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We did more Thesis Theme Tutorials, this post will helpful to design your  Wordpress website in an easy way. Bookmark this post on social bookmarking sites; we will update this post frequently.

Thesis Theme Tutorials For Header Customization

This video tutorial explains how to change header above the navigation menu in wordpress website. with help of thesis them hooks we can change Thesis Theme header before thesis nav menu. we can style indicidual nav menu tabs using thesis wordpress tutorials..

This Thesis Theme Tutorial explains how to display google translator box in wordpress webpage using Thesis Theme hooks. Just add the google translator code which you from google in your wordpress website which translates your site text language visitors based on geo location.

It covers how to display different size banner ads in header area of Thesis Theme. for example 468×60 banner add in Thesis wordpress header we can add this header banner ad with help of widget or custom file editor. we can also add 728×90 banner ad in Thesis header.

This tutorial explain the steps to add clickable logo or header banner in Thesis Theme. Also gives php and css code for adding header image and make the site look beautiful. We can add header image via custom file editor not in wordpress dash board thesis options.

This video tutorial displays how to show social bookmark buttons in the header area of Thesis Theme using header widget. First we should add sidebar widget in the header area of thesis wordpress theme give name as social bookmarking widget now add bookmark button code inside the header widget. We can place the social bookmarking icons right side of the logo.

Thesis Theme Tutorials For Navigation Customization

This Thesis Theme Tutorial deals about how to change category before pages in the thesis navigation menu. Thesis nav menu has the order first pages then categories list and finally custom links in order to change the default order in thesis navigation menu bar we should follow this tutorial.

This Thesis tutorial displays hoe to change categories and page order in thesis navigation menu. we have drag and drop option to change page list in navigation menu. we cna also change the page link text in the navigation menu. To show category before page in navigation menu we have to watch the video here.

This Thesis Theme Tutorial deals about display dropdown category list in Thesis wordpress navigation menu. Step by step guide to enable categories in thesis nav menu and show these categories as drop down list in the menu.

This tutorial covers how to enable dropdown navigation menu in Thesis Theme and add css style codein custom.css to display all of your site value to the new visitor. Better navigation converts visitors shows the internal stuff of your site on homepage.

This Theme Theme Tutorial explains how to add another navigation menu in Thesis Theme, second navigation menu may contains only categories list or pages list in the menu or custom links in thesis navigation menu. second navigation menu is in full width of the page or nav menu right side of logo.

This video explains how to add background image to the thesis wordpress theme navigation menu. Also it gives the css code for to add back ground image to each navigation menu tabs. thesis navigation bar single tab background image css code explained in this thesis them video tutorial.

This Tutorial deals about How to add feedburner counter in Thesis wordpress theme navigation menu. This feedbuner count widget display the readars count in nav menu itself just like another menu tab. feedfurner widget shows rss reader count as well.

This Thesis Theme Video Tutorial explains about How to add google custom search engine in thesis wordpress website. Also create separate search results page to show internal site search results for search query. We change look and feel of the custom search box using this custom.css file with this video tutorial.

This tutorial explains change navigation menu below header and also procedure to add color to the navigation menu tabs. Thesis nav menu tab hover color, link text color and background color change has specified in the video tutorial.Thesis Theme Skin

Thesis Theme Tutorials for Content Customization

Teaser box Tutorials


This tutorial explains about how to customize teasers box and teaser byline and add comment links available at the Thesis Theme homepage. if we enable teaser in the thesis homepage we can add styles to the thesis homepage. we can change teaser width to display posts in magazine style at home page. we can add boxes to the teaser box in the thesis homepage and teaser headline.

This video tutorial explains about how to add background image to thesis teaser box headline, teaser byline, teaser comments and thesis homepage post excerpt. we can add background image to thesis homepage template at any place of teasers box.

Thesis Tutorials For Post/page Content Customization

This Thesis video tutorial makes the wordpress post subheading to better look and keep the first time visitor to stay a minute on the post. So to deliver content in beautiful way we need to style the entire post background, and the subtitle tag of the post.

This tutorial explains necessary html tags needed to highlight the wordpress post content to readers as well as search engines, The Five html tags are Blockquote, blockquote right, blockquote left, pre tag and code html tag. The use and functionality of these html tag has explained in this post.

This Thesis Theme Tutorial explains how to modify colors in various locations of thesis wordpress theme. This will cover the below 7 tips How to change the post or page text color in thesis, change post or page background in Thesis Theme, How to change sidebar text color in thesis Including widget text list items color, change sidebar background color in thesis, How to change link text color in Thesis Theme, change footer background color in thesis and finally the Thesis Theme navigation menu background color change.

