Sales page design and setup – Memebrship site part 3

We realized the importance of landing page as lead page in membership site setup and integration part -2. Here we will analyze the factors that affect the conversion on sales page.  We know how importance to make good sales page design for the generation of more income.

Main parts of sales page

Normally sales page contains 9 parts to explain in detail about your product.

  1. Header section
  2. Sales video
  3. Your success story with income proof
  4. Benefits of the product
  5. Product modules
  6. Testimonials
  7. Bonuses section
  8. Guarantee
  9. Add to cart button

These 9 sections of sales page must tell the answer for the common question arises on the customers mind while purchase your product.  We can divide all visitor landed on sales page into four types based on the question arises on their mind when they have seen paid product.

Four types of thoughts on visitors mind when they see a paid product

Type 1: what the product gives us?

We should answer for this question in the header section itself.  Some people have been convinced here to pay for the product.  Others want some more information about the membership site (product). So they will ask type 2 question towards the product owner.

Type 2: why should I Buy this product?

This type of visitors have been convinced by seeing the success stories with relevant proofs for the product owner success.  Also these types of visitors are willing to know the benefits of the product. So our sales page should contain the proof for the success with the product (membership site) we selling on this page.

Type 3: How this product works?

Some of the sales page visitors not ready to pay for the product until they get clear about how it works for them. Even though they were known answer for the type 1 and type 2 questions already they wanted to know the working method of the product.  These peoples are technical people they will convinced by giving the detailed explanation of each modules and their working on sales page. So we are in need of modules section in sales page.

The fourth type of visitors not satisfied until they get more benefits other than the product. These people expecting something extra.

Type 4: what will I get, if I buy the product?

To convince these types of peoples we should provide some bonuses with the paid product on sales page itself.  So bonus part has important for a sales page.

If a customer asking for bonus for the product that they are ready to purchase definitely they will expect some sort of guarantee for the money they have spent for the product. So we are in need on guarantee section on sales page.

The answer for these four type of customer thoughts should be explained on 9 parts of (sections)sales page.

Header section must have answer for type 1 question

Your success story with income proof and Benefits of the product these two sections should have answers for type 2 question.

Modules and Testimonials section should have answer for type 3 question.

Bonuses and guarantee section should have answer for type 4 question.

Here I will explain about how to setup these 9 sections on sales page. We already discussed the importance of sales page over lead page on previous part. If you are a designer you can design the sales page by yourself or Hire a designer and provide the sales page layout with these 9 section alignment.

1. Header section

Header section is similar to lead page, use header banner for more attraction and to build brand towards the landing page visitors. Banner contains logo and product image. The second part of the header section is heading. We know three types of headings as Pre-heading, Heading and Post-heading. These design explained in lead page header design in previous post.

The main heading contains answer for thought of the type 1 customer along with product title. Pre and post headings may have answer for type 2 and  type 4 question arises on customers mind. Because when member entered on sales page the header section itself should ready to convert members(lead page as landing page) into paid members or visitors(sales page as landing page) to paid members. So we should have more care on choosing these three heading and their colors.

2. Sales video

Sales video section will come immediately next to header section. This video should be center aligned and this has the information about the membership site and answer for all the four types of thought rise on customer mind.

The reason behind why I repeatedly saying that you should answer the 4 type of the customer thoughts. The each sentence on the sales page is very important towards conversion from members to paid members. We do not give any diversion on visitors other than making them to buy the product or join the membership site.

We can use autoplay and without autoplay option on two sales pages. Use split test to find which provides more conversion and use that page to show more frequently for better conversion. Sales video should be recorded with more clear background because that background won’t divert visitor’s concentration.

Both video and header should be visible on browser before the first scrolling.

3. Your success story with income proof

You should not describe long story for your success. Give it short with one or two paragraph that tells about how you got income with help of this product, how you implemented this formula discussed in the product for your success. Also give some suggestions to use the proper way for getting the same output as like yours.

