51 Ebooks that Every Blogger Should Read

Whenever I feel blogged out, Whenever I feel bored to write content for my blog, Whenever I loss my confidence, Whenever I want to develop my blog more,  Whenever I want to earn money online, Whenever my Internet not connected, I pick one free eBook from my desktop folder and read it. I have more than 200 free e-Books in my desktop. These are all helping me to be confidence and grow my blog further.

I read, pick some valuable points and apply these points in my blog whenever it can be applied. As Henri always says you need right personal mentor/coach to become successful. I consider eBooks as my personal coach.

I really get inspiration and ideas to develop my blog from these e-books. Always I want to share with you the things which have been inspirational to me. So today I picked some of the free e-books from my desktop and listed them in different categories for you.

List goes big. You can’t read all of them at one shot. Bookmark this post or Download all these books in your desktop and read one by one at your free times.

Free EBooks Categorized into 9 Parts:

Build Your Blog

Content writing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media


Internet Marketing

Make Money Online

Video resources


Build Your Blog

1. Build Your Own Profitable Blog in 45 minutes – by Andrew Rondeau

Webuildyourblog is giving an eBook containing extensive to build your profitable blog.

This book explains in detail step by step to build your blog. This eBook is now updated additionally it includes more about SEO, monetizing your blog.

Oh! Here is the download link to Build your own profitable blog

2. Build a Small Business Website –by Don Campbell

This eBook is a beginner’s guide to use both WordPress and Thesis WordPress Theme. Building small business website eBook is written by Don Campbell from expand2web  This guide will assist you step by step to setup a website or blog.

Free ebook guide for small business website.

3. Create Your First Website –by Chris farrell

This eBook is created and written by Chris Farrell. This Guide explains step by step to create your website using Kompozer.

Here is the download link to Create Your First Website

4. Blogging to the Third Power by Nicholas Z. Cardot

If you want to know about the importance of blog design, you have to definitely subscribe and read SiteSketch101. I just become a big fan of this blog. Nicholas Z. Cardot who is the founder of  sitesketch101, stresses the necessary of good blog design in every post and even in his free blogging e-book also.

5. Thesis 1.6 Customization User Guide- by Fourblogger

This complete thesis theme customization user guide for site design, This100 Page Guide in PDF format contains. Basics things you need to know before customization each tutorial are video included. It has step by step guide lines for customization.

Download the book

FTP Guide

6. Blogging Guide To FTP For WordPress – by  MadLid

This Guide shows you how to use FileZilla, an FTP client, to transfer files to and from your blog. This ebook is given by MadLid from blog-well. This Guide will explain step step to use FileZilla with screenshots.

Download this ebook

Content writing

7. Guide to Writing Your First Book – by Onaefe U. Edebi

This book gives the detail about writing your passionate thinks and give some ideas for improve your writing performance from the criticism of your visitors and readers. Start content writing with article format. Relate each line with another to convert visitors into readers. This book gives some writing confidence tips for writing ebook content.

Get this ebook here

8. Trading Words for Traffic – by Brian clark

This book viral copy written by brain clarck from copyblogger, it gives information about the importance of word in heading, telling stories while conveying information to others. Effectiveness of getting the traffic that you attract, rather than quantity of traffic what you get. Attract reader by giving more resources related to what you are writing. Also tells about writing tutorials are best way to give value to your content writing and give 11 strategies to link love.

Download this ebook

9. The ultimate guide for writers – by Michelle Thompson

100 Page Ebook containing- 100s of detailed links to software, websites, tools and services for the writers.  Adobe flash player PDF containing ALL the quick links to all the resources, it gives Original Mind Map for Mind Manager Users also gives

Online Resources for Writers – top blogs on freelancing, copywriting, writing; top writing websites; 120+ list to writing blogs; dictionaries and online reference sites; writing podcasts and links to the best sites for writing prompts or name generators.

Download book here

Search Engine Optimization

10. SEO for WordPress Blogs – by Carrie Hill

This book is from blizzardinternet.com. This ebook give some basic seo settings fro your wordpress blog. It deals about permalink settings, page, category, post titles and optional excerpt settings. No index archives and seo promotional techniques like submitting blog directories.

