How to find the Page ID and post ID for my wordpress blog?

Many times while using wordpress post and pages, surely we will need this. While customizing the website, we may need this.

Whenever I need this id, I always use this technique to find the ID. Just place the mouse cursor over the post or page title, then It will show your Page ID.

Find Post ID

But this method sucks, I find a better solution for this. It also helpful for you, so that I am sharing this post.  I find a plugin called reveal id.

This plugin will show all your page id and post id in the dashboard.  For example when you use widget logic plugin you will need this.

Follow these steps:

Go to wordpress admin and navigate to post area.

Then click posts, here you will see the list of post with page Id. Just note the post ID and use it wherever you required.


Reveal Id wordpress plugin


You can install this plugin and use it on your own site.

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  • AB June 25, 2011, 4:33 PM

    Thanks very much for providing this information.