How to see Login and Failed login details of WordPress admin?

Nowadays everyone doing hack the site. It is due to lot of things. The main point is you allow your user to access your wordpress admin section or any section. So maybe problem will come with your user or writer. So you must know about your login details and failed login details. Then only you know about your user and what they are doing in your wordpress admin section or other section.

For that in this video tutorial, I am going to explain about how to see the login and failed login details in your wordpress admin with the use of login logger plugin.


In this plugin obviously showing the login details with Username, Time, IP address, How Long Ago, Time since Last Active.

To see the action of login logger, see the below video.

Report of login and failed login details

Login details report

If it is useful for you share your experience in comment section.

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  • BestofBlogger March 16, 2010, 2:59 AM

    Ahh, thank you very much. This is so important information against hacking. Many hackers or crackers try to login to our wordpress admin as admin. I saw many examples like that.
    And one thing: your wordpress admin pass so importants also. Create your admin as long and different charecters like: abc123_478*52

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    • Pascal March 16, 2010, 9:48 AM


      A long and character combination of password is more safe. Although i am using good length of password, before 2 months, once hackers put some unnecessary codes and my blog came down. I tried to see through this “login and failed login” method. When i contacted my hosting, they told hackers used your ftp software to hack in.

      So i strongly suggest to fourblogger readers, if you use any ftp software, always update it and disconnect once you finished your work.

      Finally, I want to suggest this post to backup of wordpress blog.