Press Release Submission Outsourcing – Looking back Part 4

As I mentioned in end of the previous part, I thought that any one of these things could be the reasons to my dissatisfaction. 1. Writing Yahoo answers again and again 2. I could have expected more income 3. I didn’t feel settled in my life.

I wanted to test one by one to find out the exact reason. I decided to try something different & started to take variety of online jobs instead working on Yahoo answers alone. My other jobs were forum posting, participating in beta tests etc.

I could not do all the works by my hand. All the jobs were making same income per hour. So I thought that I could take orders and outsource the job to some one. I contacted some of my friends who wanted to earn money in part time jobs. As I was always working in online, it was usual my friends called and asked for part time money making opportunity. So easily I could outsource orders to them.

I charged from my clients more than what I charged previously so that I could make money even though I paid to my friends to whom I outsourced my job. Clients were happily paying the amount as they got more benefits from such this low paid jobs & as they found hard to identify someone who can do Yahoo answers writing with care and consistency.

Income Doubled. But…

My income doubled. Because I was working same as before and my friends were also working for me. Even though my friends made money for me, I had never slept lazily. I can proud for it.

But I thought that I should outsource all those yahoo answers submission, forum postings, participation in beta tests etc so that I could concentrate on something differently in Online.

As same as I mentioned earlier, even though my income doubled I did not satisfy. I realized that money could not be something that could keep me happy. But did not know what the exact reason was. That’s why I decided to outsource all the works I was doing and to do something differently.

Make money in Forums

Digital point forum was my favorite hang out place. Logging in everyday became habitual. At one point I could not pass time even few minutes of Digital point forum down times. Using forums helped me to learn so much online things. Although I was in all popular forums, especially I learned so much online things from Digital point.

There (DP forum) were people all over world coming to talk about Google, General marketing, hosting, Payment processing etc. I used it as good opportunity to learn about those things and how people make money online using websites, jobs, business etc.

Ok. Let us go back to see what happened after my dissatisfactions.

Once I dissatisfied with the work, I did outsource whole works that I were doing until that minute and look for other high earning ways to do it by myself. At that time, I saw that same service (it might be directory submission, article submission etc etc) offered by different PEOPLE in different COSTS in same forum. Like that, I could see that same service offered by same person for different costs in different forums.

Press Release Submissions

I came to this idea. I could get order for $30 and outsource it to some one who was doing it for lesser than that. At that time, there was huge demand for press release submissions.  Many individuals and small firms offered press release submission service in Digital point forum for $20 to $30 per submission.

I contacted a guy who did $20/per single PR writing+submission in one forum and bargained for more number of orders. He accepted $16/per PR if I gave more than 10 orders per month. I accepted it because getting 10 orders per month wouldn’t look hard as there was heavy demand for PR.

I opened thread for PR service as $25 per PR and mentioned that first five reviewers will get it for $20. I received and outsourced daily more orders. Within 3 days I had given 10 orders to the outsourcing guy. He wondered. Because I was getting orders from different forums but that guy used only DP and I contacted the people who had previously contacted me for Yahoo answers for their niche websites.

I opened threads in v7n forum, Digital point forum, site point forum and other small forums. This business was going fine. I could earn 5 to 15$ per order. It boosted my income. I earned more than 1000 US$ in my first month of Press release service. The guy to whom I outsourced was brilliant and brought clients’ site for popular keyword in first page of Google news search. So clients got happy and some of them ordered for all their small niche websites.

Negative side of the outsourcing job/business

SItepoint marketplace bought distributepressrelease

Image: purchase to make money online

The only negative of this outsource business was, clients often contacted me about the status of order although I had already told about the turn around time of 3 to 5 days. What I did is, I came visible to my clients only when the outsource guy came visible to me in chat. I was copying the chat I received from my client and paste it in outsource guy’s chat window and vice versa.

Then as soon as possible I realized the great demand for press release websites, I looked some ways for make MORE money through it. Actually the forum people only offered cheap PR service. The people who had separate website and portfolio for such services charged and made more money. So I thought that I should go for something higher.

