Integration of Auto Responder in Membership Site Setup Part -5B

Previous post we have seen about auto responder configuration in membership site setup series. Now we will see the integration part of the auto responder in various location of membership site setup. We already have seen the functions of auto responder subscription, conformation, follow up messages and news letter broad casting. In any type of integration we should achieve all the functions of auto responder. The integration process has varied based on the location used for auto responders first function named as subscription. Based on the places were subscription function start up in the membership site setup we will have three types of integration in auto responders.
Types of integration in auto responder with membership site

  1.   Integration with landing page.
  2.   Integration with payment system
  3.   Integration with membership soft ware

These are the three types of integration methods possible with the auto responder while setup membership site.
For good membership process we must need two of the above three integration process needed. First one (Integration with landing page) should be needed. And any one integrations of the second and third type will be needed for membership site setup. We can also use three types for good processing of members but not necessary.

1.    Integration with landing page.

This Integration process we will start auto responder subscription process in landing page itself. This integration will be very useful if the landing page is a lead page than sales page. Because lead landing page setup has the optin from to collect the all the interested visitors information (like name and email) in the complete membership sign up process.  We know only interested visitors on the landing page will be subscribed in the optin form.
With help of this integration with landing page these interested visitors will be collected as separate list in auto responder. This list will we useful if any of the interested peoples are not ready to make payment while visiting the sales order page for the first time. By using this list we can send reminder newsletter to those people (not paid but interested people) to ask them to join our membership site with new features.
This type of auto responder integration uses optin form for subscription process.  Emails of the visitors are collected from the web form located in the landing page. This web from has already designed in configuration section for a particular list. This list has integrated with landing page by placing web form code (we got while customizing the web form in configuration) on landing page. All subscribed landing page visitors has collected in this list. Remember they are not paid members; they are only interested subscribed members.

2.    Integration with payment system

We already known about the payment system integration in second element of the membership site setup. Auto responder integration with payment system has done on the sales order page. This will be the process of integration of payment system with auto responder (example clickbank with aweber).
During the purchase has made in the sales order page we should enter the name and email for making the payment. This will be collected by the payment system.  If we integrate payment system with auto responder these name and email collected by the payment system has send to auto responder list. Here no need for web forms to collect the name and email. Auto responder subscription process begins here. Then the process continues with conformation, follow up and broad casting.

For this integration with payment system we used two steps

  1.  Payment system side
  2. Auto responder side.

For payment system side first login to the pay met system you have used. Find the auto responder integration options. Here most of the payment systems ask the list name of the auto responder for the integration. Just fill the necessary information that’s all.
Auto responder side we should have the option to choose the payment system integration example clickbank. We have to fill the information like product name or ID provided by payment stem for integration that’s all.

Once payment made aweber sends the confirmation email. After the conformation this paid member will be added in the aweber list for sending future newsletters and follow up messages. Remember the emails collected here are the paid members.

3.    Integration with membership soft ware

The auto responder subscription has done during the membership sign up process. For this integration also there is no web forms are used to collect the name and email of the members. Whether it may be a membership site soft ware or membership site plugin it has sign up form for collecting the name and email for the signed up user and provides the login information.

The name and e mail collected by the member ship software or membership plugin has sent to auto responder for subscription to a particular list with help of integration process. Auto responder integration with membership area have two parts

  1. Auto responder side
  2. Membership software side

Auto responder side we have the option to configure the membership software with corresponding list name. For membership software we should have the option to integrate a particular list name to send the name and email details of the signed up members to the corresponding list. Remember the emails collected here is the membership signed up members, not a paid member. We have to setup in the membership software to send paid members to auto responder list. This will be done using membership software integration with payment system this will be explained in payment system integration (second element of the setup). Here we end the third element of the membership site setup. Next we will see the fourth element content management set up.
While choosing Auto responder, membership software and payment system we should check each has options for integration other two systems. Example while choosing particular payment system we will check whether it have option to integrate auto responder and membership software.

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