Thesis Theme Tutorials for Post content Area customization

This tutorial displays the method to add advertisement after post in wordpress Thesis Theme. with help of thesis hook after post we can display Banner ad below the post area of Thesis Theme. we can also show Banner ads inside the post by using custom fields in wordpress.

This tutorial explains to add social bookmarking icons in wordpress post without any wordpress plugins we can add all book mark icons at the end of the post. we have css code for the better customization of the bookmarking buttons.

This video tutorial explains how to show related post based on the one category in which The single post displayed. we may show related post list 5 or 10 within the single post category. we have the css code to to style the related posts on a single post category.

Thesis Theme Tutorials For comment customization

This tutorial describes how to add author profile box with rss and subscribe information at the end of every wordpress post. Here we have css code so we can adjust the look and feel of the wordpress post author box as per our design requirements.

Thesis Theme Tutorials for Sidebar Customization

This Thesis Theme tutorial explains how to show two column categories list in the sidebar of thesis wordpress theme. It is widget based 2 column category list. we can add inside the footer widgets also. With help of wordpress ctegory list function code just change the css width of the list as 50% then it will give you two column categories widget in sidebar of Thesis Theme.

This tutorial covers how to add sidebar header (h3) image in wordpress Thesis Theme. we can also add background color for individual sidebar headings in thesis custom.css file. we can adjust the css styles to fix the sidebar heading background image within the wordpress site.

This video tutorial explains about ad rotation in sidebar of thesis wordpress site without any plugins. we can add more 125 x 125 ads in rotation basis. we can limit the number of add as per our requirements and display less number of ads with rotation basis.

This tutorial explains How to add background, border, boxes to the sidebar widgets of Thesis Theme. and how to adjust css to get better visibility in all browsers. Sidebar heading and body make the site look awesome. we should customize with unique css for each sidebar widgets.

This video tutorial explains how to customize Thesis Theme sidebar header (h3) background image, color change and how to add styles to the sidebar widget title and sidebar h3 tiles css. This thesis tutorials makes thesis sidebar unique look.

This tutorial explains about creating custom social book marking links sidebar widget in wordpress Thesis Theme.This widget links includes twitter link, facebook, youtube, rss and linked in links.we can also add digg, delicious, StumbleUpon links inside the custom widget.

Thesis wordpress theme has One default mutimedia box we can add images, video, and slideshow to inside this box. This video tutorials explans adding second and three multimedia box in thesis width custom styles fro each boxs.

This Thesis video tutorials covers 4 tips – How to remove default widget in Thesis Theme, Remove default multimedia box in thesis sidebar, we can remove subscribe (rss) button link in the thesis navigation menu, this tutorial displays how to remove post author byline items like, date, author name, category link and comments lint in the Thesis byline.

Thesis Theme gives options to create Three column or two column wordpress site layout with simple adjustment in column width.And also we have option for column arrangement in the website layout without touching any php or css code.simply choose the number of column as one or two three column layout and change the column width according to the wordpress website layout.

Thesis Theme Tutorials for Footer Customization

This Thesis video tutorial expains about how to remove Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes. and also How to add copyright link with year and other information in Thesis Theme footer. We can also remove wordpress admin link from the footer using the thesis options in wp-dashboard.

This video Tutorials explains about the method to create sidebar widgets in footer. Number of widgets will give the number of columns example Three column footer, four column footer or five column or single column footer. we can increase the each footer widget column width in css code as per site requirements.

This tutorial explains about how to embed entire youtube channel on a webpage of your thesis wordpress website. we add youtube channel in footer, sidebar or any area of the website using Thesis Theme hooks. We can also change the look and feel of the embedded youtube channel with respect to your website with small adjustment in css code.

It explains about how to display categories list in thesis wordpress theme footer at full width. we can add two or four column categories in footer with child and parent category difference.We can also add two column categories list at thesis sidebar by modifying width in the css code.

3 column widgetized footer makes footer to better look with good navigation to the internal stuff of any website. creating three column widget in Thesis Theme now much simple here just add php and css code in custom file editor you will get ammazing three column footer widget width good styles.

his tutorial shows how to create four column widgetized footer using wordpress sidebar widget code. With help of thesis hooks we can add wordpress sidebar widgets any location of Thesis Theme. the four column footer widget css code we can change the width of the individual footer widgets.

More Thesis Theme Customization Tutorials

This video tutorial shows how to fix the floating social bookmarking buttons in wordpress Thesis Theme. we can fix the floating social media buttons either left or right side of the website. we can also add the top or bottom of every webpage.

This Thesis Theme video tutorial explains how to display different background images in a single div or single body section. To add different images in one section of thesis wordpress theme we need to add one more div within the body section This will be explained in this video tutorial.

