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Utilizing SEO to your best ability will ensure that out of all the millions of blogs available on the web YOUR blog will stand out. But sometimes all of the different SEO techniques can get really complex and confusing. But to help simplify the process, Word Press users can add a number of extensions to make sure that the way you structure your blog/posts won’t be buried in the myriad of all of the other blogs. To learn the top 3 (free) plug-ins, continue reading below.


1. Broken Link Checker. One of the easiest ways to enhance rankings is to add both internal and external links in your blog. But they have to be fully functional—broken links can actually dilute your rankings. Broken links can occur either because you write the wrong coding or the page expires. No matter what the case, this plug-in helps users monitor all of the links found in the content of their blog to make sure there are no duds, this includes scanning new and old posts, comments, and blog roll.

Once a broken link is detected the service will alert you directly on the WordPress dashboard or via email. You will then be able to edit the link directly on the popular platform or you can remove the link entirely. There is an option that if selected will delete an entire post or comment if a broken link is detected  but this not recommended—you risk losing valuable information.

2. SEO Content Control. Like the name suggests, this plug-in is designed to help you “control” all of your content so that you are spitting out only the best material and thus increasing the chances of appearing in higher search result pages—in other words it helps identify your blog’s weakness so that you can resolve the issues and get your blog noticed.

For instance, the plug-in will let you know which posts could use more keywords, it alerts you whenever Meta description is missing (which is highly important) and it warns you if your blog has any sort of duplicate posts—and if you don’t know anything about SEO know this: double content will not only dilute your rankings but can get your blog suspended indefinitely.

3 All-in-One SEO Pack. This one reigns supreme on the list because it pretty much does everything for you—it automatically forms meta tags and title tags for all of your posts and it helps you formulate the best meta keywords, meta description, and URL structures for your posts so that your chances of getting high ranks is intensified. And with more than 8 million downloads, the plug-in must be doing something right.

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    I believe that the use of thesis theme minimize lots of plugins related to SEO.