How to Use The Quick Edit Option in WordPress Dashboard?

The previous post explained about how to edit the post and insert the image in wordpress blog. In this tutorial we will learn about how to use quick edit option, and also we can learn about how to protect a specific post or page from using password.

With the help of quick edit option you can edit the title, slug, date, author, password, tag, and category, sticky and private post. Due to this option we can easily modify the post.To use the quick edit option first click posts in left side bar of navigation in admin dashboard and select edit.

Now it will show the list of posts what you have posted in you blog. Then, place the mouse hover below any one of the post. Then select quick edit option. It will show the below pictures.



In below quick edit option you can modify the title, slug, tag,  and select the category as per your wish. By using this option we save more time.

Password: By using this you can protect specific post. After updating your post it will show password protected in your website. It’s like private post. This will very helpful when you want to make your post especially for subscribers. The subscribers will open the post with the help of password.

Status : By using this you can publish immediately or save it into draft as per you want

Sticky post: It will very useful while writing the killer article in your blog. If you are writing the killer post you can make that post sticky. So whenever visitors visit your site it will be first eye-catch to the visitors.

wordpress quick edit

wordpress quick edit

Author: If your blog or website is used by multi users like our website you can choose or change the author by using this drop down menu.

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  • Tinh January 26, 2010, 12:05 PM

    I usually use this feature to edit many blogs like changing category, it is very useful that many bloggers have never tried

    • Pascal January 26, 2010, 12:43 PM

      Yes. Tinh. There are big uses in every small corner of wordpress. 🙂