Start a niche blog

First, I appreciate your interest to start a blog.  This post contains important information to help you set up your blog.  To start a niche blog, you need a domain name and Webhosting.

 Select a niche topic:

Before registering a domain name, select your niche first and write passionately about that topic.

Don’t know which niche to develop?  Then read my post on how to choose a best niche for your blogging success.

 Register a domain name by choosing a web hosting:

The domain name is something like  Go here to register your domain name.  Choosing your domain name should be related to your niche.

For hosting your site, there are many free hosting and platforms available.  However, there are disadvantages in using free hosting.

1. You will not get server access for your website.

2.  In my experience, if you use any free domain or free hosting, you will lose your content. Anytime they close their websites, all your works are wasted.

So, I recommend the self-hosted sites with HostGator. I hosted with these sites for years and their live support is awesome. You can host your site unlimited with them.

Install latest WordPress version:

WordPress is the best platform for blogging and there are many plugins available over the Internet. Don’t worry, installing WordPress is very easy.

HostGator will set up WordPress for you, or you can read this post on how to install WordPress using Fantastico.

 Your niche site should look beautiful and should be unique so whenever readers visit your site, they will feel good.

Choose best SEO theme:

There are many free themes available in WordPress and Internet, too. But they are not optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I recommend choosing  thesis theme for your website. It is optimized for SEO and your site will be ranked on first page. Check out here how I ranked on the first page of Google using the best WordPress SEO theme.

Do you want your website to be on the first page of Google?  Then go here to get your thesis theme. Now.

buy Thesis Theme via our affiliate link and get your Thesis Theme bonus now.

Write your content with passion:

Now that you’ve set up your site, you can start posting your first content to your website. I shared my six ways to write your content and highly recommend reading this blog post about writing content for your niche and read here how to use videos on your niche website.

Drive traffic to your blog:

Traffic is most important for your blog.  You can get more traffic by doing SEO for your post. You can do so by submitting your niche site to Google webmasters. Read these posts below on how you can achieve traffic to your niche site.

One Untapped Traffic Source and How to Use it in 3 Ways; and

Spread Your niche content to all traffic source

List Building:

List building is very easy if you follow my steps. If you get good amount of traffic after a month, then create a free ebook related to your niche site and start your email list here. Don’t skip this one.  Start your list from day one onwards.  Read this helpful post on how you can build your email list. 


All the best for your blogging success.

Feel free to contact us.  We will definitely help you and answer your email.



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