How to Change Hosting Name severs in Domain? Video Tutorial

I have registered my domain name ( in So I am explaining how to change Nameservers in my login.

Why should we change name servers?

If you buy domain and web hosting from same provider say hostgator, our domain name automatically has corresponding hostgator

name servers.But if you buy domain and hosting from different providers say domain name from and hosting from, your domain name will have name servers by default. So to host your blog from Hostgator, you have to replace the existing name servers with Hostgator name servers.


So how to do it?

Watch this video tutorial.

How to Change Name servers (editing) in domain?
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If you won’t able to watch video, you can follow the below steps to change name servers.

1. Login to your domain management. I am logging in to

2. Go to My account tab.

3. Click on your domain name.

4.  Go to “Edit Name servers’ option.

5. You can see your old name servers. First remove them.

6. Then add your new hosting ( in my case , Hostgator) name servers one by one.

7.That’s all. I Finished name server change in If you have ‘save’ button in your domain management area, don’t forget to click on it.

Remember, within 24 hours your new name servers become live on your domain name. After that you can access your domain Name through hosting (Hostgator) cpanel.

Update to this post:  I have taken another video about how to change name servers. This time i used So in this video tutorial, i am showing how to edit or change name servers in Godaddy domain manager.

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