Test the Membership site Functionality to Avoid Product Launch Problems

Previously we have completed the setup and integration of a membership site. These included landing page setup, email auto responder integration, payment system integration, content management and support system integration.

Now we’ve come to the last element of membership site setup, which is the most important element to complete process. We are talking about testing the membership site setup.

Importance of testing the Membership site setup

Many people have faced different problems during their product launches, which is expected.  Launching a product sans the roadblocks is inevitable.  However, we can reduce the likelihood of  a problem to arise by 99.9% with help of testing the setup. Once we’ve completed the configuration and integration part of the membership site, we should test the integration functionality.  Doing so gives us confidence to launch the membership site without any fear or trouble.  It is during the testing when you would be able to review whether you’ve missed or skipped a process during the integration.  Consequently, this will prompt you to troubleshoot the problems even before the launching of the site

It is also through the testing process that we can identify some of the customer-based problems that may arise. In doing the testing process, we should test the complete integration starting with the landing page. That means we should test the complete flow of membership site setup—from how the landing page visitors have been converted into membership site members to sending monthly newsletters to members.

Four stages of Product launch problems in the membership site

Product launch problems

Check the setup by following these four stages:

  1. Email list collection using test mail (Email auto responder problem)
  2. Payment testing Using Test card (Payment problem)
  3. Content delivery (login and navigation problem)
  4. Support system (Tech and sales problem )

Now let us see how to do the testing on each stage:

1. Email list collection using test mail to avoid auto responder problem

This process will be used to identify whether the auto responder integration at various locations of the membership site (which is described in part 5B) is functioning. Optin form and email integration methods have collected the email list in auto responders.

Let’s say we have optin form on landing page. Just enter test email and name in this form and check the auto responder functions (subscription, confirmation and follow-up). To check the functionality, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the name and test email in optin form and submit it.
  2. You will see the message asking you to verify the email address.
  3. Check you test email inbox, which has a confirmation email from the auto responder.
  4. Open the mail and confirm the message.
  5. You will then see the thank you page for the subscription. This thank you page may be the sales page or others that have the link to sales page.
  6. Now you will receive first email follow-up from your subscription list available in auto responder. By reducing the time interval between the adjacent follow-up messages, we will verify all the follow-up messages.

This process will be slightly varied based on integration method. If you integrate auto responder with payment system, then you should check the above steps 2 to 6 after the payment is completed. Similarly, if you have integrated auto responder in membership software, then you will check steps 2 to 6 after the membership signup process has been made successfully. But in case of landing page optin form, you will check all steps 1 to 6 immediately after hitting submit button.

If you have any problem with these 6 steps, then you should check again the auto responder integration and configuration, which is explained in membership site setup part -5A and 5B. here I would recommend wishlist membership site plugin with aweber auto responder.

2. Payment testing Using Test card to avoid Payment Integration problem

Most of the payment systems provide test card functionality to verify the sales operation using test purchase. Some of them may not.  If you don’t have test card in your payment system, then reduce the price of your product to very small amount and verify the process and change back to original price. Use clickbank with wishlist for good payment integration

Payment system verification includes the below steps:

  1. Get test card from your payment system or change you product price to tiny amount.
  2. Once you come to sales order page, check if you have all the payment options that you integrated.
  3. Enter the name, email and test card information here. Remember:  If you integrated auto responder with payment system, this name and email will be collected in auto responder list.  Auto responder verification starts here.
  4. Once the purchase is done, you will see the thank you page for the payment. This page may be the signup (registration) page for your membership site or a product download page at the same time.  You will receive an email from payment system stating the purchase information.
  5. If your thank you page will be the membership site registration page, this page has the name and email that you have entered in the sales order page. Also, there should be an option for customers to enter preferred username and password.  A customer has an option to change the name and email for the membership registration.  In this case, if you integrated auto responder with membership software, this new email and name will be collected in auto responder list and auto responder verification starts here. (Remember that payment and membership emails are different but this won’t create any problem.)
  6. Once the membership registration is done, the member will be automatically logged in into the membership site.  The customer will see the welcome page (some of the membership softwares may not provide this option.  For this,  you can login with your username and password). At the same time, the username and password with login URL will be sent to the registered email for reference in the future.

That’s it! If you accomplished these six steps, you have successfully integrated payment system within membership site.  If you encountered a problem receiving any of the email or pages, you should check the payment gateway integration explained in membership site setup part 4. Best membership site wordpress theme I recommend for good payment integration is Optimizepress because It has different page templates for payment integration.

3. Proper Content delivery to avoid login and navigation problem

After the registration has been made, the new member has logged into the membership site. Here we should verify the membership content for the corresponding members.  For good content delivery and protection in wordpress we can use Amember membership software or wishlist plugin. This verification includes the below steps:

  1. After the login. Check the welcome page, which has good navigation options for all the content for the corresponding membership level.
  2. If you have multiple membership level, you should display the navigation for all the levels on welcome page itself. Also, display a support page link on the welcome page.
  3. Give access for corresponding membership level they have registered to. If they entered into the unregistered level, display the message that says, “You have entered the wrong level to access this content.  Please upgrade your membership.”  Check whether this page has the membership upgrade page link and support page link.
  4. Check whether all the error pages and wrong level pages have support page link.
  5. Check whether upgrade page and support page link are working.
  6. If you have video information, check whether the videos are playing in full duration.
  7. Check the downloadable links inside the membership area. Check the protection and access for each file folder inside the membership area. Remember: home page should not be a protected one.
  8. If a member logged out from their membership level, what page will be display after the logout?  If you use a unique page, then add “login again” link on this page.

Once these steps are verified, your membership content management is now protected properly. If you encountered any problem during the verification, follow the content management in membership site setup 6. Wishlist is one of the good content protection plugin for wordpress membership site.

4.      Support system to Solve tech and sales problems

Customer Support is an important part to achieve more sales from repeat customers. The different methods of customer support will be explained in this post. Now we have to test how the support system are working.  Support system may be anything live chat, telephone, email, or contact form.

Product supportFor live chat, we should check the live symbol (green button) whether it works in both cases. When support staff is online, button should be in green color.  If no one is online, it should show offline symbol.  A link to contact form should also be seen even when live support goes online.  So we should check both cases. For telephone support, give the country code as well as STD code clearly. For contact form and email support, check the support process with test email. Identify where you should receive contact form messages and also make replay for this massage in order to check the complete process.

Some customers who purchase the product and do not complete the entire process may not be able to receive the login details.  Once these customers contact the membership site owners, identify who the customers are and create a username and password for each of them and send the details to their email.

If you have verified these four stages of testing after the membership site setup and configuration with wishlist, you will then be ready to launch the membership site with confidence. If you have experienced any problem while launching membership site, share them below.

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