How to map the domain in a wordpress MU and create a sub domain or sub directories on network?

I hope you already installed wordpress and enabled the multisite network features. If you are not enabled the multisite features, then read the below post

An Introduction about WordPress MU?

How to activate network features of WP 3.0?

Now you enabled the network features and now in this post we are going to discuss about
how to create a sub domain in network of wordpress Multisite setup?
How to map your domain in sub-domain in multisite (Mu)?

Here, I chosen as subdomain while installing the network. You must already setup a wildcard subdomain for your site, if not read my previous post to setup wildcard sub-domain.

Create a sub domain on MULTISITE.

Normally we have many domains with separate wordpress installations. In multisite, now we are going to create a sub domain  in this network. With the help of domain mapping plugin we can do this.

First install the domain mapping plugin, I discussed in previous post about this How to install domain mapping plugin and setup in wordpress?

Go to network admin and navigate to sites and create a new domain. Here, give the name of your subdomain or subfolder whichever you chosen at the time of network installation.

Give the site title for your domain and hit the Addsite button. Here you can see the magic; a fresh wordpress is installed in your subdomain or subfolder.

How to map your sub-domain in MU (Multisite)?.

Multisite features are used to manage your all domains in single dashboard. You have the question, how it should be?

In main MULTISITE Setup first, we have to create a sub domain or sub directories and map this domain into your toplevel domain with the help of domain mapping plugin. So after this mapping if you enter your subdomain in a browser, it will be redirected to your top level domain.

Go to the backend of your newly created sub-domain of your site and navigate to “domain mapping” and here enter the top level domain which you want to map with the sub-domain.


If you add more than one domain it will display one by one and with blog Id. Whenever you add a new domain into your Multisite, it will assign a new Blog ID to each domain. With the help of this Blog ID, you can easily find your corresponding domain via cpanel.

In Next Post, we will discuss about how to export and import your old domain content into multisite?

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  • Dee July 4, 2011, 12:53 PM

    I’ve got Thesis and multisite on my local server. I’m having a problem getting thumbnails to show on my blog ids 2, 3, and 4. They show fine on blog id 1. The path to the thumbnails is written correctly on each blog’s settings, and I can see the images in the blog.dir file. However on 2,3,4, the Wordpress media uploader doesn’t show the path to the blog.dir for the images. Even if I type the full path into Post/Thumbnails, I only get a thumbnail place holder in my teaser setup. The image shows in the single post however.

    I have been trying to tackle this for a couple of days now with no luck. Would you have any ideas?