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This is sixth report from Fourblogger Blogging Labs. I thank all readers who have been supporting me with this lab attempt. I am writing my blogging experiments results on this lab. These reports are provided based on the previous 3 months (short time) of blogging experiment.

If I submit a report about something, that doesn’t mean I finished full experiment. For example, I have already submitted the report about ‘Delivering blog content in Video format’. That doesn’t mean I have completed all aspects of video content delivery.

Currently I provide you short results only. But I am continuously testing everything. So when I get full results within next 30 to 60 days, I will provide you detailed reports. For example, I have been testing about videos on various topics like how to get our videos on first page of youtube search for popular keyword.

So keep on reading. I am really hoping that my blog will get remarkable traffic growth in next 60 days.

Ok. Let us hop into today’s report 6. This report deals about creating a free e-book in PDF format to get newsletter subscribers. Before get into deep, I introduce two things to get help on writing your own eBook.

  • The Smart Passive Income’s Pat Flynn giveaways free guide “The E-books Smart Way”. Download this guide and make use of it to create your first eBook on any topic. He goes through preparing content to setting up e-junkie affiliate for the book to selling it through affiliates.
  • Glen Allsopp from wrote an detailed post on “Writing an EBook”. Glen released two paid e-books so far, one is on his ex-blog and another one is on Viperchill. So he knows what he is talking in his “Writing an EBook” post. Follow him.

Glen and Pat, both explain how to launch a paid e-book. But at least you can use them to release your free eBook.

Are you eligible to create an e-book?

You are eligible to create an e-book. Do you focus on to any topic in deep? If yes, then you can create an e-book. In your blog, write at least some posts on your niche and build a small audience. Then prepare your eBook based on that content, comments you received on those content.

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If you feel, you can’t write an e-book, and then it means you are not writing focused content. This is not only making you ineligible to write an e-book, it makes you not eligible to become a professional blogger also. So go on to my first read and choose a focused niche to blog about.

Benefits on preparing a free eBook to put on Sidebar Subscribe Form:

1. Build Email Subscriber List

It brings you newsletter subscribers. I don’t want to go in detail on this. Because you know what are the benefits you will get when you have more number of email/newsletter subscribers. If you want to set up email marketing and subscribe form, check Pat Flynn’s guide to starting newsletter.

2. Build Brand Value for your Blog

It builds brand value for your blog. You become authority in your niche when you release the book. (It may be free or paid). Why it builds brand? When people get a product/service from a person/company who sells/giveaways own product/service, they consider that person/company as valuable brand. It is common in offline and online. So that when you offer a product (free eBook), your blog name becomes a valuable one in your reader minds.

3.  Get Visits to your Blog Often

You will get visits to your links (blog links, flicker links or Youtube links etc) always from your eBook.  If you don’t offer eBook, people will use Google and go for another site. They often forget your blog names. But they remember that they downloaded such a eBook (yours eBook). Whenever people need something, they browse their desktop and find your pdf guide and then come to your site.

4. You get Backlinks from other Blogs and websites

As I mentioned about the Smart Passive Income’s guide in this post, more bloggers link to his blog when ever they write regarding e-Books. In my case, I got links from the following blogs so far. Thanks to these bloggers.

our Thesis guide from Thesis Theme Customization

Thesis guide from Thesis Customization service

Thesis Theme

Thesis guide from WordPress blog services

Thesis guide from

Thesis guide from

5. You can show your presence to your Niche authority Blogger Friends

You can send your free guide to your blogging friends and ask them to spread the book to their readers. In most cases, they help you. Then they come often & check your blog. They also retweet, share or vote for your posts. When they tweet your articles, you also become authority in your niche.

Important things to create an E-Book

1. Write Original Content

Content should be written by you. Don’t collect content from outside to include in your guide. Before publish a guide, at least take two month to write contents in your blog. Two months period is enough. You no need to wait more than that. Once you covered important basic contents in your blog, combine them and prepare it in word document.

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2. Include Images and Videos

Add Images and include video links. Screenshot images and links to your video guides make your book worthy and reader-friendly. In my case, I included all 60 video tutorial links in the e-book where ever it is needed. This makes my book more worthy. Everyone who referred or linked to my eBook, mentioned this sentence “60+ video tutorials”.

3. Proofreading

Try to check spell errors and grammar errors using word spell and grammar checker. It will be in “Tools” menu in your MS word. If you finished this process, then you can send it to a freelancer to proofread. If you can’t afford to hire some one for payment, ask any of your friends who good at English and proofread.

In my case, I had done spell & grammar check by myself. But I got mails to convert the e-book to ASE (American Standard English). Some bloggers was afraid to recommend the guide as I hadn’t done proofread it. So when you prepare your guide, rectify this problem.

Few days before, I got mail from one guy named, Jeffery Daye , contacted me and voluntarily converted the guide to American Standard English and I will upload soon the converted guide.

4. Include three important things other than your main content

  • Well structured Index.
  • Introduction about you, your blog and eBook.
  • Appendix (Include further resources here).

5. Convert into PDF format

If you finished content works, proof read works, then convert the eBook into PDF format. This format used my millions of people. So they can easily open your guide in their desktop. I used Cute PDF writer to convert word into PDF. After convert into PDF, I used “Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro” to edit PDF, especially I used this to create Index. I used this to make my Index Chapter links to go to corresponding pages when I click on them.

If you use, you can do both the pdf conversion and Index creation. You no need to go for two software’s as I did.

6. Create an Ecover

This is important to attract your blog visitors. I created myself eCover for Thesis Guide  using Create  3 or 4 different types of eCovers and use them in different subscription forms. You can send these ecover images to other bloggers, if they wish to promote your cover.

