Landing page Setup – Membership site Integration part-2

We discussed about there are 6 major elements of membership site setup in membership site setup – part 1. In this 2nd part we will see about my experience on how to set up and integrate the first element (Landing page setup). Later we will see in detail about the integration of remaining elements to setup complete members only site.

My realization on setting up 6 major elements of membership site

Element 1 : Landing page setup

Landing page will be a page which gives the first impression on you and your valuable success realization process (membership content).

Landing page traffic

The visitors come to this page from various Traffic sources like search engines, social media, referral from affiliates etc. While designing the landing pages we should have more concentration on on-page search engine optimization (SEO). Because If we good in ON-page and off-page SEO for landing page, the search engines will drive more visitors to landing page.  We may use number of techniques to drive visitors to landing page and most of them had success on it. But landing page itself converts the visitors into members for your site.

So landing page will play important role for filtering the visitors into members. So to convert all visitors into members we should design this page with no way to diversify the traffic other than the membership signup. You can use video with valuable information at landing page to impress visitors and focus them into the sign up box.

Two types of Landing pages for membership site

We can use two types of landing pages for paid membership site.

  1. Lead Page
  2. Sales page


For free membership only lead page is enough. No need for sales page.

For paid membership site we have two methods to convert landing page visitors into paid members.  The first method is, use only sales page as landing page. In this method we directly deals with the landing page visitors regarding the paid membership site information, payment and ask them to join.

Second method is, Use Lead page as landing page, in this method we offer some free information (e-book) related to our success stories and ask them to do free sign up to get information. Once they get free information then we will show our sales page and ask them to join our paid membership site. This is the indirect method for asking visitors to join in the membership site by giving some free information. Both of these methods will give different results based on the design of the landing page and type of the success realization you provided inside the members only site.

Below are the some more information about lead page and sales page.

Lead Page

We can use this landing page for free as well as paid members only site. The main reason behind the use of lead page as landing page instead of sales page as explained below.

Lead page is the landing page which is mainly used to convert the “cat on the fence” people and also non-interested visitors into paid members by giving free information just for signup. In this page we should not talk about payment  for the membership site. Just give the information or hints about your success realization and the amount earned.

As I said earlier this page will not provide any diversification other than the info about your success and sign up form because this page coverts the visitors into members.

Lead page bullet points

Use video in good position, signup form and some major bullet points. Bullet points should be the answer for the below questions at lead page.

Why you should sign up here? .

What benefits you will get if you signed up here?

How this sign up will help your success?

What problems have been solved if you sign up here?. and etc.

If you are the good designer don’t worry, there are number of articles how to construct the successful lead page for free as well as paid membership sites.  You can design this page by yourself. If you are not a designer please hire a designer and make sure good design for lead page. Because which is the first level of filter in sales funnel for members to get joined into your membership site. Don’t forget to do ON-page SEO like title tag, Meta tag, Meta keywords and etc for landing pages.

Placement of Optin Form with Auto responder Integration on lead page

Make sure the video and optin form placement on lead page should be above the fold. That means optin form should be visible once the page loaded without any scroll down needed for seeing the sign up form.   You should integrate this sign up form with any one (E-mail) Auto responder (Like Aweber). Because any time visitors come to sign up page we have to respond as quick as possible.

Once the signup process has been done, the signed up members list will be collected inside the auto responder side. And the follow up mails have been sent to all signed up members using the auto responder.  We will see auto responder integration later in detail at the third element (Auto responder).

The color of the optin form’s signup button should be more attractive towards visitors of the lead page like orange, blue and etc. Then only users are much like to click on the button.

Placement of video

Place the video on lead page after the page headline, we can use full page width and center aligned. Or Lead page video and optin form in adjacent before the fold of the web page.   We can use both methods using split test concept.

Header image is not necessary for lead page, if you have good header image with logo we can use it before the page headlines for building the brand name. As for landing page we used page head line in three types.

  1. Pre-headline.
  2. Headline
  3. Post-headline

Pre-headline – the one sentence gives your (product owner) success related this product. Pre-headline font should be smaller than headline.

Headline – Your product name with reason for signup and this headline should be the larger font among all other parts of the lead page.

Post headline- one sentence for the benefit of this product (Signup). The font size equal to the pre-headline or little bigger.

Use head line as different color from pre and post headline. My recommendation is to use catchy color for headlines.

For simple lead page video, optin form and some bullet points must needed. You can also give your success stories after the sign up form. Don’t make these stories too lengthy.

Support – Give the support page link on optin page. This should be the only one link you used in the lead page. Reply as soon as possible when any one contacted via support email.

Here you can use the optimize press wordpress theme which provides different landing page templates. No need to create separate template for lead and landing pages.

Two ways to show sales page

After the sign up has made in lead page we should show sales page. This can be done in two ways. Directly show sales page after the signup has done or Use one page to say thank you for the sign up and provide the link for sales page in “thank you” page.

You can test with multiple methods to show sales page and find which gives more conversion. Based on information provided in each pages, those pages will give different conversion ratio on landing page visitors to members.

In both of these two methods you should sent the sales page link to the signed up members via auto responder follow- up messages. We will discuss setting up the follow up messages in detail in the third element (auto responder setup) of the member ship site.

Which is most important One?  Lead page  or Sales page?

As we know the Lead page will be used mainly for non- interested and double minded landing page visitors to make interest on your paid product by giving free ebook in landing page and other things. This will get more trust towards your paid product. But sales page is the most important page to generate income (i.e convert members into paid members). So we should have more care on sales page than lead page. This is not meaning that you should concentrate only in sales page but not in lead page.

Lead page will convert all visitors to members and sales page will convert all members into paid members. So you can decide which is most important to make your income.  For mine, both are equally important.

We will discuss sales page design and must-needed elements to make signed up members to pay for your product in the next part of the members only site setup and integration series.

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