How to Install a Free Theme from WordPress Theme Library? Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, I show you how to install a good looking free theme from wordpress blog. WordPress has abundance of themes which are almost free. You can get your favorite,best looking,premium,clear,beautiful themes for free in this method.

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If you won’t able to watch video, then follow the below steps to install theme in your blog.

1. Login to your wordpress admin dashboard. Your login URL will be like this: my blog, it is like this:

free theme

2. Once you logged into wordpress dashboard, go to ‘Appearances’ tab. Click ‘Add new themes’ under ‘Appearances’ tab.

3. You can use search box and filter options  to choose one best theme from wordpress theme library.

4. Select the needed options in colours, Number of columns, width, features filters and type the relevant word in search box. You will be provided more and more relevant themes. If you feel any one of them will be best to your blog, then click ‘preview’. When you see preview, if you like it, then close preview. And click ‘Install’ link. Then again click ‘Install Now’ button.

5. In next page, click ‘Activate it’ Link.

6. Now your theme activated successfully. You can go to your blog and see it in new look.

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