Get book here

11. Google SEO Basics Guide – by Shaun Anderson

This hobo ebook covers google seo basics, writing original content, page rank details, importance of site structure, link building strategies, ways to increase page rank of the blog, sitemap, blackhat seo, whitehat seo, google penalty, keyword research, competitors research, duplicate content, 301 redirects. Also it explains robots.txt, meta tag, h1 tag, permalink settings.this is a complete guide for seo basics.

Download ebook here

12. Beginner’s Guide to SEO – by Rand Fishkin

Beginner’s Guide to SEO by Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz.org this ebook covers seo basics, search engine operation, keyword research, what are all the critical components should be optimized like URL, Meta tag, duplicate tags and etc. Importance of site design on seo also explains some of the brand building tactics.

Get ebook here

13. Introduction to Link building – by Shaun Anderson

This hobo book regarding link building strategies for google seo, it explains about how to get quality back links, how to link valuable blog post reciprocal links links from unrelated sites. Finding Broken links, dofollow links, bad neighborhoods for google penality and anchor text in link building.

Get ebook here

14. Google AdWords Secrets – Yahoo! Search Marketing and AdWords PPC – by Aaron Matthew Wall

This ebook is from seobook.com. This is a free excerpt of the SEO Book covering the pay per click search engine market.

The entire SEO Book covers many other search engine marketing strategies such as: Keyword research, choosing a domain name, placing keywords in your page, copy Website submission, Link building, effectively using SEO tools, Tracking your progress.

Download ebook here

Social Media

15. Twitter Jump Start eBook  -by John Haydon

Johnhaydon has released this Twitter jump start eBook guide. This eBook includes 14 benefits of using Twitter for non-profit and also this book contain 10 Twitter tips to increase online donations. This eBook will assist you to get on the path to incorporating the Twitter into your market strategies.

No email required to download this eBook here is the link

16. Twitter Virtue eBook – by Jens p. Berget

Twitter virtue eBook is given by Jens P. Berget. This book will give you insights about how to use Twitter, Twitter applications, and many more. This book is a great way to use Twitter and it will helps for your marketing strategies.

Download the book here.

17. How to Use Facebook for Business – by Hupspot

This eBook is the fantastic guide to kick starts your Facebook for business. How to use Facebook for business explains in step by step to setup Facebook profile with images. This book will gives you everything you need to know about using Facebook for marketing and drive real results to your blog.

Click here to download

18.What is Social Media? –by Antony Mayfield

This eBook is release by Icrossing. In this eBook contains basic form of social media.

Additionally this book also explains in detail how social media works, how podcast works, how blog works, how micro-blogging works and many more.

Click here to download What is Social Media?

19. Social media marketing Industry Report –by Michael A. Stelzner

This ebook is sponser by Social Medai Examiner. This eBook explains in details about how markteters are using Social Media to grow their business. This eBook released on March 2009 and you came to know how drastic change in social media now in 2010.

Here is the download link to Social media marketing Industry

20. Social Web Analytics eBook 2008 – by Philip Sheldrake

This eBook gives an introduction about Social Web Analytics 2008. This eBook has some of the list of vendors in internet marketing.

You can download here http://socialwebanalytics.com/


21. Untapped traffic sources -by Kim Roach

Untapped Traffic Sources has written by buzzblogger. This book cover 24 traffic sources that really useful for any bloggers. Some traffic sources have additional resources for example if you are writing tutorials this book has list of tutorial submission sites. If you are creating video it has video sharing site list. These traffic sources cover all type of bloggers. If you take twitter this book gives some extra resources how to use twitter effectively for blogging.

Download ebook here

22. Traffic roots – by Jens p. Berget

Successful traffic generation tips ebook gives the brief explanation about keyword research, link building, article marketing, seo, pay per click, discussion in forums and press releases with screen shots. Also deals with getting traffic with social media. It gives more resources on each topic.


