Membership Site Payment Gateway Integration – part 4

The mode of payment method has very important for any product or members only site launch. Payment method setup includes two main parts as follows

  1. Choosing payment system.
  2. Payment system  Integration

This fourth part covers the above two parts of the payment method setup. We already discussed about the first element (landing page setup) of the membership site in two parts (lead page and sales page). Here we analyze the best payment gateway for the membership site.

First of all we should decide that whether the second element is necessary for all type of membership site. Because if you provide your valuable membership content for free of cost then there is no need for payment system integration in the setup process. That is if you are planned to launch a free membership site we can concentrate only other 5 major elements of the setup.

How to choose payment system

Before finding the payment gateway for our site, we should have clear idea about how we wanted to set the payment process for your membership content delivery.  Based on the content delivery method we can choose payment system because some system may not compatible with our method of payment processing.

There are number of payment systems are available eg: click bank, paypal, 1-shopping cart, e-junkie, etc.. But all the payment systems are not identical. Some of them may provide trail period and others are not. So when we choose payment system with respect to the below questions.

  1. What payment process we have for our site?
  2. Who will provide all our requirements for payment integration?.

If you have answer for these two questions then we can choose our payment system.

What is your payment process flow?

I already said to fix our payment system we should know well about the content delivery method.  First way If you provide all the content at once immediately after a member joined in the membership site (like downloadable products and shot term process)then you can choose ‘single payment ‘(standard payment) method, the name changes depended on the payment system.

The second way If you are planned to deliver the membership content in regular basis (by drip method). Ie). All the contents don’t open immediately after the subscription has done by visitor all the contents delivered in a specific interval. This method of content delivery is suitable for when you Conway long process (like course) inside your membership site. Here we are in need of recurring payment.  The period of recurring payment maybe monthly or quarterly or half yearly or yearly, which depended on how much amount of information you have inside the membership site. For this type of content delivery we can setup two ways of payment process.

  1. Initial trail period with recurring payment
  2. Recurring payment.

Initial trail period with recurring payment

This will be one of the good ways to build trust over our membership site. If you are planned to setup recurring payment for your membership site then you can provide an initial trail period of 7 to 15 days for your paid membership site. For this period (trail period) you can reduce your membership subscription amount or even you can give this period as free trail with some feature access inside your membership site.

One thing to mention once the trail period is over don’t forgot to sent notification to the member with your monthly membership subscription. An auto responder can do this work once you setup the follow up mail in auto responder side. We will see this part in detail at the third element (auto responder setup) of membership site integration.

Recurring Payment

Some of the peoples are not ready to give trail period for their product. But they have the long time to complete their entire membership information. Those people can use recurring payment method. This recurring method we should setup the total period of the subscription that is we should specify the time in which the membership access has been expired.

recurring payment

Remember each payment system have different procedures to setup recurring payment. The procedures are mainly depends on the membership site software and membership site plugins which we use for our site.

There are number of membership site software’s and plugins are there. Ex:  aMember, Omni secure, member wing, magic members, wishlist plugin and etc. each has different procedures to set up recurring payment.

Find one Payment System that Fulfills our requirements

Once you concluded the content delivery method (single or recurring) we should choose the membership soft ware or plugin according content delivery method.  We will see how to choose good membership software for membership site in fourth element (content conveying method).

After finalizing delivery method and payment process list out all of your requirements to complete the payment setup. Based on the payment requirements we choose a particular payment system from the list I mentioned below.

  1. Click bank
  2. Paypal
  3. 1-shopping cart
  4. E-junkie
  5. Moneybookers
  6. Cc bill
  7. Ultra cart
  8. Infusion soft and etc

These are the commonly used payment method for membership site.  Some of the payment system need some formalities to approve your product via their payment gate way. But all payments system needs some basic information for integration.

Payment System Integration

Commonly payment system integration of a membership site involves the configuration among these four pages.

  1. Sales page and sales order page
  2. Thank you page
  3. Registration page
  4. Welcome page

Some of the payment systems give option to integrate auto responder directly with payment system. Others won’t, this case membership software will connect the auto responder. But complete membership site integration involves both payment and auto responder.

