How to show youtube video thumbnail in thesis theme teaser box

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Why I posted this post?

Nowadays everyone make video in blogging world and also more bloggers using thesis theme. For that only I posted this post.

Before doing video thumbnail you have to customize your thesis teaser box.

Once you finished teaser customization, then start video thumbnail process.

Step by Step process

  • Go to wordpress admin section. Under wordpress admin section select “ Thesisàdesign options”.
  • In design option you have to select “post images and thumbnails”. Then select as per below image.

Thesis Thumbnails

  • Once you insatalled video thumbnail plugin, Go to any one of your posts, then add any one video from  youtube or Vimeo etc
  • After finishing above process update your post, after updating your post you can see one video thumbnail section in your post edit section like below image.

Video Thumbnail

After finishing all process, you can visit your site now and see the video thumbnail in thesis teaser box, like below image.

Video Thumbnails in teaser

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  • Delwar November 10, 2011, 1:50 PM

    There are some easy option with the feature and teaser selected for thesis. just edit the thumbnail options a syou mentiond and then put the image link that you uploaded during the post creation in the post image section. It works.