How to Change User Roles For Multiple User In Wp-admin

In wordpress admin we can add more users to our blog. We can have some options to specify roles for the users depends on the user roles each users can access wordpress admin with their roles. Each role has certain limit to access wordpress amin. Only administrator role have the access for full admin area. Others have the responsibility of admin access based on their role.

In wordpress admin we have two options to create new user to the admin one is administrator can create user account and give it to the corresponding user (username and password have send to new user via e mail). Users not able to change the user name only he can change his password and other profile information. The second way administrator can give access to members, for create their own user account. Here administrator should set common role for users which have the less admin accessibility of admin area.  Once members have created the account the admin can change the role for the user. We previously explained in detail about how to add multiple users in wordpress admin.

The above video explains about administrator and editor role accessibility in wp-admin. The remaining three roles explained in the second video of this post.

User Roles

In wordpress admin we have option to set five different user roles for new member of your blog. For each user we can set unique role. The roles are,

Administrator- (access full admin)

Editor – (edit all post & pages)

Author – (edit only his post)

Contributor – (for add new post, don’t have publish option)

Subscriber- (member of the blog)

Administrator Role

Administrator is a very important role for wordpress blog because administrator can have full authority to change anything in his blog. He can change other user’s role even he can able to remove other user for the blog. He can only access all options of wordpress admin like settings, Appearance, users and etc. Administrator can’t change their own user role. If you give admin role for other user he can able to change your role and even he can delete your user account. So be careful while setting administrator role for other user.

How to change User Role

Administrator only has the authority to change the role of other users. To change the role,

  • Go to your wordpress admin. Select ‘Author and users’ option under users tab.
  • The new window will open here we have the option to change the role of any user.
  • Mark the check box before the user name and select the user role in the drop-down box available above the table.
  • Then click on ‘change’ tab.

The particular user role has been changed. If you want to change multiple user role at the same time mark the check boxes of which user’s  role you want to change.  Admin can’t change his role.

Editor Role

The second highest authority has maximum wordpress admin access called editor. Editor has all in posts, media, links, comments and pages in wordpress admin area. He can’t have access in settings area. He can have the settings access only if admin installed any plugins related to comments are post only he can access the particular part in settings. Editor can edit all the pages and post even it has been created by the admin. And he has the rights to delete any posts that have been published by any users like admin, author and editor. The wordpress admin options for editor role is similar to the below image.

Editor Role options

Editor can have authority to approve the contributor’s post that has been submitted for the review. He has comment editing and deleting capability even it is approved by other users. He can also write and publish new posts and pages categories.

Author Role

Author role has the capability to add new posts. Select particular category for the post that has been written by him. He can’t able to create new pages or categories for his post. He can directly publish his own posts. He has the options to edit his own post even delete it. Authors don’t have authority to edit other user’s posts.  He has the options to edit the comments for the post written by him. Not able to edit other posts comments. The options available for author role in the wordpress admin is like the below image.

Author Role Options

The below video explains the responsibility of author, contributor and subscriber roles.

Contributor Role

Contributor role is similar to author. He can able to write new post but he doesn’t have rights to publish it directly. Once he written his post should submit his post for review. The administrator or editor only has the authority to edit the post that has been submitted by the contributor. Editor and admin if the like they can publish contributor’s post otherwise they can move this post to trash. Contributor can edit his own post until it has been published once it published he doesn’t have any rights to edit any post that that has been written by him. Administer can give contributor role for if any one wants to write the post to your blog. we can give contributor role for who write guest post for our blog they can edit their post if any error occurred while writing the post.

Contributor Role Options

Subscriber Role

Subscriber role has the least priority over other roles of wp-admin. He has only rights to login into your blog wp-admin and change his own profile. This is a default role if you add any member to your blog. No one can have access to change the user role for users except administrator. The below image shows the options available in wp-admin for the subscriber role.

Subscriber Role Options

So careful while adding new users to your blog check his default role. Share your experience in comment section.

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  • Tanmoy February 4, 2010, 5:31 PM

    It is too important for Multi Author Blog owner to specify user role…

    • Pascal February 5, 2010, 7:14 AM

      thanks for your suggestion.

  • visshy May 26, 2010, 11:17 PM

    Thanks for youyr reply,but my Query is how to add user in WP web site?not in Blog


    • Pascal May 27, 2010, 12:32 PM

      Hi Visshy,

      Actually Wordpress is built for maintaining blogs. But we can use it to create static pages and design it like a website.

      Talking about your query, adding users is the same procedure regardless however you use it (blog or website).

  • Karim December 10, 2010, 8:37 PM

    Hi, great post
    I would like to set up a user as Author, and have them edit their posts (already done), plus edit certain pages only. Can this be done?

    Of not at the Author level, can I restrict which pages the user can modify at the Editor level?

    The whole idea is to allow multiple users to edit only their sections of pages and posts in a website I plan to set up.

  • shaif uddin March 16, 2011, 6:35 PM

    I want to fully block admin area for subscriber, so that they can only post a comment in my blog. Also they can’t change their password, How can i do that

  • Bob Richards July 11, 2011, 5:33 AM

    I dont see hoe to set roles of users in mutlitsite. Its either the user is just a plain user or superadmin. I see no options for admin, editor, etc

  • kaveri November 11, 2011, 11:56 AM

    how to remove default role in User Role Editor plugine

    • FourBlogger November 20, 2011, 10:09 PM

      I didn’t used that plugin. Hope you can use forum for help, on

  • Rajiv November 13, 2011, 2:40 PM

    This is one of best tutorial i have found, never knew in detail about these roles

  • bobby dennie March 8, 2012, 12:47 PM

    Thank you is not so simple to understand all the user level.

    i was need to hide a category, for show some special promotion to our reseller, i find the RYO Category plugin…you can set what is level of user can see each of your category – RYO ‘Category Visibility’ WordPress Plugin

    Very useful for me!