This Thesis Theme video tutorial explains how to add social bookmarking buttons vertically right side or left side of any post. These icons comes within the post box area. Bookmarking icons aligned from the beginning of the post to end of the post vertically but not a floating icons.

This video tutorial explains how to show ad banner above the post title in Thesis Theme single entry pages.this ad banner comes below the header banner in thesis but the ads are placed within the post box. the ad will not shown above the sidebars. normally we will add 468×60 ad banner before the post title.

This thesis video tutorial shows how to create sitemap page to display all posts and pages we published in our wordpress blog. also we have option to display monthly or yearly archives in sitemap page with help of thesis wordpress theme.

This thesis video tutorial explains about how to enable thesis feature box in wordpress site and how to show featured post inside the feature box of Thesis Theme. we can enable one or more featured post inside the thesis feature box.By adjusting the thesis feature box css code we can get great look and feel to the featured post.

This ebook contains 60+ Thesis Theme video tutorials with 99 pags. each tutorial has separate custom functions.php and custom.css code within it. just do the procedure given in the ebook and customize your Thesis Theme by yourself. Do you need the complete concept of Thesis Theme customization get our premium thesis designer guide.

This Thesis theme tutorial explains how to customize complete Thesis Theme with widgets. It includes create thesis header widgets, create thesis footer widget, customize content box with widget and add more sidebar widgets in Thesis Theme. this is the complete package of widgetized Thesis Theme.

This Thesis theme review include all special feature of thesis and why Thesis needed for a wordpress blog. It cover Thesis SEO features and special feature like user can customize Thesis Theme to achieve unique website look with help of Thesis theme hooks and custom file editor. here we have the list of advantages of thesis and disadvantages of using thesis on your blog.

Thesis hooks are the extraordinary feature of wordpress Thesis Theme. Use of Thesis hooks to add a element to any part of Thesis Theme to create unique beautiful thesis designs. we need to add all customization codes in custom_functions.php and it will taken in any part of layout using Thesis Theme hooks.

It covers 11 basic css tips needed to customize Thesis theme to get beautiful websites in wordpress. These 11 css tricks are enough to achieve any unique layout design in Thesis Theme. This 11 css customization tips includes how to change margin, how to increase padding in thesis, how to add background color and image, How to add boxes using border in thesis, how to change font size, color, family and etc some other css tips like how to change text alignment, link text color, add different color while mouse hover.

This video tutorial explains how to inherit thesis post image as thumbnail image in homepage teaser box or post excerpt in archive pages like category pages, tag pages and author pages of thesis a theme. This video covers step by step procedure to setup thesis post image as thumbnail in homepage.

This Thesis video tutorial explains how to add tweet button in Thesis theme homepage teasers box and post excerpt box without any wordpress plugin.Use Thesis hooks for teaser box and post box to display tweet meme button in Thesis Theme.

This video tutorial shows how to add google buzz button in thesis homepage teaser box and how to show google buzz button inside the post page of Thesis Theme. we can achieve this with thesis teaser hooks and post hooks.

This video Tutorial explains how to add background image or color to highlight wordpress post author comments in Thesis Theme. In order to differentiate post author comment from reader comments we use this video tutorial.

This video tutorial explains how to style or add background image to sidebar heading in Thesis Theme. we can add different css code for individual sidebar widget header. we can add background image for individual sidebar h3 heading in thesis wordpress theme.

This video tutorial used for customize Thesis theme using firebug ( Firefox addon). this helps to check the webpage design comparability in Firefox browser. Firebug is just like developer tools in IE and other browsers. This thesis tutorial covers How to install firebug and how to access fire bug addon while debugging the design.

This video tutorial cover the use of firebug while customize the wordpress Thesis Theme. we can check the browser compatibility with firebox. Firebug is a good css debugging tool for firefox users who customize Thesis Theme.

This Thesis theme video tutorial explains about how to show page navigation menu above footer of thesis wordpress theme. wp- pagenavi plugin add pagination to Thesis Theme. No need to add open hook plugin to add page navigation menu.

It contains Thesis theme review as well as the procedure to upgrade thesis new version. Thesis 1.7 has excellent seo features and now diythemes concentrate on page speed of the Thesis Theme. they include some special modification in the new version to increase Thesis Theme page speed.

This video tutorial describes how to display video thumbnail image in homepage teaser of Thesis Theme. If you have Youtube video inside the post it will automatically get video thumbnail image on thesis homepage.

It gives details about Thesis Theme have successfully removed their major bugs in the previous version. example category details has removed while updating category meta details, also solved the save cache problem in thesis 1.8.1.

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