Magic Members Coupon Code 2013

Honestly Magic Members plugin is my current choice to create WordPress membership sites because of the numerous features developed in short time and also Magic Members named for great customer support. Thanks to Magic Members team as they helped me to setup many WordPress membership sites so far.

When I got into Magic Members plugin first time, I bought it for the full price. Because I was not aware of the Magic Members coupon code, but not worried much when I came to know the availability of coupon codes as because of the value it provided for my money.

Even though I bought Magic Members for the full price without using Magic Members coupon code, later I had to search for any availability of Magic Members discount, when my clients asked for it.

I found Magic Members Coupon Code

In result of searching for Magic Members Coupon Code, I got Three coupon codes for Magic Members.

First Magic Members Coupon Code is for Single License buyers – MGM876MM

Second Magic Members coupon code is for 3 for 2 license buyers – MGM965MM

Third Magic Members coupon code is for Unlimited License buyers – MGM996MM

Go to the Products page and enter coupon code to check the discount.

The Single license Magic Members Coupon Code offers $10 discount from the original price of $97. So you are going to pay just $87 which is very mere low payment for such awesome plugin.

The Second Magic Members Coupon code offers $15 discount from the original price $197. Final cost for you is $182.

The Third Magic Members Coupon Code offers $25 discount from the full price of $297.

Search for more Magic Members Coupon Code

Even if you Google for some other Magic Members coupon codes, you will get something different from the given ones here. The coupon codes are different which are offered seasonally to encourage some affiliates but the discount value for codes remains same as always.

Update: FourBlogger’s Special Coupon Code for Magic Members:

I got special coupon code from the MagicMembers team which offers their highest discount among all other coupon codes.

Magic Members Coupon Code – FOURBLOGGER15
  1. Coupon offers 15% discount on all Three MagicMembers License types.
  2. Single License costs only 82.45 USD which meansyou got discount of 14.55 USD
  3. 3 Users License costs only 167.45 USD which means you got discount of 29.55 USD
  4. Unlimited License costs only 252.45 USD which means you got discount of 44.55 USD

Go to Magic Members products page and check whether the coupon is working or not.

Magic Members Coupon Code is not a dead one. It is still alive!

Unlike other IM products in online, Magic Members team keeps the coupon codes alive for long. The above mentioned three Magic Members coupon codes are working throughout the 2011 and it will work for 2012 too!

Magic Members Bonus:

I would like to give you worthy and valuable bonus for you, if you decided to go for purchasing any Magic Members License through my aff link. The bonus is my Thesis Designer Guide which sells for $37 in front of my huge Thesis Theme audience. Yes, I have the Youtube Partner approval received channel which already got 500,000 + views so far, where I posted more than hundred Thesis video tutorials so far.

If you don’t know what Thesis is, here is in short. Thesis is a WordPress Theme Framework which is mainly known for its powerful-and-proven SEO features. So whether you own Thesis theme or not for now, you will do it in near future as the talks about Thesis Theme gets heat everyday and the much expected Thesis Theme 2.0 is also very near ready for launch.

So choose one of the Magic Members Coupon code and go through my link and then grab my $47 bonus.

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