see “WL plugins” options on the bottom of the WordPress admin dashboard.

3.  Click on that.  It will show you the Wishlist dashboard where you can manage all the members (here “member” means people who joined your AutoResponse Plus email list through the email signup option form).

4.  Look for the “Integration” option on the Wishlist dashboard. Click on that option. It will show you two things:

  1. Shopping cart
  2. AutoResponders

If you want to integrate payment gateways like PayPal, Clickbank, 1shoppingcart, Infusionsoft, etc., then you can click on the “shopping cart” option on the Wishlist dashboard and do the necessary steps shown there.

But if you don’t want to use any payment gateway and you only want to use the AutoResponse Plus, then you have to select the “AutoResponders” option instead of the “shopping cart” option.

Now, select the “AutoResponse Plus” on the dropdown option there. It will show the steps required to complete the WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration.

Only two steps are required to complete the integration:

First, you have to enter the “ARP Application URL”. This URL will look like this:  http://www.yourdomain.com/cgi-bin/arp3/arp3-formcapture.pl. You have to replace the “yourdomain.com” with your actual domain name.

Second, you have to enter the “AutoResponder ID” in the text box given for the corresponding membership level.

To get the value for the AutoResponder ID field:

  1. Go to your AutoResponse Plus system and view the AutoResponder list
  2. Move your mouse over any of the options in the ‘actions’ column and look at the URL in the status bar.
  3. The ID number is shown as id= in the URL
  4. The URL will look something like this: 

That’s all.  Now you have completed the backend integration.  The only thing remaining is front end.  That means putting the signup/option/registration form in your site.

Registration/Signup Forms:

Wishlist Member has the powerful features to design the registration form.  You can see the feature on the Wishlist Member dashboard here. WordPress dashboard –> WL plugins –> Settings –> Custom Registration form.

On the “custom registration form” option, there is a place where you can paste the CSS codes, too.  So nothing can stop you from using beautiful forms.  If you have existing forms, then you can place the form through the features of the “custom registration form” option on the Wishlist dashboard.

Custom Registration forms in Wishlist Member

You can create as many forms as you need.  That means you can have different member roles in WordPress and to put the subscriber to different member roles and email lists.  You can generate unique registration forms for each member role.

Creating member roles in WordPress using Wishlist Member plugin is an easy process. Read the “Creating Membership Levels using Wishlist Member plugin” post.  If you read this post, you will know how easy it is to set up a membership site with WordPress.

Watch the video tutorial and you will see how easy it is to get started with this amazing WordPress AutoResponse Plus integration plugin.

I have just updated the Wishlist Member coupon code post where you can get recently- published Wishlist Member plugin coupon codes and discount codes.

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  • Andi December 8, 2011, 2:25 PM

    I didn’t succeed in connecting wishlist member and Autoresponder, although I did everthing as described. Members, who register on Wishlist, are not put in autoresponse plus.