Spread Content to All Related Traffic Sources from Day 1

This is 5th report from Fourblogger labs.

Are you obsessed with traffic issues? Have you read the report 4? If you haven’t, go and read on.  You will get better understanding on blog traffic.

Till now, I have published reports on choosing a niche, start writing content on Niche, delivering content as videos, understanding traffic techniques. Read all the reports in fourblogger blogging labs.I assume you are a new blogger with no traffic success so that I can talk about all small things.

I recommend two blogs to read for traffic methods.

1. Kim Roach’s traffic blog. Subscribe & Download her free e-book on untapped traffic sources.

2. Corbett Barr’s traffic techniques blog. Subscribe and get worthy info about blog traffic.

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What I did with my new blog content?

I share, as a newbie what I did so far regarding traffic techniques from day 1.

1. Search Engines

Make sure you haven’t blocked search engines in anyway. How to check whether Google crawls and indexes your new blog or not? Submit your blog to Google webmasters. Within 24 hours, check the crawl status. If you blocked search engines in some way, you will be notified there.  As a wordpress user I would have to allow search engines to crawl my blog in “Privacy settings” at WordPress admin dashboard.

Submitting blog to Google webmasters is not enough. Submit your sitemap to Google webmasters. If you haven’t still created a sitemap, submit your feed as submit there. It helps Google to crawl your all posts and pages. Set the preferred location in Google webmasters. If your target traffic comes from US, then select US. If your target is worldwide, select the particular one. Set the Crawl rate as “Google Preferred One”.

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What if Google webmasters shows any issue?

Immediately go to Digital point forum and open a thread and explain the issue in detail. You will get plenty of replies.

Don’t ignore other search engines also. Submit your blog to Yahoo & Bing. Use our tutorials for Yahoo submission and Bing submission.

2. Use Feedburner, Twitter and Facebook from Day 1

Don’t bother about how many readers, followers and friends you have. Be regular on giving updates about your new posts through Feedburner, twitter and Facebook. In starting days, I haven’t activated Feedburner email subscription service. One day I got a comment from my reader about this issue. Until then I did not know. Immediately I activated the email subscription service. I don’t know how many visitors turned off as I was not using this Feedburner service.

I created my Facebook fan page only after 1 month from starting date of my blog. I started to receive at least one fan every day. If I would use the Facebook fan page from day 1, I could have received some more fans. Don’t be late.

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Every reader use different medium to read contents in online. Some people read new posts only from twitter updates. Some people use Facebook to receive new post updates. Most of the people use RSS or Feedburner. So you can’t pull the readers to one medium. You have to go and make arrangements to update new posts in all mediums. You can set auto tweet or Facebook updates. It will save precious time.

3. Submit your posts to content submission websites

If your blog is tutorial based, submit your all tutorials immediately once you published your post. I submit my tutorials in FAQPAL, thewebblend, goodtutorials, blog engage, MMO Social network, bloggerden etc. If you submit contents regularly, soon they will appreciate you in some way.

If you struggle to find the content submission websites related to your niche, you can go to your niche blogs. Then check their post’s trackbacks. You will find some submission websites.

There are dozens of tutorial submission websites there. Choose the good ones and submit content immediately once you published. These tutorial websites readers come to you blog. More than that, Search engines crawl these sites fast and send you traffic.

For many popular thesis theme related keywords, my blog occupies in two results, one is my post and another one from any of the above tutorial.

4. Create videos and submit to all video sharing websites

I create videos for every post and submit them to all video sharing sites (check our Google Profile to see our Video Profiles) as I mentioned in ‘Deliver video content’ post. I show my blog name and I leave a link to my blog in video descriptions. What ever your site niche may be, you should create videos and submit them to all video sharing websites. Google tries to show two video results for almost all keywords.

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If you submit to all video sharing websites, your video comes in Google SERP. Your text post comes rarely in SERP as your blog is new and you have so many competitor bloggers. But your competitors don’t have videos. So your effort pays you. Your videos dominate the Google SERP.

So now in some cases I occupy three results in Google SERP. 🙂

5. Participate in popular forums that related to you niche

I answer to thesis users questions in Thesis forums. Usually forums don’t like the users who promote themselves. So Instead leave the link for my tutorials in thread replies, I send personal message to the thread starter with my tutorial link. In most of the cases, I am getting replies like this “This is what I searched. Thanks. Your Blog is awesome. Keep up the good work”.

