One Untapped Traffic Source and How to Use it in 3 Ways

This is 4th report from Fourblogger Labs. Check the previous three reports here.

  1. Choose the best niche to blog about.
  2. Start writing content in the selected blog niche.
  3. Deliver blog content in video format.

This 4th report will provide you the important details for which you have been searching since long time but got unworthy or false advices.  This post helps you to identify and use 1 new traffic source to boost your blog. May I tell about the untapped traffic source at the end of this post or Do you need that at first so that you can quit reading once read that.

Ok. Quit reading doesn’t affect both of us. So I will tell you now.

I start with a story. A short story.

People again and again disturb god for their own requirements. God disappoints and try to hide somewhere people can’t reach him. He gets advices from other gods to locate him safe. One gives advice to hide in underground. God says that there is hell so I can’t. Another one gives advice to hide in sky. God says that there are people keep travelling through flights and even in satellites, so I can’t. Last one gives advice to hide in those people’s heart. God thinks it might be something crazy idea & takes a test drive. God is safe now. No one couldn’t find god.

What this story wants to tell is, people don’t look themselves for solutions. They are always wandering around for solutions.

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While I listened to this story, suddenly my mind matched those people with ‘bloggers’ and their problems with ‘traffic’. As you guess now, yes, the solution to your traffic also is in yours hand. So the untapped traffic source is ”You”.

Quit Reading?

Thanks for continuous reading. Now I will tell you how to drive traffic to your blog from youtube (untapped traffic source).

Your first traffic source is Search engine. It drives you highest percentage of your total traffic. Consider for example, you have received 10000 visitors from search engine so far. How many of them became regular readers to your blog? Do you have 10000 regular readers? 5000 readers? 2500 readers? 1000 readers? 500 readers? If your number still not comes here, you are the real block to your blog traffic.

First get rid of this problem. Until then even if your post becomes popular in Digg, Stumble Upon or Delicious, you won’t get loyal subscribers.

If you really don’t need loyal readers but just high number of visits, you can use some useless services in which they promise 10000 visits for just $10 dollars.

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How to remove the block in yourself to convert any traffic as real & regular traffic?

Here are some observations in my Fourblogger Blogging Labs.

Your Blog looks like an Article Website.

Blogs are not article websites. Article websites care for only content. Those article websites can’t keep regular readers. Those websites only afford to have search engine traffic. Article websites can’t keep RSS readers or Newsletter readers. Your blog also being in the same situation. You can’t keep regular readers, you can’t keep RSS readers and  you don’t get newsletter subscribers. The problem is you are doing the same as those article websites doing.

What should You do now?

You should look the top blogs in your niche. What do you find in their blogs apart from what you have?

I bet these things will be. These 3 things are the 3 ways that you can use to drive traffic from you.

  1. 1. Clean design.
  2. 2. Reader enthusiastic content is more important than Quality Content.
  3. 3. Free Giveaways

1. Clean design

I am not big fan of design. Always I look for content quality. Am I Correct?

How I did this experiment?

1. I visited 20 blogs in my niche. I visited blogs that were new to me or rarely visited ones. Once I entered to each blog, I asked myself “How do you feel? Do you think this is good blog?”. Immediately I wrote down the result as good or bad. I got ‘good’ for 8 blogs and ‘bad’ for 12 blogs.

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2. I visited again those 20 blogs and once I entered to each blog, I read two pages, one from post and one from navigation. Now again I marked as ‘good’ or bad. The 5 blogs that were marked as bad by me in first step, had become good. 4 blogs that were marked as good by me, had become bad.

I came to know that I had wrong opinion about the necessary of blog design.

Blog design is much important.

Though I am customizing Thesis Theme, I am not basically a designer or coder. So still I can’t fix a permanent layout & good color for my blog. I am losing the value on reader eyes. I will soon look on to it.

If you want to know about the importance of blog design, you have to definitely subscribe and read SiteSketch101. I just become a big fan of this blog. Nicholas Z. Cardot who is the founder of  sitesketch101, stresses the necessary of good blog design in every post and even in his free blogging e-book also.

2. Reader enthusiastic content is more important than Quality Content.

Quality content converts your traffic as regular traffic. But Reader enthusiastic content builds you backlinks and spreads like fire. What is Reader enthusiastic Content?

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These are some of those content types. I just mentioned here what I have taken to experiment in labs. If there are some other things, let me know. So that I can test them and provide you results.

