How to Upload and Install a Theme in WordPress? Video Tutorial (I’m doing Thesis here)

In this tutorial, I show you how to select a theme to your wordpress blog and

upload it in your blog.  First we will see how to choose and download a

theme. There are two ways to choose theme.

1.    From wordpress theme library. Only free themes available in this method.

2.    Downloading a theme from online and upload it. In this method, you can get both free and paid themes.

As I suggested before in my how to install free theme from

wordpress theme library, it is the first method to choose free theme. The second  method is downloading a theme from online. How to do that?

You can search for wordpress themes in search engines like Google using some relevant keywords like free themes, paid themes, premium themes, beautiful themes, clean wordpress themes etc. You will get bundle of links to great theme collections. Go and watch them. Follow the links to download theme. Remember your downloaded format should be zip format or rar format. So that you can easily upload it in your wordpress dashboard.

Watch the video tutorial here:

If you can’t watch the video, follow the below steps.

1.    Go to your wordpress admin dashboard.

2.    Click on ‘Add New Themes’ under ‘Appearances’ tab. This tab will

Be in left navigation.

3.    Then click on ‘Upload Link’.

4.    Locate  the zip folder which you have downloaded from online using

Browse option. Then Click on ‘Install Now’ button.

5.    Once theme installed successfully, click on ‘Activate’ link.

6.    You finished the installation successfully. Now go to your blog and

See it with new look.

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