Internet Marketing

23. How to Write a Marketing Plan – by Peter geisheker

This book gives information about 100+ Marketing Strategies to Successfully Market Your Business, Market research, competition, Mission statement, Marketing Strategies, Pricing, Positioning and Branding, Marketing goals, Monitor Your Results etc.,

Download e-book here

24. Get Viral Get Vistirors – by Stacie Mahoe

This ebook is staciemahoe.com. This ebook explains in extensive about how your ebook turns into viral, how viral marketing works, and many more. Additionally this eBook also explains what should work in viral marketing and what should not work in marketing. You can learn more about viral marketing.

Downaload e-book here

25. The New Rules of Viral-Marketing by- David Meerman Scott

The New Rules of Viral marketing book gives wonderful information about Viral Marketing, Your Takeaway, Big Idea, Viral Marketing Advice, E-books go viral, Nothing is Guaranteed to go viral,  Online video goes viral, What Viral Marketing is Not, You must ignore the old rules, What do you have lose? etc.,

Get book here

26. Increasing response to your b2b email marketing – by Marketo

This book is from crmproject. This book give details about email marketing, For a nurturing program to be effective, you need your email marketing skills to be top-notch. Some need a refresher, while others need basic information. To that end, here are 8 Tips for B2B Email Marketing Success: Content is King, Consider Email Clients, Best Content to Use, Subject Lines and Titles, The Right Target, The Right Time, Start a Dialog and Automate.

Get book here

27. Online stealth marketing –by Mike Enlow’s

Online stealth marketing give information about Stealth Sales, The Joint Venture Report, Caught in the Art, Turn your Learning curve into A straight line while your competition is still wondering what hit them, stealth secrets of winning web design, Creating Partnerships with the click, How to keep your business from becoming a big, fat, public failure, Going to the next level etc.,

get ebook here

28. Lose control of your marketing – David Meerman Scott

This book is from davidmeermanscott.com. This book give details about Where the Hell is MATT, What do you have to Lose, Spreading ideas and telling stories, Sales leads are the wrong goal, Return on investment makes you boring, Make it free, Twenty or one: Which is better, are you smoking dope, A top ten unsigned band on myspace, Greatest story ever told, R.I.P sales process, Social computing guidelines at IBM, Don’t put BLOGGERS in the penalty box etc.,

Download book here

29. Marketing 2009 by 12 professionals – by Valeria maltoni

This book give details about that 12 professionals, Those people’s are Olivier BLANCHARD, Matt DICKMAN, Mike FRUCHTER, Francois GOSSIEAUX, Beth HARTE, Lois KELLY, Christina KERLEY, Jennifer LAYCOCK, Amber NASLUND, Connie REECE, Mike WAGNER And Alan WOLK.

Get book here

30. Brink social media guide from the edge – by Todd Defren

This book gives details about marketing and social media, Basic principle of Participation Is Marketing, Making an Entrance into Social Media, Thoughts on Blogging, Blogger Relations Case Study: Mommybloggers, Empower & Inspire with Content Marketing, What about Social Media Releases?, Edgework, Reaching Digital Natives via Twitter, Reaching Digital Natives via Social Bookmarking etc.,

Get ebook here

31. A Practical Guide to Market research – by Paul Hague

Market research book give information about marketing, The Basics Of Market Research, Research Objectives, Research Design, An Introduction To Research Methodologies, Introduction To Qualitative Research, Introduction To Quantitative Research, Introduction To Sampling, An Introduction To Questionnaire Design, Turning Data Into Findings, Reporting And Communicating Findings, Professional Development And The Market Research Industry and Bibliography.

Download ebook here

32. Internet marketing speed report – by Jems Schramko

Internet marketing speed report gives detail about Keep it simple, You must action information to get the best results, Tips for getting more done, Cut out the distractions, Get all the junk off your computer, Do one project at a time, Email management, Stay sharp, Technical issues, Work flow, Electronic file management, Password management, Backup, Your office system, Monthly tasks, Maximize opportunities, Daily Focus, Make an agreement with yourself, Mindset, Integrity,  Essential skills to master and Effective Business Models for online profits.

