WordPress 1ShoppingCart™ Integration

1ShoppingCart™ is an all-in-one shopping cart and ecommerce system.  It has built-in shopping cart for selling your goods and digital downloads, AutoResponder for your email marketing needs, and in-house affiliate system.

Because of this, 1ShoppingCart™ becomes a one-stop solution if you want to get started with selling something online.

What you will be getting to know here is a powerful method to integrate 1ShoppingCart™ with WordPress so that you can manage your buyers on your WordPress admin dashboard as members.

WordPress 1ShoppingCart™ Integration Plugin

Wishlist Member is basically a WordPress Membership Site plugin, which is the best in the market today.  Let us see how this plugin can be used to integrate your 1ShoppingCart™ with WordPress in few simple steps.

Before proceeding with the WP 1ShoppingCart™ integration, let me make this clear to you: Wishlist Member is just a WordPress plugin.  Installing this plugin to your existing WordPress site will not cause harm to your site in any way.  After installation, by default, it will not change any functionality of your WordPress site on front and back end.  You have the full control over which options should be enabled and which should not be.

If you want to know what this Wishlist Member plugin does after installing it and what the things you can do with Wishlist Member plugin, then read this post: What Wishlist Member plugin does when you install in WordPress?

Now let us proceed with WordPress 1ShoppingCart™ integration procedure.

To skip the following reading, you can go straight to this video on how to integrate WordPress 1shoppingcart using WishList Member plugin.

  1. Install the Wishlist member plugin in your WordPress site as you normally do any WordPress installation. Activate the plugin using Wishlist member license key.
  2. Once you’ve activated the plugin, look for the “WL plugins” option on the bottom left of the WP admin dashboard. Click the “Wishlist Member” option.
  3. Wishlist dashboard will be displayed to you.  Click on “Membership Levels”. Create the desired membership levels. For example, you may want to have Silver, Gold, etc. Membership levels.
  4. Then click on “Integration” option. Make sure you are seeing “Shopping cart” options.
  5. Select “1ShoppingCart™” from the dropdown menu.  Steps required to complete the WordPress-1shoppincart integration will be displayed to you.
  6. Set the “Thank you” Page URL – Copy the thank you page URL showing on the Wishlist dashboard and paste the URL in your 1ShoppingCart™ account or Thank you page URL of each product in the 1ShoppingCart account.
  7. Set up 1ShoppingCart API settings – You will have to enter two things on Wishlist dashboard– “Merchant ID and API key”. Merchant ID can be found at the upper-right corner of the 1shoppincart page. Your API key can be found at “My account>> API settings” in your 1ShoppingCart account.
  8. A number called “SKU” for each membership level will be displayed on the Wishlist Member dashboard. This SKU must be used for each product that needs to be created in the shopping cart.

That’s all. You’re done integrating WordPress with 1ShoppingCart™. Check whether the integration was successful by making some test payments. Watch the video tutorial below to see how easy it is to set up the WordPress 1ShoppingCart™ integration through the Wishlist Member plugin.

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