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This thesis forum is a member’s only forum. So threads don’t come in Google SERP.  But as I told in my previous three steps, I am always trying to occupy Google SERPS. So what I do is, Once I published my post, I search for keyword that related to my published post, if I see any unanswered forum threads (I go up to 10 search pages in Google), I just open an account in that forum and leave links to my tutorials. In most of the cases, forums don’t allow live links for new users. But I am leaving at least dead links. If the user really wants the stuff, he will copy and paste the link in browser.

6. Comment on Selective Blogs and even in Selective Posts.

Don’t comment on any blog just for getting comments back from the blogger. But commenting on other blogs is one of the ways to express you in blogosphere.

You should comment in any post only if you meet the two points.

  • Post is much related to your content.
  • You can express your different view of the post or you can show your success or if you can tell about something new you are doing in your blog.
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For example, Problogger.net publishes a post which asks what you do to stand out from your niche crowd. Then you should comment immediately what you are doing. If you express something different, at that day, you will get more visits to your blog. I am selectively commenting on blogs where really I can express me in better way.

Alternatively, you can follow this method also. Once you publish the post, immediately go to Google blog search, select “Past 24 hours” to filter results. You will find fresh blog posts.

Final Thought:

You should not wait until traffic comes to you. You should spread your content from Day 1.

Do you use the above 6 methods to drive traffic to your valuable blog? Or Do you use any other unworthy methods? Analyze your strategies. I have just mentioned 6 methods. I will submit reports on further traffic technique in coming days.

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  • aaslin April 3, 2010, 12:02 AM

    great guide for new comers!!! thanks

    • Suresh April 3, 2010, 10:36 AM

      hai aaslin,

      Thanks.. Fourblogger labs experimenting more related traffic sources in particular niche we will come up with results..
      keep on reading..

  • Matt Gray April 3, 2010, 2:14 AM

    WOW!!! Fabulous instruction and inspiration for a new blogger! I will retweet this. I greatly appreciate the insights!

    • Suresh April 3, 2010, 10:49 AM

      hai matt,
      By spreading the content in high PR related traffic sources.. you can occupy more number results for you singe post in search engine results pages…because search engines give importance for fresh topics..

  • Keith Davis April 3, 2010, 8:31 PM

    Hi Pascal
    Came on over from Daily Blog Tips
    Looks as though you have really put some thought into this.

    Thanks for sharing the info.

    • Pascal April 3, 2010, 11:27 PM

      Keith Davis,

      Most welcome! Davis, Congrats for your PR update 3.

      Any tips you want to give regarding this? I am really happy to hear..

      One more thing to say, I love your blog really. What i loved more there is, you are showing one post title (which is attractive) in home page teaser, and when i get into posts, there you are using another title (which is used in url also). By this , you are attracting your readers also and you are attracting Google also. You Rocks.

      Keep on reading my blog.

      • Keith Davis April 4, 2010, 12:00 AM

        Hi Pascal
        Many thanks for your kind words.
        With a site like this you don’t need any tips from me.
        I love Thesis theme – looks brilliant.

        I will certainly keep reading your blog.
        If you get a moment please leave a comment on my blog.


        • Pascal April 4, 2010, 12:57 AM

          Thanks Keith, I will do surely.


  • BestofBlogger April 4, 2010, 6:13 AM

    Thank you very much for this great article. Traffic is so important for all blogs. If you have traffic thiss mean your blog is alive.

    And one tip for traffic for blogs: Write one article in a day, get more traffic day by day 🙂

    Last Pos of Bestofblogger: I Jumped from PR1 to PR4

    • Pascal April 4, 2010, 10:20 AM

      Hi Bestofblogger,

      Congrats for PR4. Thanks for mentioning us in your post also.

      Keep up the good work. I appreciate you that you are embedding almost in all post.

  • Boni April 20, 2010, 9:25 PM

    Great lists, I love fourblogger. You give me many good tutorials about blogging. Keep good working

    • Suresh April 20, 2010, 9:48 PM

      hai boni,

      thanks.. you can get more blogging tips in our youtube channel

  • Pascal April 22, 2010, 11:51 PM

    Thanks Vivek.

  • Jessie December 11, 2010, 1:30 AM

    Very Very awesome tips 🙂

    • Pascal December 11, 2010, 8:24 AM

      Thanks for stopping by and the comment!

  • Manoj December 23, 2011, 7:43 PM

    So many good and great idea you have share here.