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This is report 3 from FourBlogger Labs. Check out the previous two reports here.

Fourblogger Labs Report 1 – Choose a Best Niche for Blogging Success.

Fourblogger Labs Report 2 – Start Writing Content in Your Niche.

This 3rd report shows that how to deliver your precious blogging content in video format. If you haven’t created videos so far, it is the time to start using videos to increase your blog traffic.

Why should you deliver blog contents as videos?

#1 – Videos differentiate you from other Bloggers:

You are always wondering what the real secret of blog traffic is & why my blog doesn’t even get enough improvement. Isn’t it?

You are writing daily contents in your blog. You are trying to develop a network with other bloggers so that they can read and comment on your posts. You are reading big blogs to know how to grow your blog. Then why are you getting low traffic?

The real reason, why your blog doesn’t get improved is, you haven’t added more value to your blog. Everyday hundreds of bloggers start new blogs and thousands of bloggers publish posts daily in your niche. What do you do to differentiate your blog from those blogs? Nothing. So you are still behind of those bloggers who knows what really motivates people to read their blogs.

There are many techniques you can do to differentiate your blog from other blogs. When you use more techniques, you are getting more traffic.

How many of those techniques available? There are many.

The number of techniques depends upon how much you are creative & how you are dealing your blog as business!

Delivering your blog content as videos is one of those techniques.

Videos Add Value to Blog

Image Credit

Before some years, it was enough to give your quality contents as texts only. Even you hadn’t required adding images. Look at and other popular, high page rank, articles websites which receives daily millions of views. Those websites still don’t have images. I ask you to go there and try to read 2 articles. You will get bored.

Adding images makes your content readable.

Today it is common, every blogger who blogs about blogging, advices you to add quality images and even they give you a tip about getting quality images from Flickr and giving image credit. In next two or three years, reading blogs with images will get bored. Adding videos will be a necessary. If you start doing videos in that time, it will be a normal thing as because everyone will be doing videos in blogs.

#2 – You want to become a big, professional, ‘A’ list blogger.

A-list bloggers can’t avoid “second largest search engine”. Every professional bloggers has video channel. You know that search engine (Google) is your Number 1 traffic source. Isn’t it? If you have any other source as Number 1, then please share your story with me. I will take the source in my lab to test further.

You submit your blog contents to Google through Google webmasters. Google indexes your site and sends you the best traffic. The same happens in Youtube which is the second largest search engine. You are submitting your videos in youtube and then it sends you best traffic.

You might be asking what the Fourblogger’s traffic success was so far.

Fourblogger.Com Video Results:

Fourblogger YouTube videos received,

  • 5000+ views from YouTube searches alone.
  • 2000+ views from YouTube related videos.
  • 1000+ views from Google search.
  • Totally I had over 20000 views in YouTube. Check my channel for confirmation.

I have uploaded all those videos in other video sharing websites. These video sharing websites also daily sends me more traffic. See my all channels.

The above list is not a complete one. You can see Fourblogger in other video sharing websites.

I show my blog name and logo in all videos. People watch videos and type my blog name in browser URL. Fourblogger is receiving huge number of direct visits daily.

I create videos only once, but

  • Upload in all big video sharing sites.
  • Receive more visits from the links I put on YouTube description.
  • Receive more number of visits from the links I put on other video sharing websites.
  • Receive more direct visits everyday.

I experiment techniques other than using video sharing websites at Fourblogger Lab to drive traffic to my videos. I will be publishing all results in Fourblogger Labs when ever I get great results.

Ok. I am ready to take action. But may I know how hard it is to make videos?

How to Create Screencast Videos?

Since 3 months I have been doing screencasting video tutorials. If you are blogging about computer and online related things, then you can create screencasting video tutorials. Screencasting software comes with 30 days free trial and it makes easy to create videos. I will publish a detailed post about how to create screencasting video tutorials. That post will be more than enough to know how easy it is to create videos.

Video Shoot for Vlogging

Image Credit

How to Shoot Video for Video Blogging?

Video blogging fits for any niche blogger. Try to talk in videos about what you are writing as text. Don’t be afraid of doing it.

I got video camera from my friend. I will upload my first video later this week. Once I start to talk in videos, I will upload more videos in YouTube. I expect good results. I will write next month about how I done and the success of videos.

Small Screencasting Case Study:

Do you know David Risley? Yes. The same six figure income earning blogger. You know that he owns But do you know that he own Pcmech is David Risley’s main and big blog. Check his’s YouTube channel. He has been doing videos for years. Those videos add quality to his blog. He has been working hard since so many years. That’s why he deserves to be a six figure income blogger.

Final Thought:

You should differentiate your blog from other bloggers. One of the techniques is creating videos.

Video blogging fits for every blogger. It makes you professional. Don’t afraid to show your face in videos. Take bold actions to become professional blogger.

Trust me, I will publish great blogging experiment results on this blogging labs. In this Fourblogger lab, I have been trying to show you what are the blocking stones to your blogging success and what are the real techniques that will make you a professional blogger.

Note: I will update the links here to my “how to create screencasting videos” post and ‘’how to do video blogging” post. So bookmark this page in Delicious or Stumble Upon or Subscribe to Fourblogger Newsletter & YouTube Channel.

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  • Pascal March 26, 2010, 9:40 AM

    Hi Vivek,

    I am very happy about you are going to start a blog on photoshop… It is very good niche…you will soon get more visits….. Don’t forget to do screencast videos… I see so many channels are popular in youtube as they have Photoshop tutorials…So if you concentrate well, you are going to rock …

  • Pascal March 26, 2010, 11:45 PM

    Thanks Fareed..

  • Latief@AnotherBlogger May 2, 2010, 9:56 AM

    This is interesting bro, I’ll consider to create video blogging one day. This is will be a trend in the future, I think fantastic to provide video about blogging tips on our blog 🙂
    Thanks 🙂

    • Suresh May 2, 2010, 7:45 PM


      yes.. Its an interesting and effective way to deliver your thoughts to your readers..try it and experience the difference in blogging world..