Download ebook here

33. The Niche Marketing Black Book – Market Samurai

This book gives details about Selling More Burgers, The Story of Two Fishermen, The Telltale Signs of Profitable Markets, Traffic Levels, Visitor Values, Where to Find Your Data, Getting Traffic Data, Getting Visitor Value Data, Calculating Total Market Value, Don’t Get Greedy, Getting Market Value figures in Market Samurai, Case Studies, Choosing a Target Market, Top 40 Online Markets, Market Detail etc.,

Download book here

Make Money Online

34. Make Money Online- by John chow

If you want Make money from online, this book will give details about, how to make money from online via blogging, and also you can get lot of tips about blogging. Blogging tips for beginners, blogging mistakes, money makers (Google adsense, text link ads, kontera content link, bidvertiser, auction ads etc.,), Build Brand value, get more subscribers, proper way of affiliate marketing, monetize your blog, promotion ideas to your blog and SEO. So I hope this book I really helpful to you.

Get ebook here

35. Make Money Blogging – Daniel scocco

This Book give information about, How to build blog, How to write content for your blog, how to maintain post frequency, how to build network for your blog, How to use social media bookmarking sites (digg, stumbleupon, reddit, twitter and facebook) for your blog, how to promote your blog and finally how to make money online via Google Adsense, CPM ads, direct advertisement, affiliate marketing and email marketing. This is also really nice book for blogging.

Download ebook here

36. Roadmap to become a blogger – by Yaro Starak

This Roadmap to become a blogger books give some wonderful information about blogging and make money, This book have 5 milestone, those are Discover your passion, Discover the need, Test your market, Focus your effort and start make money.

Download ebook here

37. Easy Steps To Blogging Stardom- by Alex Sysoef

Thie ebook is from leonalai.com From this Easy steps to Blogging Stardom book, you can learn about how to build wordpress blog, some blog basics, Blog marketing ideas that sell, Get more readers to your blog, Sparkling blog writing, Is Your Blog Working As Well As It Should, Keeping your blog market fresh, Build the benefits of your blog etc.,

Get ebook here

38. Six Figure Blogger blueprint – by David Risley

In Six Figure blogger blueprint give details about, From Hobby Blogger to Six Figure Blogger, The Absolute Basic, Simple, No-Brainer Idea, Deciding What To Blog About (Market Selection), The Importance of Choosing The Right Market, Four Factors For a Good Market, Don’t Forget Passion, How To Get Traffic, First Things First, Build a List now, Using Social Media Strategically, What About Search Engines?, Turning Your Blog Into a Cash Machine, Making Money With Affiliate Marketing, Secret To Massive Affiliate Income, The Six Figure “Secret” to Blogging etc.,

Download ebok here

39. Blog Profit Blueprint – by Yaro Starak

Blog profit Blueprint gives information about How to make money blogging, how blogs make money, How to choose blog topic, Two Key Ingredients For Attracting Attention (Writing good content and marketing), How to create pillar, what is pillar, How to market your blog, Traffic tactics, Forum marketing, Trackback marketing, Network effects, Turn your blog into A business, Why most bloggers fail etc.,

Get ebook here

Video resources

40. Viral Video Campaign White Paper –Market vision media

This white paper is from marketvisionmedia.com. In this viral video campaign white paper gives detail about Viral Video Marketing Campaigns, Key Components For Viral Video Production, Key Components For Viral Video Distribution, Let Market Vision Media Run Your Campaign, How The Video Production Process Works, How To Record Better Video and On-Camera Performance Tips.

Get White paper here

41. Camtasia 7 user guide – by Fourblogger

This camtasia Guide shows you how to record your computer screen, How to use Library Feature in Camtasia 7, How to import and produce video in Camtasia studio 7, How to use Basic options in Camtasia 7, How to create HD Video on Camtasia, How to add captions on Videos in Camtasia studio 7, How to Add PIP in Camtasia.

