Complete flow of Membership Site Setup and Integration- Part 1

What should be the membership content?

In general Bloggers- the people who shares their own experience in a particular process. We know that the experience would be the solid property for any person.  Here I denoted ‘experience in a particular process’, the process may be anything you realized in the world.  Based on the realization we have to choose a niche (topic) for blogging.

You won’t get income for all the process you realized in your life. Some process may give revenue for you and your effort. You can share this experience to people who want to earn income by the similar way as you earned.

To share your precious success realization to the specific people who are interested, to mention for only interested people because all the people are not ready to accept advices in the form of realization.

So we are in need of membership website which may be free or paid. Membership site is one of the good income sources for recurring income if you set up the valuable information inside the member’s only site and content delivery method as monthly basis.  Normally setting up a perfect membership based site is an interesting process. Here I provide my deep experience on setting up the membership site.

Membership content – How to express your experience in excellent way?

Before going to setup a member’s only site, we have to make sure essential things which we are in need.

How do you want to convey your precious information?

  1. Video
  2. Image
  3. Text
  4. Podcast
  5. Discussion
  6. Others

Based on any one of the above method you will deliver your experience. So you have to setup members only site according to the content delivery method.

You can provide the process information with help of Post or Page in the wordpress platform. Based on the post or page we should choose membership software or plugins. Before going into membership plugins , we should know about what things need to set up membership site.

Process Involved in membership site setup

The complete process for setting up membership will start from ‘signing up the user’ to ‘delivering the welcome Page of the membership site’

Setting up membership site contains 6 major elements.

  1. Landing page setup.
  2. Payment method setup( for Paid membership site)
  3. Auto responder setup
  4. Content delivery setup
  5. Support systems
  6. Final testing on the setup


These six elements are extremely important to set up the membership site. If your membership site is a free member’s only site there is no need of second element (payment method setup).

Do you have Clear idea about your membership site?

Apart from the success information you deliver inside the membership site, you should know how to setup these six major elements of members only site.  To get more clear information, you should be aware of some more questions mentioned below.

  1. Where the people should land in order to join your membership site?
  2. What information should you need from the user before join?
  3. Do you want to collect joined user list as separate?
  4. What will be your payment gateway? ( clickbank? or paypal? Or 1-shoppingcart?)
  5. Onetime payment? Or Recurring payment?
  6. Would you like to offer free trial period for membership?
  7. When membership will be expired?
  8. How to give username and password for joined user? (automatic? or manual?)
  9. What will be your first response after user joined the membership site?
  10. What will be the welcome page of your membership site?
  11. Would you like to provide your content as downloadable?
  12. How to deliver your content?  (All at once? Or Partially in Drip method?)
  13. How user will contact you for tech and other support?

These are all the basic information you will need before setup membership site. If you have answer for the above questions you will have clear over line about launching your membership site.

Integration among these 6 major elements tells about the complete flow of how a user gets his membership access. Before seeing the detailed setup of the each element of the membership site, we should know how the visitors come to landing page, to be processed and finally get membership access?

Complete flow for how the landing page visitors getting membership access?

The complete process flow from visitor entering landing page to getting his access on membership site explained below.

  1. Visitors come to landing page from various traffic sources like search engines, social media etc.,
  2. Landing page may be lead page or sales page.  We will see this later in detail.
  3. Among these visitors of the landing page the interested peoples has been collected as a list by using the lead page sign up form via any auto responder.
  4. We should integrate the sign up form with an auto responder for quick response.
  5. Once the visitor has confirmed his signed up process, give free information about your success in the form of e-book . And show sales page for the paid membership site.
  6. Integrate payment system with the membership site and auto responder, we will see the detailed process in second and third element of the membership site.
  7. Sales page contains the payment system link which you integrated with membership site.
  8. After the payment has done by the user, you should provide the username and password for his membership access with customer support email.
  9. Inside the membership site we should set up welcome page for members and clear navigation for the success information available in the site.
  10. Show his corresponding membership information and logout button as visible to members.
  11. Setup new broadcasts in auto responder before delivering the next level of content inside the membership site. And send it to all members who joined this site.
  12. Test the complete process with help of test payment method provided by the payment gateway system which you integrated on membership site.

Now your membership site is ready to launch. The above points are complete flow for how the visitors getting their membership access. We have six major elements in the membership setup process. We will see the each element setup in detail with integration problems faced by me when setting up each element.

Because I faced lots of unexpected problems while integrating and testing in the time of launch. I will come up with my own experience on how to resolve on time problem during set up the six elements and launch of the membership site.

I will discuss about first element of the membership launch in the next part of this post series.

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