Thesis Theme Customization Tutorials for Footer Round-Up

In Thesis theme, you can customize the header, navigation, footer, sidebars and content area. We have already posted here a lot of tutorials related to these things. But often fourblogger blog readers asking for our help to find the particular tutorials. So that here I have collected the all related tutorials as thesis theme customization round up.

In this post, I have collected the thesis theme tutorials related to Footer customization. How did you customize your thesis theme footer so far? Check the following customizations and if you need help in customizing, leave a comment here.

1. Remove Thesis Theme and WordPress Admin Link in Footer

By default, Thesis has just “Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes” text and “Wordpress Admin” link in footer. You can remove both links or either any one of them and also you can add your own links and copyright link text etc. Follow this tutorial to know how to remove footer thesis theme link and add your own links in thesis footers.

2. Create Widgetized Footer

Create Footer-Widgetized

You can customize your thesis theme footer as per this tutorial. You have already known how much it is easy to add some links through widgets in sidebars. Imagine if you can do the same for adding items in footer, how much it will be easy to customize the footer as per wish. But default there is no widgetized footer in thesis. But as per this tutorial you can create your widgetized footer so that you can add any widgets like categories, pages, about us, recent comments, popular commentators etc in your blog footer.

3. Display Full Youtube Channel in Thesis Footer Using Multimedia Box.

I did some research in online to find that is there any blog showing entire youtube channel in their blog especially footer. But nothing found. Finally I decided to do that as I have uploaded more than 60 thesis tutorial videos in a month on Youtube. Here is the link for do that trick.

4. Add Categories in Thesis Footer in Full width

If you have already created 3 column or 4 column widgetized footer, you can add categories as any one of the widget there. But in certain cases like if you want to display categories in full horizontal width of footer or if you have more categories, you might be not wished to use widgetized footer. In that case you can use this tutorial to add categories in thesis footer along entire width.

5. Create 3 Column Widgetized Footer for Thesis

Most used thesis footer structure is 3 column Widgetized footer. You can display 3 column widgetized footer as per this tutorial.

6. Create 4 Column Widgetized Footer for Thesis

For more usability of footer, you can create 4 column Widgetized footer. If you add more than 4 items in this, it will automatically display them in next row in same 4 columns.

How do you customize your footer? Do you need more footer functionality? Leave a comment here. For more checkout our all Thesis theme tutorials..

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  • niraj August 11, 2010, 12:01 AM

    I created 3 column footer widget and its working fine but only problem is
    all widgets are shown under one right side of column instead of showing in row wise column as u have in your site.

    how to fix it?
    you help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Pascal August 11, 2010, 7:43 AM

      Hi niraj,

      Our thesis team totally move to our membershipsite fourbloggerclub. so nowadays we are solve any single thesis issue for $$ only. it is ok for you. send your requirements.
      contact us via contact form

  • Gregg October 23, 2010, 6:56 PM

    Hi Pascal,
    I found your tutorial on 4 column widgetized footer –what a great tut!

    One question –I’d like to have an option of including COLUMNs that are not widgetized –how does one accomplish this?

    Also –there is a plugin called thesis open hook, I am using it to place code.