Instant Support Makes Customer to Buy with Confidence – Membership site part 7

We have already seen about the first 4 elements (landing page setup, payment gateway integration, auto responder setup and content delivery methods) of membership site integration. The next element is the support system integration for the membership site setup.

Importance of support

Support plays the major role while selling your product also this will be the backbone to make repeated sales from the existing customer. Good customer support will do the voice over marketing among the people. So we should provide membership site support to the members. Not only for the members also give support to the landing page visitors who need more information about your membership site or product. Even though the support has the intention to make the customer to purchase our product support will not force the customer to make purchase. Instead the support will have to understand the customer need and tells about how our product will helps you to fulfill customer needs.

Immediate response to the customer’s problem will make the customer to purchase our product with confidence. Because there is lot of scam products are revolving around the web. Instant support will give them confidence to come out of the hesitation while purchasing the product. Don’t use auto response for the support which makes them to leave the purchase.

Support system may be anything like contact form. There are two types of support setup needed while launching the product.

  1. Pre sale support
  2. Post sale support.

Both the methods are important for a product or membership site owner.

1.  Pre sale support

Pre sales support is the support needed by the customer before purchasing your product. Instant support improves the conversion rate in sales page. From the landing page visitor’s point of view, some of them may not have enough information in sales page to purchase the product.  Those people want to contact the product owner regarding the missed information in sales page to buy the product.

To satisfy these type of landing page visitors need we should use customer support page link in sales page. This link will help them to get more information related to the product from the product owner. The support link on sales page will points a page called support page. This page may contain contact form with name, email, subject and relevant message field to collect the information from the customer. From the collected information we can understand the customer needs and we should tell them about how our product will help them to solve their problems.

Live support on sales page

The contact form type of support will give slow response to the customers. To provide instant response we may use live support link on sales page. This will help them to clear their doubts before purchasing the product and makes more conversion.

Some of the live support link button script have the option to enable or hide live support link on sales page. This feature helps the product owner to enable the live support when he is available for support and hide on the other time. When we hide the live support link we can enable the contact form page link in sales page. In all the way we need a support link in sales page whether it may be live or contact form.

The telephone support will make much trust towards the customer to buy your product with high confidence.

2.  Post sale Support

The post sale support will be necessary for any type of product lunch. This support may be contact form or forums or live support or email any one of the post sale support will be chosen based on the product you are selling on the sales page. For any type of products email support will be must needed and for membership site we can also use forums.

The forums will be the great way to support any customer. Here every customer problem has been handled by the product owner as well as other customer who has the answer for any customer problem. That’s why most people like forums. They believe that they will get solution from any one of the member inside the forum. Most of the big product will have live support for pre sale and post sale or support forums for pre and post sales questions. In all the support methods instant response will be very important for sale as well as up-sale of another product.

Pre and post sale support may have two methods based on the product information requested by the customer.  One is the support regarding the sales and another one technical support for the product. Based on the membership site content type and product type the tech support importance has varied.

For example if you have the membership site content like tutorials here tech support has been very important. For downloadable products the tech support has less important than tutorial type content. Forums are the best tech support way for membership site. Because the members only site members can help them each other regarding their problems.

For membership site after the launch you will have request from the members.  Even though you have done the entire configuration carefully we will receive some login issues for customers and some delayed mail delivery to customers.  Because of the delayed mail delivery they will contact you soon after the purchase so we have to handle them safe until they enter inside the membership site content.

Proper content navigation needed in your membership welcome page or after login page. Otherwise the members are not able to find all the membership content we promised on sales page. So suddenly they will contact you regarding the membership content. If you are not able support them quickly then they will claim refund and other things. So instant support after sales in must needed one. Once they got all the content they will be happy and contact the product support only they required.

Note:  sales page has two out links one is towards sales order page and another one is support page. This statement will gives the important of sales page. Here we end the support system setup of membership site configuration. We will see the last element testing the setup in the next post. Can you share your answers in comment section regarding what type of support you are expecting from the product or membership site owners?


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