How to Upload & Install Themes and Plugins Through FTP software?

WordPress has options inside the admin dashboard to install themes and plugins. There you are going to make some clicks alone. But there is another way to upload and install wordpress themes. That is FTP. This is also very easy method.

First you need FTP access to your blog. Contact your hosting provider to get FTP access. Once you are ready with FTP login details, you need to use any one of FTP client softwares. In online so many free FTP softwares available. I recommend using FileZilla software. Alternatively if you have Firefox browser, then you may use FireFTP add-on. FireFTP is also one of the FTP softwares.

In the following video tutorial, I have been using FireFTP, add-on for Firefox. No major differences in using FireFTP or FileZilla. In both softwares, you are going to do the same things like login, locate the folder where the theme or plugin should be installed and upload the theme or plugin folder there.

Watch the Video Tutorial to Upload Themes and Plugins through FTP?

  1. Open the FileZilla or FireFTP add-on. To open FileZilla, you should click on FileZilla icon in desktop, to open FireFTP, go to “Tools” in Firefox and click on “FireFTP”.
  2. Create an account and login using your username and password. Contact your hosting provider to get these username and password details, if you haven’t already known.
  3. Locate the path public_html——-Your blog name—–Wp-content——themes
  4. Now Select the theme folder from your desktop and right click on it. Then click “Upload”. Once upload finished you will see your theme folder inside the themes folder.

Now go to wordpress admin dashboard, click on “themes” under “Appearance” tab. Click on “Activate it” under the theme which you have uploaded. That’s all. You have finished installing the theme. See your blog with new look.

To upload and Install Plugin through FTP:

You are going to do the above first two steps. Then you should locate the path public_html—–Your blog name——Wp-content——plugins and upload the plugin folder there. Remember you should upload the folder not the rar file you got when downloaded. Just unzip the rar folder and upload the folder alone. Then you can go to wordpress dashboard and click on “plugins”. Then click on “Activate” link which is available under the plugin name.

How do you install themes and plugins in your blog? Which method do you think safe and easy? Have you messed up anything while installing?

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  • Sidharth April 27, 2012, 9:25 AM

    Good work brother. Now I have learnt the procedure through fourblogger. You have got a new daily visitor,me!!!