Promote Your E-book:

1. Use Opt-in Box & Do Split tests

Create the Subscription form with ecover image and put it in top of the sidebar or below the post. I am using it in Sidebar and below the post. But Sidebar converts well to me. You can do split tests by which you will know which one works.

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2. Promote your Free Ebook through Other Bloggers

You have potential content and links to your blog in the eBook. Instead keeping the guide in your blog spread it to other blogs. Ask your niche bloggers to promote it with confidence. When you contact them, tell them “You can giveaway to your readers or you can give download directly from your blog and no need to give credit or backlink to us.”. It works well. Soon your guide spreads to more audience. Once those blog readers read your guide, click on the links and come to your blog and become loyal readers.

3. Submit your eBook in Forums

If any of big forums accept freebies submission, then submit your guide there. My thesis theme guide submitted by one of warrior forum members and I got 70 subscribers in two days. Warrior forum is famous for web designers so that my guide got well response. If you don’t have a reputed account in these forums, you can contact one of forum member and ask him to promote it. If your stuff is good, he will do.

Submit your guide in forums that deals about your content. If you write about guide for women health, then go to Google search and find plenty of forums using keyword “Forum: women’s health”.

4. Submit to E-book submission directories

Spread the book to eBook directories. Kim Roach from Buzz blogger mentions some of the best eBook submission directories in this post. Make use of them. Before submit the guide, check how those sites accept your guide. Because if you submit your guide, some of those directories will consider it as MRR or PLR products. It is worse. So if any website makes your guide as MRR or PLR, then don’t submit to it.

5. Other techniques

I have been trying to spread my eBook in other techniques also. I will update you on these techniques also later.

Final Thought:

Remember! Creating a free e-guide brings you one more step ahead in your blogging career. You will realize what the processes that need to be looked deep are, when you launch a product (It may be a free one or paid one). It is going to build an email list and you will learn a lot about handling newsletters also.

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  • aaslin April 3, 2010, 11:53 PM

    hi,dear!!! YOU HAVE GOT PAGERANK 3!!!!! GREAT!!!

  • aviationMY April 4, 2010, 12:01 PM

    hi pascal.. i wanna ask you something…

    about the meta many character that Google allowed to display..

    i made it 151 character including spaces , but why Google shows the recent date before the meta description eg:

    27 Jan 2010 … but I don’t like the way it handles the meta tag description on all the Tag archive pages. In fact, Thesis …

    it suppose to be the description that i put in my description box in Thesis Option. Or maybe i need to do something in Thesis option?

    thank you in advanced…im about to publish my new site but this thing make the SERP looks ugly..

    • Pascal April 4, 2010, 8:38 PM

      I don’t know how many characters allowed to display.

      Google shows the date on which crawled the particular page/page modified by you. It is good for you. People pick the recent contents often.

      I don’t get any Google official answers for your question.

      But I can recommend the following google webmasters videos regarding description..

      From the first video by Matt cutts for Google webmasters channel, I learnt google uses our own meta descriptions to show in SERP, only if it is relevant and useful to searching people. Google decides which meta description should be displayed instead what you give. Matt cutts says “as a webmasters you can’t control what should be shown in SERP description area”.

      So Aviation, I want to say this, don’t bother about much regarding descriptions. Instead bothering, what you can do really is, give relevant and useful meta description all pages and leave the rest of things to google. It will appreciate you if you really offer quality.

      Always follow Matt cutts advices in Google webmasters channel for SEO. and google webmaster forum.

  • Jitendra Kumar April 4, 2010, 2:47 PM

    Thanks Pascal! Its indeed good information…

  • police equipment April 7, 2010, 8:15 PM

    Hi very beautiful post thanks for mona.

  • Dimas April 19, 2010, 8:15 AM

    Pascal, great thoughts on the ebook…

    recently with Frank Kern’s latest product launch, he had some great ideas to share, one of them was to try to make subscriptions viral, the idea was to have people refer others to your ebook (free give away) in order to get another free give away.

    For instance … i subscribe, now if i refer another person (or x number) I would then also get the other free bonus. I thought it was a great idea and want to be able to implement a similar idea when i’m at that step with my site. If you try something similar please share your subscription results (#s).

    • Pascal April 19, 2010, 7:13 PM

      Hi Dimas,

      Thanks for your great comment. Can you give some link to read about Frank Kern & his posts?.

      I mainly don’t focus on building subscription using the ebook. So what i did is, I just contacted all of my niche bloggers and told them that they can giveaway my ebook to their readers. So they did. I got more visits to my youtube videos.

  • Tanmoy April 21, 2010, 8:34 PM

    Great tutorial. But i think the most hardy part is to create a cover.

    • Suresh April 21, 2010, 10:33 PM

      hai tonmoy,

      you are right..The cover page of the book will help you to increase conversion rate. so while creating cover page we need to put more effort on this..

  • Pascal April 22, 2010, 11:53 PM

    Free ebooks are great. Both to read and create, in my experience.

  • abgajoy @multiple domain web host November 15, 2010, 1:48 AM

    I’ve heard about this strategy where we can build list by giving free ebook. Honestly I failed with when using this method maybe I should change my strategy =)

  • Jeroen December 8, 2010, 12:10 AM

    Hi Pascal, thanks for the tips. Just finished my own free 45-page eBook “How to Make Money Online” and launched it on my site. It was hard work but when you finish an eBook it feels great ! Check it out if you wish, its free !

  • Lawrence February 21, 2012, 3:39 AM

    This was an awesome post, When I created my first ebook it was extremely difficult to figure out how to create an ecover or even what an ecover was called. but you have everything here from using open office to myecover maker. This post is extremely useful when it comes to creating your first ebook. Thank you so much keep up the good work were listening 🙂