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At last, as other bloggers did, we have also here come up with a Thesis Theme review post. Isn’t it? But don’t worry my blogging friend. I am not writing this review to recommend thesis for your blog. This post helps you to take decision on whether should you buy thesis theme for your blog or not.

Thesis theme for Non-coders

Thesis so often called as do-it-yourself type of theme. Yes. It is really. Without technical knowledge, you can do all basic customization. Though you are not basically a designer or developer, you can do the following things with thesis.

1. Column change in Thesis Theme

You can change your blog layout as one column or two columns or three columns, just by selecting the option in wordpress admin dashboard. In any of the above case, there is one content and others are side bars. You no need to enter any codes for doing this. Ok. You have selected two columns option. But what if you really wanted the sidebar should appear in left to content box instead right hand side of content box? Are you in need of coding? Definitely not. Just again select the option in wordpress admin dashboard. If you have selected three columns option, you can show the both sidebars either left or right, or simply you can show the content box in middle of the sidebars. So thesis completely offers freedom to choose columns. You can also change the size of individual columns also.

No free wordpress themes offer this facility. See if you use a free two column wordpress theme but want to use three column themes, then you should change your theme. When you change theme, you will be fine with column. But your footer and header will be different. But when you use thesis, your columns alone get changed. No changes in header or footer.

See our how to split columns video here.

2. Fonts and colors in Thesis Theme

When you use thesis for your wordpress blog, you are in complete control over font sizes and colors. You no need of codes to do this. You can change the text font sizes and colors for content area, header area, navigation area, sidebars, multimedia box, footer, bylines and meta data. I strongly suggest you to make use of this feature once you bought thesis. You will know how much effect colors and font sizes can offer to your awesome blog.

3. Navigation Design in Thesis Theme

For every blog, Navigation is so much important so that readers can easily access your blog content. Thesis makes easy to add pages and categories in navigation. In wordpress dashboard, under thesis options, you can select which pages should appear and you can change the order of displaying pages in nav menu by changing order of pages using drag and drop option. You can choose which categories should be displayed in navigation.

4. Header and Footer scripts

If you have some experience of running any wordpress blogs previously, then I am sure that you will know where to add some codes offered by Google analytics, Google Webmasters, Site traffic analytic systems etc. Thesis makes it very easy. In wordpress dashboard under thesis options you have header scripts and footer scripts box. Just copy and paste the codes here and click save. That’s all.

5. Multimedia Box.

Do you want to show videos, advertisements or rotating images in your blog sidebar? Just enable the multimedia box in your wordpress dashboard and select the option whether you want to show rotating images or videos or custom codes. If you select the rotating images option, upload your image files to rotator folder and you can add alt tags and links to individual images in design options at wordpress dashboard. If you have selected videos to be appeared in your multimedia box, immediately a box to paste your video embed code appears. Just copy and paste the video code there. If you can use all the above features, definitely your blog will look unique.

Thesis Theme for Coders

1. Thesis Hooks List makes everything easy.

To say in simple words, hooks are inbuilt functions to make easy of your customization work. You can look the whole list of hooks here. If you are coder, you will understand in one glance of look. If you are a non-coder, here I simply explain what it is. For example, thesis_hook_after_header is one of the hooks. If you want to add anything after header, you should mention this hook so that this tells thesis to add your items after the header.

2. Full-Width Framework

Basically Thesis has Page Framework. But always there is the option to switch over into Full-width Framework. By making full-width Frame work, you can split the headers, content area and footer area as separate full-width frameworks and easily customize the each area as you imagined. Learn more about Full-width framework of Kristeralla.

3. Feature box in Thesis Theme

In thesis 1.6 you can enable the feature box in wordpress dashboard and you are also able to choose where it should appear. There are three options.

  • In your content column
  • Full width above content and sidebars
  • Full width above header.

Once you selected any one of the above, now you should mention the hook,thesis_hook_feature_box, in your code. Thesis promises that the feature box option will dramatically improved in future upgrades. So we can expect much.

4. No need of Search engine Optimization

If you are a developer, i strongly suggest you to design wordpress blogs using thesis. When you use thesis, just you can concentrate only on client’s design needs. You no need of coding for w3 standards as thesis already having built-in SEO functionalities.

Thesis theme for Coders and Non-Coders

1. Adding Customization Codes:

1. Regardless whether you are coder or non-coder, you are going to add any of your codes in only two places. Both places are easily accessible in your wordpress dashboard. Having Ftp is not necessary.

  • Custom_functions.php
  • Custom.css

Thesis has great resources all over online. You can search and get some codes for customizing your thesis blog. Believe me you are going to add these codes in the above two places only.

2. Thesis Theme Upgrades:

Thesis theme normally upgrades every once in 3 months. Whenever you see an upgrade, you should spend some time on upgrading your thesis. If you have used customization codes only on custom_functions.php and custom.css, then you will be fine when you upgrade. But if you have done some changes in thesis core files to customize your blog, you might need some code changes once you done upgrade.

3. Search Engine Optimization:

Thesis not just a theme, it is a framework. It knows how search engines look your blog. The framework well optimized for search engines. So that search engine specialist also using thesis theme. You no need of any plug-ins for SEO purposes. Thesis completely avoids necessary of All-in-One-Seo plugin. By default thesis shows the post title in urls so that search engines crawls your content nature easily. Thesis makes easy of adding title tags and Meta tags.

4. Support:

You can get all supports relevant to thesis in their community forum. This forum only accessible for thesis users. There are always you can get answer from thesis staffs and other thesis users. Apart from the thesis official community, you can get more support from the thesis tutorials which are written by thesis users. Cost of the Theme:Thesis 1.6 costs $87 for personal edition. You should decide whether you are able to pay for it or not. But thesis does more than $87 value for you.

Quick Recap of Thesis Advantages:

  1. Thesis well optimized for search engines. So you no need of using SEO plugins. By this you save your time to install those plugins and upgrade those plugins often.
  2. Thesis do-it-yourself type of theme. You can search online and make use of any thesis resources
  3. Thesis has good support forum.
  4. Thesis upgrades happens with dramatic changes. These changes offer more features to your blog.
  5. If you use thesis, I am sure, you will be having some knowledge after using thesis about PHP and Css.

Quick Recap of Thesis Disadvantages:

  1. It is not free.  So you have to pay. Future upgrades are always free.
  2. You need some basic PHP and Css skill. If you haven’t yet, you need to learn.
  3. You need to ask help in thesis forum or search customization tips in online.
  4. You might be willing to upgrade thesis when thesis new version available.
  5. You need FTP access to resolve issues when you can’t access thesis in wordpress admin dashboard.

watch thesis theme 1.7 review on youtube.

If you decided to buy thesis, here is the link.

Download Thesis

Our blog readers are already having thesis theme. So hope they can share pros and cons of thesis theme here. For more checkout our all Thesis theme tutorials..

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