Thesis Theme SEO Features

This Thesis Theme SEO tutorial covers a few of the SEO features which you might be missing. To get the most out of Thesis, use all the SEO options. Let’s go straight into it.

Category Page SEO

Many blog and website category pages have good page ranks. We can offer some link juice from category pages to any other page. Normally, when we publish new posts on a category, the older posts get relocated behind from the main category page. As these posts get less exposure in the category pages, they are not getting any link juice from the main category page.

Thesis Theme is the only WordPress theme that comes with Category Page SEO options. We can use this Thesis SEO feature if want to pass some PR link juice to any other pages or posts.

To do this, go to WordPress dashboard, click on “categories” in Posts section, and click on “edit” in any one of the categories there. Then, look below for the two options “Introductory Headline” and “Introductory Content”.

Introductory Content – Here you can put content with links to pages you want to rank higher. For example, see my Thesis Theme Tutorials category page. I placed some content through the “Introductory Content” in which links to my Thesis Designer Guide page are located.

Learn to use this Thesis SEO option for your maximum benefit.

Home Page SEO

“Site Options” under Thesis Options in the WordPress dashboard provides Home Page SEO settings. There you can give three meta data for your Home Page:

  1. Home Page Title Tag
  2. Home Page Meta description
  3. Home page Meta tags

Home Page Title Tag: Up to 70 characters in the Home Page Title tag are recommended. Anything more than 70 characters is not going to be visible in SERPs. Use your website/blog name in the Home page title tag only if you want to have it as a brand. Otherwise, you can use the Home page title tag for the keywords you want in order to rank higher. Keep in mind that frequently changing the Home page Title tag is not good for SEO.

Home Page Meta Description: Up to 150 characters can be used in the Home page Meta description. Search engines (especially Google) do not blindly follow the keywords you use in the meta description because Black hats have abused it for years. However, Google readily accepts the meta description if you are genuinely not trying to spam it, so make use of the meta description option.

Home Page Meta tags: Use the keywords which are very close to your content, and use long tail keywords instead of short tail keywords which only have one or two words.

Post and Page SEO

Recently, I tested the Custom Title tag, Meta Description, and Meta tags and found out that Google picks the custom title tag and meta description to show in search result pages. At first I wondered if they were really effective, but now I use it for all my upcoming posts!

Use the Custom Title tag and Meta description options to get the most SEO benefits.

Do you use the Thesis theme specifically for search engine optimization? If yes, then you should get my Thesis Designer Guide to learn more about maximizing your SEO options.

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  • downloadgb July 2, 2011, 2:26 PM

    plz can you tell me, cost of this designer guide.

    • admin July 8, 2011, 10:33 PM

      Thesis designer guides costs $37 only.

  • lenny December 4, 2011, 6:51 AM

    If im building a custom layout via photoshop and coding, is it thesis really necessary at that point? what advantages does thesis have that a fully custom photoshop-to-blog layout doesnt?