Fourblogger CLUB – What happens inside?

Fourblogger CLUB finally launched. I have been receiving emails on last 3 or 4 days with various questions to join in our membership site. Thanks for all of them.  Here are the details that you will know before joining the club. a place where you can get all the help you need for Thesis theme customizations, creating videos, driving traffic to your blog, preparing free ebooks, building email list, SEO and many more. I have setup a team they help you 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. You will get instant support.

Take here a look on just few out of the whole things you are going to get in your membership period.

Thesis Theme

I set up dedicated forum for Thesis Theme. It happened due to more number of requests I have been receiving through emails & chats for opening service page so that they can get quick and best service. After thinking about it long time, I have setup a members only website where every one can get fast and quality Thesis Theme customization service which is being done by others for hundreds of dollars.

Inside the membership website, I have setup a Forum for you where you can open your entire thesis theme customization support requests. We help you immediately on your need.

Thesis theme customization course

SEO for Thesis

Thesis instant support Forum

Thesis Theme customization course

Don’t you know PHP & CSS? Don’t have prior experience of using FTP tools like FileZilla or FireFTP? Don’t you know how to use Firebug or code inspect element?

Don’t you know how to get back your messed & get down blog due to the code you applied?

Our thesis theme customization course video tutorials will show you how to use PHP for thesis, how to use CSS for thesis, uploading files through FTP, removing bugs through FTP while your blog go down due to the code applied, using Firebug to preview and debugging while customization, how to use Firebug to view any blog codes to get the same design in your blog and many MORE.

Thesis Theme Customization Forum

This 24*7 dedicated support forum can handle your any Thesis support request. You get fast & secure support. If you look comments on this blog’s Thesis customization tutorials then you will know how best we helped for anyone. You are getting the best and fast support inside the membership site.

SEO for Thesis

Thesis theme is best known for its SEO features. Even though Thesis has in-built best search engine optimized code structure, utilizing its SEO options that have been provide in “Thesis Options” panel is in our hands. You should know how best you can utilize them for your blog SEO and its performance. Our tutorials & our team will help you on this.


Blog Traffic

Blog SEO

Blog Monetization

Blog Traffic

Read these real examples:

One of my friend blogger using a traffic method which drives MORE traffic to his blog. But he could not use successfully the same traffic method to another one blog.

Another one example:

One of my readers got inspiration from my video traffic success and started to put effort on creating MORE videos and spread the videos to all video sharing websites. After one month, he mailed me that he didn’t get traffic as much as I get. I checked his video channels.

Many of his videos were with not proper titles and he did not give video descriptions more than 4 or 5 words. I mailed him with some details with an advice to rework on his videos.

I am seeing many bloggers have traffic confusions. I have been always willing to help them.  You can get my full support on driving traffic to your blog.

Blog SEO

By simply doing some white hat tricks, you can multiply your traffic double or more. What you have to do is, make sure you are using right keywords at right places in your posts. I can help you in using keyword tools to determine the keywords that you have to use. If you run a more search engine traffic based blog then by doing On Page SEO you can multiply your blog traffic to most extent.

I have separate forum for SEO and there I can help you always.

Blog Content Ideas

By applying simple tricks, you can generate multiple post ideas and using some other tricks, you can get best content writing ideas in your post topics. I have several ideas and I am going to show you these methods in my $100,000 live case study.

Building List & Making Money

I help you in creating mail list and growing it to the great extent. My team ready to help you in all processes. I have released three free guides. I have learned every part of launching eBooks. Even if you want to launch a paid membership site or free members only area in your existing site then I can help you in setting up it. If you want to monetize your blog, then I can analyze your blog and provide you suggestions.

Video Tutorials

100+ Video tutorials

Download Links to ALL videos

Captions in ALL videos

100+ Video tutorials

As you all know, we have uploaded more than 170 video tutorials for free in our Youtube channel. Then imagine how many video tutorials we will provide you inside the membership site through over the 3 months access period. You will receive totally 100+ video tutorials which cover all needs of bloggers in every aspect of blogging.

Download links to ALL videos

I haven’t seen any membership site which gives download links to the video tutorials. But I have provided download links to all videos so that you can watch them at your comfort.

Captions in ALL videos

You won’t miss any single point that I want to tell through videos. Because I have uploaded all the videos with Captions.

24 * 7 Dedicated Forums for all Bloggers

Fourblogger CLUB forum has been setup carefully to feed all the needs of bloggers. You can request any of your doubts there. I and My team will provide instant support for you.

Dedicated Team

Instant help

Live case study

Dedicated Team

Forum has been divided into 25 forums & sub-forums. There are 5 Groups. Content, Traffic, Make money, Technical things, FourbloggerCLUB are the 5 groups on which totally 25 forums & sub-forums have been set up.

Instant help

As the forum runs on 24 hrs a day & 7 days a week, you will get instant help always. You can engage with other bloggers also to build network. My team & I will be supporting you in every need.

Live case study

I setup separate forum for showing my process in $100,000 live case study. You can reply, ask, make use of it  for your blog success

Join Now

You are getting hundreds of dollars worth service through over the three months period. You will get support for blog setup, blog maintenance, blog security, SEO, traffic, thesis customization, creating free eBooks, publishing paid eBook, launching membership site, building email list and many MORE.

Get Instant Access Now for 3 months

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  • william June 26, 2010, 5:53 PM

    Im interest in SEO best settings for Thesis, but let me save some money and maybe in a month i will suscribe to your club..


  • DB Baker June 29, 2010, 4:57 AM

    The way you are advancing with your blog and your online business is amazing. I am really looking at you are doing and trying to do it myself.

    Thank you for all the great information your are sharing.

  • Derek Taylor December 1, 2010, 1:12 AM

    The payment link is not working. It says the product is closed.

  • Wizard Journal December 11, 2010, 7:54 PM

    This is a really cool idea, to open memberships and giveaway premium knowledge about Thesis Customization, SEO etc.