How to Upload Videos and Images in Media Library of WordPress Admin

This video tutorial is deals about the how to upload images and videos inside the media library of wordpress admin also explains about how to add new links to you blog, how to create link categories in links section of wp-admin. In links section by default we have blogroll, blog development links.

In order to use the images and videos inside the post content we need to upload images and videos inside the media library. Once you uploaded image into the media library you can use it when ever you need inside post. The below video explains about the above things in detail.

How to add images and videos in media library

To add image and video in media library go to wordpress admin select ‘library’ option under ‘media’ tab. Here we have the list that contains all uploaded videos and images inside the media library. If you want you can edit the image by clicking edit option.

media library

Add Image in media Library

The edit window we have options to change Title, alt text, description and caption which will displayed below the image. Also we have another tab to edit image, after clicking the edit image tab we have options to scale the image ie resize the image.  once you have finished the above works  then click on update media button. The edited image updated inside the media.

Edit image in media library

To add new image or video inside the media library select ‘add new’ under the media tab.  Here we have option to upload image or video files from you computer location. Browse the location and click on upload files.

How to add Links and Link Category In your Blog

To add links in your blog click on add new option under the ‘links’ tab. The new window will open it looks like the below image. Here give the link name which will displayed in your blog and give web address for the link that you are creating. Select category for that link by default we have one category called blogroll, if you need you can create more link category by clicking the ‘add new category’ link in the category section under links tab.

add new links

Add links in your blog

Here we have another option called target. Which used to display your link in same window or new window or in new tab depends on the options that you have selected in the target section you link open. Finally click on ‘add link’ button to save the link. By using the links section you can give links some blog which is closely related to your blog.

You can also edit the links that you have been already created by clicking the edit option under the links tab. Here we have the list of all links that you have created. Share your experience in comment section.

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  • Gosip baru December 15, 2010, 1:27 AM

    Nice sharing,
    I have blog about Celebrity Gosip and I need to know how to upload media library in other hosting with wordpress installation ?

    please tell me..


  • hiral September 6, 2011, 9:23 PM

    I am not able to see, ‘videos’ in my media library. pls help. how can i get that?