Download ebook here


42. How to start a blog -Homebizwomen

This free ebook on How to Start a Blog will show you everything you need to know about starting a blog and how to blog for business as well as fun!

This book some what different it has the content from starting a blog to when should you retire a blog?. It has how to build relationship, get people commenting like crazy, promote blog and making money with blogging. This book is not in pdf format each chapter is in html page.

Download ebook here

43. Zen of blogging –by Dave Finnigan

This ebook is not like other books it conveys all the information regarding blogging like conversation between two people one who is a master in blogging and another one is a student of blogging. This conversation gives answer for where bloggers are struggle. This dialogue starts form choosing a niche to blog settings, post frequency, length, monetization, guest post and social media. It clears most of the doubts for who start new blog.

Get ebook here

44. How to start a bloggging – by Antony Mayfield

This book is from icrossing. This ebook give information about the blogging work flow, some useful tips on writing blog post formats. Get some details about blogging plat forms blogger, wordpress, movable type, blogware, typepad and etc and give some useful tools and software for bloggers. Also give recommended reading blog tips.

Download ebook here

45. How to start a business blog – by Michael Martine

This ebook is from remarkablogger.com it contains eleven step process for creating business blog. Each step has exercises that will help you to plan, setup and create contents for your business blog. It has 10 different formats to write blogpost fro your blog. It covers from blog design to seo, content writing and etc.

Get ebook here

46. Who is where? – by Sethgodin

This eboox is an in complete guide for blogging by sethgodin. This book covers some truths about blogging. It divides blog into three kinds – cat blogs, boss blogs and viral blogs also deals about major components of great blog and how the blog should be…

Download Book here


47. Corporate blogging guide –by Alex Cristache

Corporate blogging guide gives the explanation about how corporate blogging differs blog, blogging and blogoshphere. From this guide we can find conclusion about how to promote a product via our blog. If you are gong to start company blog how it should be. What are all the things needed how to write content in corporate blogs and type of your corporate blog.

Download ebook here

48. The art and science of blogger relations  -by Brian Solis

This ebook explains how blogger relationship with peoples and other bloggers also how blogger works PR (public relations) people. It covers Building brand value in the internet era. It gives some tips to protect your-self from bad public relations and build bridge between blogger and peoples. This book written by brian soils of PR 2.0

Download book here

49. Blogging Your Way To Wealth –By Daniel Delmastro

This ebook is from doctorduliblog. It is helpful for who creating new blogs. It gives information about setting a blog and doing on page and off page SEO. It explains creation of content for your blog and impotence of post frequency. It contains list of blog directories to promote your blog.

Download ebook here

50. The simple web – By Skellie

This book is from Skelliewag.org. This eBook explains about answer for the frequently asked question by a blogger ‘How can I get visitors, subscribers, comments, inbound links, and People saying good things about what I do?’ the whole book explains gripping a content, building a design, content that resonates. Build subscriber base and readers.

Get Ebook here

51. Secrets of blogging learn from 30 experts – Chitika team

This ebook created by chitika team. It tells the secrets of successful blogging form thirty blogging experts. Sum of them are full time blogger, part tile blogger and some entrepreneurs says about blogging their point of view. This book also contains details about the experts.

Download Secrets here

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  • Blogetize April 23, 2010, 2:02 AM

    Wow 51 is a lot of ebooks….. I’ve personally only read “Zen of Blogging” but if the other books on this list are anything like it then reading all 51 of these would pretty much have to transform you into a blogging guru.

    • Pascal April 23, 2010, 10:06 AM

      Ya Blogetize. Each book taught me something. I am implementing one by one in my blog. Seeing great results.

  • Pascal April 23, 2010, 10:05 AM

    Making money as a blogger through affiliate marketing can’t achievable quickly. You have to build trust and great followers, readers etc. Then you can use affiliate links in your blog related to your content and make money.

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide April 23, 2010, 12:15 PM


    That is an awesome list – it must have taken you ages to collate.

    A great list to refer to and thanks for including mine.


    • Pascal April 23, 2010, 5:28 PM

      Hi Andrew, Actually I picked these all books from my desktop. Most of them downloaded and read by myself before some time. I love them.

