How to activate network features of WP 3.0 in WP Multisite

How to activate network features of WP 3.0 in WP Multisite ? In previous post I explained about what is multisite and how it works? .  Wordpress 3.0 has amazing features. One of the feature is, it can be converted into network enabled multisite (WPMU).  In this post you can learn how to convert your existing wordpress 3.0 into multisite?

Before to get started this tutorial, First BACKUP your wordpress site, you can do the backup by manually or with the help of automated plug-in like backup buddy. I highly recommend using this plugin and automating your backup. You already installed wordpress on your site, and now follow the below steps to enable the network features in WPMU [Wordpress Multisite].

Again, STOP! Don’t Follow without Backup. I hope you backed up your site. Let’s get started here.

1. To enable the Multisite first we are going to edit wp-config.php via FTP/Cpanel and add the below code.

define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);

before the line where it say,

/*That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging.*/

See the below screenshot, it should like this.

Network Multisite

Network Multisite


2. Then, log-out and login again via wordpress dashboard. Now under Tools menu, you see the option network. Here you have to decide, whether do you want to use

Sub –domain ( or

Sub –directory (

If you want sub domain then your hosting should support wildcard sub domain. Ask your hosting provider regarding this wildcard set up. Here I am explaining for hostgator webhosting. They provide 24*7 live support and will help for you. Any way I will explain here also.

In Cpanel, Go to sub-domain and fill the boxes as sub domain: * . And document Root as /public_html/ then click create.



3. Enable the network.

Now inside the wordpress dashboard, select any one of subdomain or sub directory. After that fill out network title and email address. Then click install. After click the install button you will see the screen to follow the three steps.

a) First step, To enable the network create a blogs.dir in wp-content directory

b) Coy that code and paste into wp-config.php

c) Again copy the code and paste into .htaccess of your domain.

4. After you finish the above steps, wp-config.php, .htaccess files are saved. Now your site is enabled with network. Login again to your wordpress admin dashboard and navigate to see the network admin at the top right corner. In old version super admin options panel were available there.

Now you can create a site with your multisite installation setup. In next post, we will discuss how to add a site in multisite setup with the help of domain mapping plugin.

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