1. Write Top posts

Top posts add value to your blog or brand. Your readers always wants to know who are top in their interested area. When you write posts, readers give more attention to your blog. I have just started to experiment with Top posts. I will publish complete results once I get enough data from my top posts.

Here is the Top post for example: Top 30 Female Internet Entrepreneurs

2. List Posts

‘List post’ titles always bring attention to your blog from various sources like twitter, digg, delicious, and other blog backlinks. Just by listing something won’t bring you traffic. You have to spend your precious time to prepare quality list posts.

Here some of the list posts that I liked.

21 Untapped Traffic Sources

Where 14 of the top internet businesses were started

30+ Tips To Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

180+ Thesis Design Customizations You have to See to Believe

3. Writing your blog content with comparison of Popular celebrities and Popular brands

Reader enthusiasm increases when your post title talks about some popular celebrities or brands. There are two ways you can write these type  of posts. One is comparing your content with famous celebrity. For example, read this post.

8 things every blogger can learn by studying Perez Hilton

You can write to famous celebrity. Don’t know how? Read this.

Some SEO Advice For Bill Gates

4. Do video posts

Talk or screencast in videos. It keeps your readers for long time in your blog. As i am using videos in most of the posts, my blog Average time/visit always being at least 3.5 minutes.

5. Use Infographics or Comics in your posts.

I recently took this idea to experiment in my labs. I got this idea from my favorite entrepreneur Neil Patel’s blog post on building backlinks. If you want to know what are Infographics posts, then see these posts.

The Complexity of the U.S. Tax System, Visualizing One Trillion Dollars

3. Free Giveaways

This is an important difference you will notice when you look at top blogs in your niche. They have a subscribe form with a free give away.

I realized the power of giving free stuffs, when I released my free guide on thesis customization. The result so far i received is unexpected one.

Some Bloggers Who giveaway Worthy e-books

My favorite blogger Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income published an e-book about ‘how to write an ebook’. He told that he got 2500 subscribers in just 3 months.

Do you know guys? They give four free e-books to catch subscribers. Look at their sidebar. They also give free wordpress themes.

Final Thought:

Your problem is not using or getting traffic sources.  There is no necessary to you have a Delicious account, to become your post popular in delicious. You don’t need to use GreaseMonkey to increase your twitter followers. Even if you have 40000 followers, your twitter updates won’t bring you traffic.

But if you have loyal followers like copyblogger have, your twitter updates can bring traffic up to your servers come down.

The only traffic source is “You”. You have to concentrate on your blog design, you have to write top, list, infographics, celebrity comparison & video posts and  you have to prepare free e-book & giveaways.

Keep yourself ready to receive and convert traffic into loyal readers. If you ready to do these stuffs, read on my next post which tells you how to use related traffic sources to your niche.

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  • aaslin April 3, 2010, 12:05 AM

    Traffic is what all bloggers aim! But unless we are very strong in a specific niche we cannot gain traffic very soon!

    • Suresh April 3, 2010, 10:41 AM

      Very strong niche is helpful to get traffic from various traffic sources in your niche. but we should know the techniques to convert visitors into readers.. labs will give you better idea on this soon..

  • Pascal April 22, 2010, 11:50 PM

    Content is king and it is the killer one that can drive traffic. But if we need quick traffic, we have to use multiple sources.

  • exif ipad October 23, 2010, 4:13 PM

    If there’s one thing Google loves, it’s content. But if your site content doesn’t pass Google’s own freshness test, then your rankings might suffer.

    aperture ipad sync

  • abgajoy @multiple domain web host November 15, 2010, 1:50 AM

    traffic is everything if we want to succeed in blogging but I don’t know why I always failed in generating traffic poor me 😉

  • fever18 December 16, 2010, 12:12 PM

    Traffic is the bloggers main aim.But unless we are very strong in a specific type of niche we cannot gain traffic very soon.
    and sir i think its very hard to promote the blogging site..

  • jack January 7, 2011, 5:19 PM

    thx for the info…i will try these tips from you.. 🙂

  • Romy Singh May 6, 2011, 6:01 PM

    Hello Pascal Another Engaging and mind capturing article…
    All Bloggers haves only one aim when they starts there blogs..Every one thinks that content is king but i am opposite of it content is not king…Marketing Is King and Content Is queen… If your blog have most dashing and engaging content then what the use of that if no one is there to see it and read it…
    In Blogging world most bloggers are famous for their content why because they market their blog very well and people reads their contents and talk about their content in all media..

  • Doc August 31, 2012, 10:00 AM

    Surprising to think of soemthing like that