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As you all know, I am testing different key factors which are helping bloggers to become a Pro from Novice. I took “videos” to test how much far videos would be helpful for bloggers. When I started I had no video camera. Then I had just started with screencasting videos. Since three months I created 120 screencasting tutorial videos. I got amazing number of video views and awesome blog traffic.

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Before started to do screencasts, I browsed for Youtubers who were doing wonderful screencasts. Their channels motivated me to do more screencasts. As it was inspirational to me, it should be for you too. I publish the top list of screencast Vloggers here.

I included Youtube channel page rank, whether they are Youtube partner or not, number of views per video per month, as factors to order them in list.

Without much intro, here is the top list.

1. Jimmy Ruska

Jimmy’s about page says all why he deserves to be first in top list of Youtube screencast Vloggers.

One of his best accomplishments is, Youtube API crawler which lists most common Youtube searches.

Even the last video uploaded time was 1 years ago, his last sign in time says that he still active in Youtube. You can request any tutorials on his request page and others can vote for the requests. If your request gets more votes then there is more chance to see your request as screencast in his Youtube channel.

Jimmy is not only famous for his Youtube videos, but he has developed his useful website which shows best of the internet today. He ranks No.1 for the keyword “best of internet today” in Google SERP.

Jimmy’s popular screencast tutorials which cover wide range of topics also rank high in Google SERP. His Youtube channel has more than 65500 subscribers and page rank of 7.

I love Jimmy’s footer text in Youtube tutorials page. Jimmy! You Rocks!

Fourblogger’s Pick: XAMPP – Make your Computer a Web server: Apache, PHP, MySQL.

2. Tutvid

Nathaniel has 210 tutorials for Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Bridge and Golive. His Youtube channel received 15,251,125 visits so far. Since his age of 12th, he has been working on his passionate subject “Web design”. Through his Tutvid channel, he built a nice business in web design. What else will be heaven more than living on your passion? Nathaniel got his life around his passion.

You can check out about Nathaniel in his about page and to know how he is making money with his tutorials in his buy tutorials page. Photoshop is always popular. But what makes Nathaniel’s tutorials to differ from others? Certainly he adds more value to his tutorials by doing selective tutorials for which people are dying and he explains even all small things.

Nathaniel blogs at

Fourblogger’s Pick: Creating Cool Backgrounds for Your Website with CSS

3. VvcompHelpVv

With 104 videos, Jerry Gonzalez, an 18 year old, ranks 3rd in our Vloggers list.   He screencasts in topics such as windows, computer tips, IPod, Photoshop. He is Youtube partner and making some money through Youtube revenue sharing.

Jerry receives high video ratings and channel comments. This is abnormal because Youtube users rarely rates and comments. But his videos receive more ratings as he offers useful tutorials.

Fourblogger’s Pick: Make a Full website For Free! _Long 25 Min_ for Full Detail


Bucky Roberts has 801 videos and 44200 subscribers on his screencasting Youtube channel. He has video tutorials for Java game development, Intermediate Java, Dreamweaver CS4, Python programming, C++, Objective C programming. Bucky is a web designer and game developer. Thenewboston channel has 10,391,943 total upload views.

Bucky Roberts has good sense of humor. It reflects in his blog posts and images. You may want to subscribe to his blog posts.

Fourblogger’s Pick: C++ Programming Tutorials from Thenewboston

5.  Phpacademy

Alex has done 169 video tutorials so far and 4380 subscribers in his Php Tutorials channel. Alex joined in Youtube on February, 2009. Within a year, he received 4000+ subscribers and became Youtube partner. With the popularity of his videos, he successfully drives traffic to his website and his Php forum. His forum looks always active on topics PHP, XHTML, CSS, Java script, AJAX, MySQL, and PhpMyAdmin.

His all 169 video tutorials are PHP tutorials. If you need any help in PHP, you have to definitely subscribe to his channel. You can get updates from Alex in his twitter account.

Fourblogger Pick: Php Basics Video Tutorials

6. Mobilephone2003

Duncan Maile releases screencast videos on various technology related things and his Youtube channel has 8,912,491 total upload views and 23000+ subscribers. Duncan has another one Youtube channel megabytetv. This channel also has 787,297 total upload views and 4300+ subscribers.

Duncan blogs at Duncsweb. His blog has page rank of 4 and I hope this blog receives more traffic through his Youtube channel. He runs a forum which seems much active on computer, software, websites, hardware, gaming topics. Duncan monetizes both the blog and forum with Google Adsense. He is Youtube partner. So he makes money in his videos via Youtube partner revenue sharing program.

Fourblogger’s Pick: Record HD Screencasts for Youtube without Downloading Applications

7. Creativeicedesigns

Deivid Joe Colkevicius, 18 year old Youtube partner, uploads Photoshop tutorials in his Youtube channel. This channel received so far 5146 subscribers since its launch on April, 2009. He designed his channel header with the words “Photoshop Guru”. He deserves to call like that. He chooses attractive topics and creates screencasts.

Check Deivid’s design passion in his website and he also blogs at Design Tutor. He offers design services that range from little touch ups to full website designs. If you are in London, you can hire for full day photo shoot.

Fourblogger’s Pick: Photoshop CS4: Very Cool Effect for Your Pictures.

