How to use Firebug to Debug CSS and Function code of a Web page

Firebug is a most useful firefox add-on for web page design and theme customization. You can debug any CSS style for your webpage without affecting your site live traffic.

While debugging the css or function code using firebug don’t refresh your web page because if you refreshed your site during the modification via firebug all the modification has been erased. So before going to refresh you should copy the modified code in notepad after that refresh your web page. This below video gives the details about how to use firebug options like inspect element, html, css, style, layout and etc.

This video explains about…

How to install firebug add-on in firefox?.

How to use html and css panel?

How to debug css code of the webpage?

How to save firebug debugging?

How to edit css or html code of web page?

This firebug tutorial also deals about how fire options works?

How to disable or enable firebug panels or options?

In next, firebug tutorial deals about how to adjust CSS or Function code that you got from any website in order to fix into your website by using firebug with an example. share your experience in comment section. For more checkout our all Thesis theme tutorials..

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