How to Edit Post and Insert Image in wordpress Blog

The previous post we seen about how to add new post in your blog. This video tutorial explains about how to edit published post, edit the post already saved in draft, post excerpts. And also deals about how to upload image and video into the post.

To edit the post login wordpress admin. Select ‘edit’ option under posts tab. Once you clicked the edit option all saved and published post list will appear on the screen. You can choose which post you want edit. Under each post title we have options edit, quick edit, view and trash. To edit particular post click on edit link of the corresponding post. The below video explains about all the options available in edit post.

Visual and Html Modes to Edit Post.

Visual Mode

There are two modes to edit the post one is visual mode another one is html mode. The visual mode we have number of icons for editing the post. Most of the icons are we have already used in word like bold, text alignment, blockquote, ordered list, text color, insert custom character and etc.

Edit in Visual mode

Other than these we have some special icons like Read more, add and break hyperlink, insert embed video and format the sub heading and text which is important for search engine optimization.

Html Mode

In html mode we have the icons for above mentioned word options and other options are ins, code icons by using ins you can add more line space in between the paragraph and lines which will explained in video. Code is to highlight some texts in the post and specially for highlighting the software codes like php, javascript used in the post content.

Edit post in Html mode
Edit in Html mode

How to upload image, video and audio

Below the post title we have option ‘upload/insert’ here we have four options add image, video, audio and media in side the post. To add image click on the add image icon new box will open here we have option to insert image from computer, from url and from media library you can choose any options to upload image. And also we have options to fix the image position inside the post.

insert image

By the similar way we can upload video and audio. To edit already uploaded image click on the image available inside the post, here we have options to edit and delete the image. choose edit option to change caption for the image.

The Excerpt option

The excerpt is doing the same job as ‘read more’ icon but it is different from teaser. In other words teaser means some part of the post will be displayed in homepage with read more link thesis theme offers teaser. In excerpt we have automatic excerpt and manual excerpt. Some themes offer automatic excerpt some part of the post will be displayed in homepage.

manual excerpt

In manual excerpts we can add some lines about the post which will displayed in homepage with the link for the post. In wordpress we have manual excerpt options to enable this click on ‘screen options’ available at the top of the edit post window. Mark the check box near excerpt in the screen options. The manual excerpt box will display in post edit window you can add lines in this box and finally update the post. It shown at home page with the full post link.

You can also edit tags and categories and add post author also all are available in screen options. Share your experience in comment section.

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  • Georgiann June 21, 2011, 1:09 PM

    Thank You so much for the tutorials and Thesis??! I don’t know if it is free, I downloaded it, but have not uploaded it to my Blog yet, so I don’t know if it is free?

    Accent is a bit thick, and hard to understand in some spots but there is the transcript.
    Thanks very much.