I decided to create a website for PR service alone. Fortunately I bought a ready made press release website through Site point website marketplace  (It is now called as

My second website

Pascal earned through Distribute press release

Image: Press Release Submission services

The website name I explain you what I did with it. I just put the price as $47/PR in that site and created free email through Google Apps. I created two email ids. One was & another one was I showed this site and gave these email ids to the people who PMed (Private messaged) me for quotes and bargains in Forum.

As my site showed $47 and I told only DP members get it for special price $30, I could convince them easily for $30 orders. As this trick worked well, I earned $14 profit for every order. My mind got triggered and wanted to go for higher prices. I decided to go for search engine advertising. I opened my same old Google adwords account after long period which was opened at 2006 at my college just to know what it is.

I was bit happy due to there was Indian payment options like DD, cheque and online transfer. This was not provided when I first opened at 2006. That’s why I left the idea of using it at that time. Then I paid through DD (I took DD from bank and send it to Mumbai Google address).

I did not know that something should be going to happen.

Experimenting Google Adwords

My amount credited after 8 days in Google Adwords and set up my first set of PPC ads. Ads ran well. My account was debited continuously but no orders. I bit worried. Because I had spent $50 money but no sales, continued my ads to ran (I learned to adjust ads as per some PPC guru’s guides for Adwords dummies) another 50$ spent but no sales.

But I noticed tremendous change in click through rates as I had designed the ads as per the guidelines of PPC guru’s guide of Adwords dummies. So I thought that there was really some chance to get sales and mistake was only my newbies knowledge of using Adwords. I again ran the ad for $50 with more optimized ads.

Fortunately I got 2 sales. That means I had to pay only 32$ to the outsource guy and profit was $62. But I totally spent around $150 to get those orders. So my loss would be 88$. Wasn’t it? It was not. Because one of the person among the two who ordered via Adwords gave me further orders for her clients. She had been running a small firm which focused on publicity of small business websites.

She honestly said that she had clients to the potential of paying even $97/site. Finally we both went under settlement like this. I had to charge $40 from her and She charged $67 from her clients. Business was going smooth. Actually I could manage high orders as I got new guy to whom I could outsource. This guy was introduced by the seller of my PR site I found at sitepoint.

End of PR services

But very sooner that guy went offline for so many hours and did not complete in turn around time. I threw him out of my business. Unfortunately my other loyal outsource guy found something different job opportunity and went away. I had to look for some other one. But I did not. Because as I told in my previous success, this time was also I felt something not good, I was never much happy and satisfied.

I thought that instead go for branch by branch as a monkey, it would be better if could decide what I really wanted and what really could please me.

Oh. What a great improvement in last month. While I was in college, I could not figure out some things although I tried for 2 years. But in just 6 months I made more than 3000 US$ (I sold my PR site also to some other guy. That income also included in this. Now I feel sorry for selling that site. Because I don’t have access to that paypal email to take screenshots). I DIDN’T get back the ring and I even not spent the money to my home and not spent for myself also.

I tell you what I did with the money in my next part of this series. Don’t worry! I won’t make more parts. I will finish this series in couple of posts. Thats why I wrote this part as simple, actually it would have come long (Because I learned a lot in this press release service as it was a business in which I had to engage with clients).

Guys, Have you ever involved in outsourcing works? What was your experience?

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  • Harsh Athalye June 14, 2010, 9:57 PM

    Another nice post, Pascal. Even though it was long, it was interesting and captivating read. Looking forward to next installment.

  • Murlu June 15, 2010, 6:36 AM

    I’ve been on the low end of writing articles before – I know that many of them were then flipped and sold to others but at that point, ya know, it’s business.

    I have been thinking of a few methods to utilize outsourcing however. I’ll need to test them in the near future.

    Thanks for sharing this project with us Pascal, lots to learn from it especially when it comes to leveraging what you know. If you can get paid a pretty penny, by all means sub contract the work out to others and collect the difference 🙂

    • Pascal June 15, 2010, 11:23 AM

      Hi Murlu,

      Thanks for sharing your thougths on outsourcing. As you said, if we can get good revenue, we can go for outsourcing.

  • Sameer July 23, 2010, 5:18 PM

    Very informative post.
    Keep it up Pascal.