More importantly you should provide the social proof for your success story as screenshot.  Proof should be social all should accept that evidence. Whether it may be money or anything else it should provide the answer for the type 2 question (why should I buy this product?) arises on customer’s mind when they see a  paid product.

Benefits of the product

Benefits of the product or membership site will be written as  bullet points on sales page. Benefits list should not focused on only one thing.  Example:  If all the benefits you mentioned on sales page are related only to earn money, then some of the visitors who are not only interested on money are not converted into paid members.

So we should take care while listing the benefits. We should list all the ways that answers why should I buy this product? (Do not focus on only one thing like money). Because if any one ask why should I buy this? So we need to provide the proper reason in all direction not only money based benefits. We don’t know which makes customer to ask why should I buy this product?, whether it may be money or something else. So we should list the benefits in all ways also with good images for bullet points.

5. Product modules

List your product modules with image for each module and answer for how it works as a list. This list should not be bigger font like benefits of the product. Use smaller fonts and good colors. Use each module as small section on sales page. The technically strong peoples are converted to paid members here.

Use working method of the product as a list and explain it with respect to customers. That is how customer can use the product based on working method.

If it is possible add benefits of each module in this section also prepare FAQ (frequently asked questions) about all modules of your member’s only site or other product.  Please make sure that this will be more useful to covert technically sound visitors to paid members on sales page itself there is no need for tech support to join our members only site.

You can also use the optimize press wordpress theme which provides different sales page templates. No need to create separate template for sales pages. you can just add the content for each section.

6. Testimonials

Testimonials are real feedback about your product by the well known celebrities and members who used your product or membership site. Testimonials are the good advertisement for your membership site. Testimonials can also known as recommendation by the well known professionals on the same field in which you have launched your paid product.

List four or five testimonials from different peoples who are all in the same niche in which you had your product. This will give more conversion in sales page. Make each testimonial as box and give better visibility on core points in the testimonial.

Place the photo and contact details of the people who gave testimonial with their respective website URL but the URL are not be a link on sales page.

Remember only two out-links should be used in the sales page.

One is payment page link (add to cart).

Second is Support page link (sales and technical).

7. Bonuses section

Bonus section mainly used for clearing the fourth type of thought (what will I get if I buy the product?) raised in customer mind. Give the bonus list similar to module section with bonus image. Also tell the bonus worth amount on each bonus section. This will give fulfillment for the customer who expect more than the purchased product. Use red or blue heading for bonus titles to stand out from the sales page text in order to get better conversion.

These bonuses will not be an entirely different one from the paid product because this will divert the visitor’s concentration on the product. All the bonuses would be related to your main paid-members only site or product.

8. Guarantee

Guarantee section gives more trust on your product towards the members. Especially money back guarantee will give the good impression on your product. Money back guarantee tells the members this product is legit, not a spam. This is very important to simulate the customer mind to give a trial in your product.

So guarantee section should be included in sales page to convert members to paid members.

9.Add to cart button.

Use ‘Add to cart’ button in four places which should be at the end of each type of question answered on sales page. For example: If type 1 customer get answered in header section, they may be ready to pay for product. So after the sales video section, place first add to cart button.

The second button should be placed after the success story proof and benefits of the product. That is after customer finds the answer for why should I buy the product in sales page.

The third ‘Add to cart’ button placed at the end of type 3 question answered ie., end of the module section.

Fourth button placed after the bonuses and guarantee section. Add master card, visa, and PayPal button in ‘Add to cart’ section. Add to cart is the payment link we should give the payment link in this button. We will see this payment link and sales page integration in detail at second major element of membership site set up (payment system integration).

Support link

We should give the customer support page link in footer of sales page. Once you received any kind of request from this link you should respond immediately and answer their questions about the product and sales and make them to purchase your product.  In membership site setup we can use sales page as landing page or lead page as landing page after the signup process we will show sales pages to members.

In sales page we can align these 9 sections then send layout to a good designer and get back the attractive sales page that gives more attention for members and visitors. Here we end the first element (Landing page setup) of the six major elements of membership site setup and integration. Wait for the second element in membership site setup until the next post.

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