8. 2CeateAWebsite

Lisa Irby from has 3 Youtube video channels. One of those channels is 2createawebsite which has just 19 screencast tutorial videos. But Lisa has 3440 subscribers and this 2createawebsite channel has Youtube partnership.

2createawebsite channel shows Lisa’s design passion. Video tutorials are teaching you the CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and WordPress (Blogging).

Lisa most of the time concentrates on her main vlogging channel Lisa3876. Recently she published a video “What do you need help with? “. In this video, Lisa received more comments requesting video tutorials on complete A-Z web design, A-Z wordpress set up etc. So I am expecting that she will do those screencasting tutorials on her 2createawebsite channel.

Fourblogger’s Pick: How to Create a PDF e-Book with Adobe Acrobat

9. Lifeg0eson666

Marcus who is the proud owner of Lifeg0eson666 has 61 video tutorials. Marcus created video tutorials for PHP. Lifeg0eson666 channel’s best videos are “Forum Tutorials using PHP”. Marcus uploaded his first Php video on 28, September, 2006. Since then he has been uploading screencast video tutorials. Lifeg0eson666 will reach 1 million total upload views soon. His channel already has approval as Youtube partner.

Marcus has designed his PhpSquad.Net website using PHP. In, you can find all his channel videos with code snippets and even non-video tutorials. You can ask any help regarding Php tutorials through his twitter account.

Fourblogger’s Pick: Forum Tutorials in PHP

10. Computerbasics

Mitz Pantic has 160 videos on hot topics like computer tips, Windows help, wordpress, Youtube, screencast etc. She said that she became Youtube partner when she had 200,000 video views. Mitz replies to viewer comments in most cases.

Mitz can successfully drive traffic to her  blogs, websites and forum. This is the real power of Youtube. If you offer quality video tutorials, viewers want to come over your blog. Mitz drives traffic to her forum on computer tips using the popularity of Computerbasics channel.  She monetizes all her websites using Google Adsense.

Those bloggers who wants to earn money in Google Adsense, I recommend Computerbasics to follow and create video tutorials.

Fourblogger’s Pick: Recover (Recuva) and restore deleted files, photos, pictures.

11. Gotbletu

Bonster names himself as ‘Got blet u’ in Youtube, has totally 1,434,309 video views with 423 videos. He has over 2000 subscribers and his recent activity and videos show that he much active in Youtube. His screencasts are computer related topics such as software, screensavers, games, Linux.

Bonster blogs at blogspot. I hope that this blogspot receives more views from Youtube. He blogs also about his passionate games. You can catch him on twitter. He says in twitter that he never started out to be partner. That’s why he never cares to apply.

Fourblogger’s Best Pick:  Best Ubuntu Linux Tutorials – A Youtube playlist on Ubuntu Linux.

12. Pcmedianet

Pcmedianet channel owns by David Risley who is six figure professional blogger. David Risley and Rich Menga produce videos for and upload those videos in Pc media net channel. His website receives more than 300000 visits per month. David Risley has forum on his website. This forum seems very much active and it is monetized well with Google Adsense.

David Risley uses Tubemogul to spread these videos to multiple video sharing sites and I find that he is sharing videos on Metacafe, Viddler, and Veoh. Uploading videos in different sites is wise idea when it comes to video marketing. But David should use more description words in Youtube. It will bring more Youtube and Google search.

Fourblogger’s Pick: How-to: Resizing photos the easy way

13. Labnol

Amit Agarwal who writes on Digital Inspiration which is a technology blog on software and web applications. His blog has large amount of contents with 81000 RSS readers.  Amit Agarwal uploads more screencasts in his Youtube channel ‘labnol’. He has been uploading videos since three years. Amit Agarwal has 100+ videos and over 600000 views.

Amit Agarwal screencasts only on topics where we need video guidance. For example, I really like to recommend this video which shows how to create your own Facebook Applications.

Fourblogger’s Pick: How to Create a Proxy Server – Video.

14. Tutorialsfromadobe

As the channel name suggests, channel author uploads video tutorials for Adobe CS4. ‘Tutorials from Adobe channel’ has 109 videos and 2300 subscribers. The channel has 389,329 views. The channel author didn’t mention his name or blog name.

He chose a competitive-but-less-resource available topic so that he could achieve this statistics. I recommend any one who wants to become video blogger and want to do screencasts, choose a niche which has less resource but high demand. You will succeed.

Fourblogger’s Pick: Learn Photoshop CS4

15. Motiontraining

Motion Training Channel received so far total upload views of 1,255,935 with just 24 videos. All those videos are MS excel tutorials. The excel video tutorial channel has more than 2500 subscribers.

The reason why I included this channel in this top list is, the number of videos does not important to get popular. The quality and demand on content is important. For the keyword “excel tutorial”, Motion training’s videos come in first page of Google SERP.

The channel author can start a blog and upload the tutorials there. He will get traffic sure-fire.

Fourblogger Pick: Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners  – Charts Pt.1


I knew the power of videos so that I created 120 video tutorials for bloggers.

I got to know this power of videos when I started fourblogger through the above channels. So today I want to give you the same inspiration. At the same time, do you want to know what the Fourblogger’s video traffic success was so far? Read on ‘Deliver blog content in video format’.

Are you ready to create tutorials?

P.S You can’t push traffic from any source into your blog. But you can attract any source. You have to be creative and work hard.

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