  • Jens P. Berget April 23, 2010, 1:18 PM

    Wow, what an awesome list. I’m definitely going to read many of the books you recommend. And thanks a lot for adding my two books to the list 🙂

    • Pascal April 23, 2010, 5:29 PM

      Hi Berget, the list comes useful to bloggers. Thanks to you also to your wonderful ebook.

  • BestofBlogger April 24, 2010, 3:38 AM

    This is not a e-book list, this a treasure for all bloggers. Especially, I did not hear some of these books before. This is good for me also.

    Firstly, I will read Traffic roots and Twitter Virtue eBook e-books. I even downloaded them.
    Thank you these great treasure e-book list.

    BestofBlogger’s Last Post: Green White Texas: Bursasport Championship Song

    • Pascal April 24, 2010, 2:41 PM

      Hi Bestofblogger, Thanks to find this as treasure.

  • Don Campbell April 24, 2010, 9:51 AM

    Great list Pascal – I learned of some new ebooks that I’m going to read. Thanks for putting this together, and thanks for including my Thesis eBook in it too!

    • Pascal April 24, 2010, 2:34 PM

      Hi Don, Your ebook is good for local business persons. Glad you visited here.

  • Kim Luu April 30, 2010, 11:41 PM

    Thank you Pascal.

    Great list. I look forward to reading some of them soon.

    • Suresh May 1, 2010, 12:39 AM

      Thank you kim..

  • aaslin May 4, 2010, 11:35 AM

    great list,hope it took 2 or 3 days to complete the post?

  • Noah Rainey May 12, 2010, 12:39 AM

    Awesome list Pascal! I’m going to start digging into your eBook today… Can’t wait to read what you offer. Keep up your great work with Thesis! You’ve helped me a lot 🙂

  • Rajeel May 19, 2010, 5:59 AM

    Huge list yaar. Have you read all of them ??

    • Pascal May 19, 2010, 9:28 AM

      Hi Rajeel, I have read more than this. Do you need more books? I will send some more from my desktop if you need. Reading books is always my habit. Thanks for the comment.

  • Roshan Ahmed May 31, 2010, 6:22 AM

    That’s a huge and great list. I may not be able read them all, and if I do, I won’t have any time left for blogging. Anyway, I’ll try to stick with some books! Thanks for the share!

    Roshan Ahmed

    • Pascal May 31, 2010, 10:24 AM


      Thanks Roshan for taking time to spend at least some of them.

      Hope it will help you more for your blogging.

  • tricks tips June 13, 2010, 1:51 AM

    One of the Best resource i ever seen …

    Thanks sooo much for the share……

  • SonDan September 6, 2010, 11:32 PM

    I have been blogging now for a few years and have read many pBooks on monetizing, but nothing has clicked. I am going to start reading through the eBooks on your list, in hopes the information to propel me to the next level will be contained therein.

    Thank you for taking the time to compile and share this list.

    • Pascal September 7, 2010, 12:47 PM

      Reading these books definitely will be worth for the time you put in.

  • vicky November 6, 2010, 1:45 PM

    51 is a really big list. do you have any personal preference?

  • abgajoy @multiple domain web host November 15, 2010, 1:44 AM

    To succes in blogging knowledge is everything and reading more ebook is a good start to gain knowledge on blogging. The most important is to put all the knowledge into action =)

  • Philip February 8, 2011, 7:32 PM

    Holy smokes! Haha. That’s a large, yet useful list! I’ll be sure to read them all! Thanks for putting the best together so others don’t have to go looking for good ebooks! 🙂

    • admin February 9, 2011, 7:52 AM

      Hope you are going to have a great read!

  • Heather September 30, 2011, 12:19 AM

    This is a wonderful list you’ve put together of e-book’s. The time you took to compile the list and everything was very kind of you. Thank you Pascal this list will come in handy for many for a long time to come.

  • zero peroxide reviews October 1, 2012, 9:12 AM

    Very Nicely explained!!! Love the theme 🙂