WishList Member License Comparison Chart 2013

Hope my last post on Create Membership Site with WordPress helps you to get started with the WordPress WishList Member Plugin. Today here, I would like to answer few of my clients’ and readers’ questions publicly so that everyone can get benefit out of it.

Questions are:

  1. Is there any WishList Member – Multi-site license coupon code
  2. Should i buy WishList multi license?
  3. Which WishList Member license should i get?
  4. WishList plugin Single license works for only one domain or only one WordPress install?
  5. What should I do to get WishList 2 licenses?

Let us get the answers for all your questions here below.

How does License works?

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WishList Member Single License

WishList Member in Test Site

WishList Member Multi site License

Which License Should I get?

WishList Member Single Site License

Single Site license allows you to install the WishList plugin in only one WordPress installation.

You can’t install it on second WordPress installation even if that WordPress exists in same domain. That means if you have two WordPress installations at yourdomain.com/blog1 and yourdomain.com/blog2, then you can install WishList on any one of them. If you want to install on the second site, then you will have to use the previously-discussed WishList Member Coupon Codes & Discount prices for “3-for-2 license offer” and “Multisite $47 discount”.

Installing WishList Member in Test site

If you are going to install the WishList plugin on test site before setting it up in live site, then you don’t need to get the Multisite license. You can just install the single site WishList Member License Key on the test site first and if you are OK with everything, then you can deactivate the license for that site at the WordPress dashboard and then install the WishList on the final Membership site.

Remember that WishList Member Single site License Key can be installed on only one WordPress at a time. If you want to install it on another site, you have to deactivate the license in the first site, and then you should install the license key on the second site. Otherwise, it will display this error: “This license is authorized to be used on one domain. The license has already been activated.
 For more information on upgrading to an unlimited license please visit: support.”

But remember that after you changed the license key from the old (test site) site to new site, you may end up testing any other features. After your final site is up, you should not take any chances to get it down; otherwise, your membership site members will feel bad. So, having a test site is always a good idea to use it for all testing purposes. So make use of the 3-for-2 WishList Member discount offer.

Get Started your membership site with Wishlist Member Single Site or Go with 3 for 2 license offer.

WishList Member Multi site License:

WishList Member Multisite license  key can be applied on unlimited number of sites that you own. The multisite license can be purchased at $297 today. If you want to get just the single site license, do remember that upgrading to multisite license will cost you extra $47. Read my coupon code post to know more.

Why higher Multi site license price for existing WishList plugin Single license holders?

WishList plugin team has so much confidence on their best WordPress membership plugin. Also, they noticed that every day, a lot of happy Single license holders upgrade to WishList member Multi site license option. Who would want to miss the best WordPress Membership plugin that does all the things you’d like to have in a Membership website?

That’s why they have the higher price when you upgrade to WishList multisite license. So, start with the best WordPress Membership plugin today with the WishList Member Multisite License discount of $47. Go here to get WishList Member multisite license today at just $297 discounted price.

Wishlist Member Coupon Code & License Chart 2011

Which WishList Member license should I get? Is the Multisite license worth buying?

I am not sure about what type of membership site you are going to launch! But allow me to tell you how I see the Multisite license.

1. When I launched my debut membership site with WordPress, I priced the membership access to $47. The day I launched it and on the next day, I had a total of eight members in my membership site.

Six out of eight of them covered the cost that I paid for the WishList Member unlimited (multi site) license key. The people who joined after them were all my profits.

Thereafter I launch any membership sites with WordPress, I no longer pay. All the future membership charge amounts would be profits for me.

2. I do not see the WishList Member as just the best WordPress Membership Site plugin alone. It is more than that. We can use it to integrate the WordPress with Autoresponders.

WishList Member is not a WordPress Theme; it is just a Membership plugin, so it does not affect any look of the site’s home page, posts and pages. We may use only the features we want.

We can simply use the WishList plugin’s customizable forms to ask readers to join as members. You can put different forms to capture members into different levels and corresponding email lists.

It means that you can launch a non-paid (free) membership site with WordPress. You can capture members into different membership levels and different email lists. You can grant access to different content for different level members. By this way, your authority grows in your website reader eyes!

So feel worthy to get started today with the WishList Member Plugin>>>>.

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