So payment system integration starts from membership site sales page setup to ends with welcome page of the membership site.

1. Sales page integration with Payment system

We already knew well about the sales page design and setup in the third part of this series post. In this integration part we just provide the sales order page link provided by the membership software or payment system.

Get the sales order page link from membership software or payment system and place it in all the ‘add to cart’ buttons available in the sales page. Because when we click on add to cart button it will open sales order page.

2. Sales order page customization

Most of the payment systems have allowed you to customize ‘sales order page’ with your product banner image, product description and company logo. If you customized the sales order page then you may get more conversion this will be the final and important step to convert members into paid members. Each payment system has certain procedure to indicate members about the product and the payment process for the product in the sales order page itself. So while customizing sales order page we should take more care on this sales order page.

Members comes to sales order page from sales page add to cart button. If the link for this add to cart button has provided by the membership software no problem. If you take the link from payment system before taking the link URL you should fill the payment mode (single or recurring with the payment period) and other details specified in payment system get links page.

2. Thank you page integration with Payment system

Thank you page for the payment setup helps the members get into membership registration pages once the members made payment at the sales order page. We should add the thank you page URL provided by the membership software or plugin in payment integration page of the payment system. Most of the membership site plugins and softwares have provide the tank you page url for integration between membership content and payment system.

If you are selling downloadable products mentioned below

  1. Videos
  2. Some softwares
  3. Audio files
  4. EBooks (pdfs ) and etc.

In these cases we can provide directly the download page url instead of thank you page url inside the payment system.

3. Registration page customization

Once the thank you page url added inside the payment system the integration between payment system and membership software is over. Now after the payment is made in sales order page the registration page will automatically shown to paid members.

We may customize this registration page inside the membership site software or plugin. Use the customized page along with the some input fields like name, email, and user name for membership site.

Some of the membership software (amember) and plugin (wishlist) provide the option to auto generate username and password for the paid members. Once the registration has done in the registration page the login details with login page url for his membership access has been sent to paid members via email from auto responder integrated with membership software. Also add one support email for contacting the membership access problem along with auto responder email. This support email is very important.

Other follow up emails and welcome messages are sent via auto responder that integrated with membership site we will see this in detail at next element.

4. Welcome page

After the registration finished at the registration page the registered members are taken into the welcome page of the membership site. Some membership software and membership sites plugins (wishlist) has sent registered members automatically as logged in members into membership site for first time. We should design the welcome page with clear navigation for all the content available inside the membership site.

Payment integration with membership site finished here. Now we will see some additional payment set up.

Additional Payment Setup while Payment integration

Here I mentioned some additional work included in the payment setup. This part of the post covers the three main methods as follows.

  1. Affiliate program setup
  2. Up-selling another product.
  3. Support and Payment refund

1. Affiliate program

Most of the membership software and membership plugin has its own affiliate program setup. You can just enable the affiliate program and fill the details like affiliate commission and cookie period and affiliate banner image and product description.  This information is very useful if anyone can have interest to promote your membership site. Affiliates are the real advertisers for your member’s only site. You should pay the affiliates using some payment gateway once the cookie period is over.

affiliate program

Some payment system (like clickbank ) has its own affiliate program. They will directly pay for the affiliate then the payment system has sent remaining payment to your account. This system you just specify affiliate commission in clickbank they will deal with affiliates.

2. Up-selling another product

This is the good way to improve your conversion for any product you wanted to sell. Up selling means another selling process has made after immediately the first product purchased by the customer. Some payment system (clickbank) have provide upselling option for your another product. You can add another sales page in clickbank for up selling product. This sales page has shown to customer once they purchased the first product. But not all the payment systems have up selling option. We will discuss up selling the product more details in later.

3. Support and Payment Refund

Support and payment Refund is the important additional setup needed for payment setup. If anyone has not satisfied with your membership site you should make conversation with them regarding the all the features of the membership site. So the support email is very important.

Most of the payment system has given the option to ask refund for purchase made by the customer if they are not satisfied, you should clear their reason for refund request.

Here we end the integration of second element (payment system set up) next part we will discuss about the third element (auto responder integration) of the membership site setup and integration. If you have any problem while integrating payment system with membership site discuss with me here…

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