How to add tag and categories to your wordpress blog?

For every post in your blog if you categorized your site the visitors will easy to recognize and find the information easily. The categories are the section of your site in navigation menu. In this post learn about how to add categories and tag for wordpress blog.

In the post navigation menu click categories. Then, type the category name and click add category. Now your categories are added. Watch this video tutorial below:

How to add subcategories?

To add subcategories, click categories which are in left side under the post navigation menu. Then, type the category name and choose parent categories where your post wants to be child.


How to add tags?

To add tag for your post click post tags for your wordpress. Then, type the tag name and click add a new tag button.


You can add these categories and tag within the short time with the help of quickedit option also. Previous tutorial I explained about the Quick edit option

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