Multisite makes multiple site management Easy

WordPress Multisite Plugins Management and Installation

We have learned how to set up WordPress multisite network, domain mapping in wp multisite and how to use thesis theme in WordPress multisite network sites. Now the important thing to do in wp multisite management is to configure and set up mu plugins in all the network sites using the network admin or super [...]

How to Use Thesis theme in WordPress Multisite Network Sites

We know thesis theme is one of the best search engine optimized (SEO) WordPress themes which is commonly used for blogs and websites in WordPress CMS.  WordPress 3.0 and above version can enable multisite network during the wordpress installation or in existing WordPress blog. Before enabling multisite feature, we have a number of questions in [...]

Domain Mapping in WordPress Multisite Subdomain Network

There are two important steps in WordPress multisite setup process.  First is the multisite network creation and second is domain mapping. We already know the process in creating WordPress multisite network using subdomain install which includes create WP multisite network and add new subdomain site in the multisite network. After the completion of first step, [...]

Create New Sites in WordPress Subdomain-based Multisite Network

WordPress 3.0 and above version has multisite network feature. To manage multiple sites in single WordPress install, we should enable and create multisite network in WordPress first. Once the Multisite network with subdomain-based or subdirectory-based is enabled, then the second thing we need is to add new sites to the network in order to map [...]

Manage Multiple Websites with WordPress Multisite Network Feature

Most of the WordPress users owned multiple blogs or website to provide quality information to the people in various niches. So they can provide their different area of knowledge in various WordPress site. Managing these multiple WordPress sites is a bigger task than providing the content for all sites because multiple site management is a [...]

How to map the domain in a wordpress MU and create a sub domain or sub directories on network?

I hope you already installed wordpress and enabled the multisite network features. If you are not enabled the multisite features, then read the below post An Introduction about Wordpress MU? How to activate network features of WP 3.0? Now you enabled the network features and now in this post we are going to discuss about [...]

How to Install Domain Mapping Plugin and setup in wordpress MULTISITE?

We already discussed about how to enable your existing multisite into wordpress multisite, here we are going to discuss about that domain mapping plugin. What this plugin does? This plugin will help to map your domain to another domain easily in wordpress multisite. This plugin requires some manual installation and easy to follow. Installation and [...]

How to activate network features of WP 3.0 in WP Multisite

How to activate network features of WP 3.0 in WP Multisite ? In previous post I explained about what is multisite and how it works? .  Wordpress 3.0 has amazing features. One of the feature is, it can be converted into network enabled multisite (WPMU).  In this post you can learn how to convert your [...]

An Introduction to WordPress Multisite

Assuming that you well known about wordpress. Wordpress now offer features to enable your existing wordpress 3.0 to Wordpress Multisite or MS.  Wordpress multisite is same like as and you can handle all of your domains within a single dashboard. This post will give you overall ideas about the multisite. Subscribe to our mailing [...]

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