How to Create Pages and Options Comments Section of WordPress Admin

In this video tutorial I am going to explain about how create new pages and edit already published pages also covers the options available in the comments section of wordpress admin. Each and every blog needs a pages called ‘about us’ and ‘contact us’. About us contains the information about the blog coverage topics and blogger information.

Contact us page contains is mainly for the contact details of the blog. Some blogs offers services for their readers. The below video give in details about how to create new page and edit already created page like services.

How to Add new Pages to Blog

To add new page go to wordpress admin select ‘add new’ under pages tab. The below window will open. Creating new page similar to add new post. Give the page title and enter the details that you want to displayed in the particular page.

Add New Page in Wp-blog

The right sidebar of admin we have section called attributes. You can select parent page for the new page. Example if you are creating contact us page you can select parent as about us. The contact page appear under the about page.

Order– Normally the pages listed in the order of alphabet you can change the page order by giving number in the order box. Finally click on publish to display page in your blog.

Before publishing the page if you want you can edit the permalink of the page. Once published you should not edit permalink of the page.

How to Edit Pages

Select edit option under the pages tab in the wordpress admin. Here we have all published pages list. Each having the options edit, quickedit, view and trash. Click edit option to edit particular page. If you don’t want any page just click on ‘Trash’ option then it will deleted from your blog.

How to Edit a Page In Wp-Blog

Once you clicked the edit option, The new window will appear here we can edit parent page, order in attributes section. Finally click on update button to display edited page in your blog.

Options in Comments section of Wp-admin

Click on comments tab in the wordpress admin. Here we have all the comments list of your blog. New comments are waiting for the approval. If you approve this comment it will displayed in posts otherwise it won’t be displayed. If you thing that particular comment is spam just click on spam option it will move to spam. You can also edit comments all the comments. And also replay option for replay for individual comments.

Options in Comment Section

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