Content Management and Delivery Methods in Membership site Setup – part 6

Content management and delivery method is the fourth element of complete membership site integration. Previously we have seen first three elements as landing page setup, payment system integration and Email auto responder setup out of 6 elements.

Membership site content management and the methods of delivering content to the paid members are the two major parts in the fourth element. These two parts are extremely important for choosing membership software or plugins for configuring the membership site. This part we will discuss about three things listed below

  1. Choosing membership software or plugins
  2. Membership content management
  3. Membership content delivery methods

 1.       Choosing membership software or plugins

There is lot of software and wordpress plugins developers are available on internet for selling membership site plugins and softwares. While choosing to membership site software or plugins we should focus two points of view. One is integration point of view second one content protection and delivery point of view.

From the integration point of view before purchasing the plugins or software we should look at the features. Whether it has the integration functionality with payment system or not?. The payment gateway may be clickbank or 1 shopping cart or others that you wanted to use in your membership site.

Similarly we should have a look on which auto responder integrations possible with this membership software or  plugin. The auto responder may be aweber, mail chimp, infusion soft or anything that you would like to integrate in your member’s only site.

Once you have checked these two features. Now look at content protection features. Consider you have these two features in both software as well as plugins. For this case we should purchase software or plugin based on the member ship content we had and the delivery methods used for displaying the content.  Now we will see about content management and delivery at the end of the post we can able to decide whether software or plugin suitable for your membership site. 

    2.  Membership content management

Content management involves two parts first one is type of content and second is protection. Base on these two criteria we should setup your membership site. The type of the content means content conveying method discussed in first part. Any membership site content should be displayed to members any one of the listed format like video, audio, text, images, discussion and others like downloadable exes Or the combination among the 5 formats.

Based on the content display formats we should design the membership site welcome page and other navigational tabs on the welcome page. Then only members can get their own content for their subscription.

If you have used the content delivery format as all types in your membership site then we should check the media file (like video, audio, text, images)protection available in your membership software or plugins. If your pugin doesn’t provide all options to product media files then we should host theses file in some other hosting like amazon s3. Now you can protect only text content using membership plugins.

If you would like your membership site similar to discussion board then the software or plugin should have options to product the forums (discussion boards). So while purchasing the soft ware or plugin we should look on the available features in the product.

For audio and video types of content delivery we should use good customized video player or audio payer for playing video in your membership site. These players are to see (or listen) video and audio information. Use light box or other effect to view images and videos. We can also provide download access for special members.

Some membership software provides option to protect special folders other than wordpress folder others are not. So while choosing the software we should take look on folder production if it is necessary for your membership site.

   3. Membership content delivery methods

The membership content delivery methods mainly depends on the type of the content display and the membership level. Once we have identified content format (text, video, audio, image, discussion) now we should look at membership levels to get ready to setup the delivery methods. Here I have a question.

How would you like to offer the content for your members?

The answer may be in two different forms in any kind of content format.  One is all the membership content should be visible when members have logged into the members area. The second one showing part of the membership content in regular intervals (by week or by month or anything). It may be a downloadable product or weekly teach course materials. For any kind of product we have these two types of content delivery. Based on these content delivery method we can classify members into two types listed below.

  1. Single subscription
  2. Recurring subscription

     Single subscription content

For single subscription we will display all content when a member logged in to the member area with proper navigation to all contents promised for this subscription. The welcome page or after login page should give much clear information about all membership content has promised on sales page in the first login itself. Optimize press will provide lots of template for different pages.

If you have large quantity of text information in your single subscription the use wordpress page or post to display membership content in better way. For video information I would recommend to use wordpress page. It will be your wish to use the better one which is most convenient to your content type and for your members.

     Recurring subscription type content

While setup recurring subscription content we should take more care because we should deliver the content in regular interval. Even any time a member joined in your membership site we should deliver the content to them at regular interval from their time of subscription. Dot worry about these things, most of the membership software and plugins has provides these option. Before decide to purchase the membership soft ware we should check the above feature for recurring type of subscription.

We should arrange the member ship content according to the way that satisfies the regular interval content delivery.  For this recurring subscription type content management have two main parts

  1.    Protect the membership content
  2.    Grant access to subscribed members

These two part are important while setup content for different recurring members. They only they can able to see their second interval (2nd week) content in the corresponding time from their time of subscription. Also we should protect 2nd and 3rd week content from newly joined members. This can be done using the member ship software or plugin we used in the membership site.

Each membership software and plugin has unique way to deliver content to different level of recurring subscription. For wishlist membership plugin content management explained here. First we should protect all the content and then grant access to corresponding members based on their level in the recurring subscription.

For recurring subscription members we should use different welcome page for each level of subscription when they entered new level. We should specify the expiration time for the recurring subscription to protect content from expired users. Here I end content setup next we will see about the fourth element of membership site setup.


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