Magic Members Server Requirements and License Types

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I will simply point out my awesome WordPress Membership site setup clients to this server requirements post hereafter, instead of conversing through many emails. Recently I started to hear the same questions from each of my clients who wanted to go with Magic Members for their Membership Sites. So I write this post. And also I think that it will be a good idea for bringing more new clients, if I post the answers publicly.

Without bla bla, here are the common questions:

  1. What are the server level requirements for using Magic Members? And How to make sure I meet them?
  2. Which License should I get? Any differences…. Cautions…?
  3. Is there any Magic Members Coupon code?
  4. Is there any Magic Members bonus for new buyers?

Magic Members Server Requirements:

Magic Members requires the following:

  1. PHP 5 or Above
  2. WordPress 3.2.1

If you don’t know how to check whether you meet the PHP requirement then just download the ithemes free server check plugin. You will be able to see almost all of your server data in your WordPress dashboard itself.

Alternatively, you can contact your host just mailing this following copy.


Just a quick email to know whether my hosting acct plan, ——–, has PHP 5 or above version. I need this to run a premium WP plugin on the site.


Magic Members License Types:

Magic Members sells their plugin in 3 different kinds of licenses. Single license, 3 users license and unlimited license.

Magic Members Single License Key: Your email which you’ve used while purchase the plugin, is the single license key. You will have to enter this license key to activate the plugin through your WordPress dashboard.

Magic Members Single License

Single License can be installed in only one domain or sub domain and its unlimited sub folders. So you can’t activate the Magic Members in the second domain.

For example: If I activate Magic Members in, I can activate in its sub folders too like in, etc but not in [When newsite and testsite are separate WordPress installed places]

Instead that, If I activate Magic Members in, I can’t activate in main domain but I can activate in 1, etc. [When site1 and site2 are separate WordPress installed places]

If someone enters single license key in second domain, he/she will be notified this on-screen error:

We are sorry, your subscription was valid for 1 domain(s) only and all are used.

The other notable differences between purchasing Magic Members Single license and 3 users license are, you can’t get the bonuses which includes 300 icons set, Magic Kicker plugin (which costs separately $29, $69, $99 for single, 3 users and unilimited licenses respectively) and 20% discount coupon on Magic Affiliate plugin (which offers you run your own Affiliate program for your membership sites without relying third party Affiliate Softwares)

Magic Members 3 Users License

3 Users License can be installed in 3 domains. The license usage concept explained above for single license also same for 3 users license.

While someone enters the 3 Users License Key in the fourth domain, it will show an error as below.

We are sorry, your subscription was valid for 3 domain(s) only and all are used.

Magic Members Unlimited License

Unlimited License can be installed in your own unlimited WordPress websites. Note that you can’t install the Unlimited License Key in your client sites, JV sites etc.  If you want to buy Magic Members for your client sites, you may like to know more about Commercial licenses of Magic Members Team.

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With unlimited license, you will get these things as bonus

  1. 300 Icons set
  2. Magic Kicker Plugin which prevents multiple login for the same acct. In fact this costs you $99 for unlimited license
  3. 20% discount on Magic Affiliate plugin which helps you to run your own affiliate program for your Membership sites without relying on third party software. This 20% discount saves you more than 50$ in your Magic Affiliate unlimited license purchase.

Disclaimer: I get affiliate commissions when you purchase Magic Members through my aff link.

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